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Important Things to Know Before Installing a Water Filtration System for Your Home | Cleburne, TX

Important Things to Know Before Installing a Water Filtration System for Your Home | Cleburne, TX

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The installation of an effective water filtration system has become a necessity in the modern times. Gone are the days when we could trust the local water supply for providing us with pure water.

Water today in some way or the other is affected by pollutants and contaminants that end up making the water impure. The best way for the residents of Cleburne, TX to tackle the curse of impure water supply is by installing a water filtration system.

Homeowners who are not fortunate enough to have a water filter of their own use a clunky refillable filtering jar. This is an expensive and environmentally unfriendly option to consider. Therefore, experts are encouraging the installation of filtration system.

Given the high amount of pollutants present in our water supply, experts are warning people of the consequences of not ensuring the purity of the water they drink. As a general rule, scientists and healthcare experts are all recommending the use of high-quality filtration systems.

Roles of a Water Filter

There is a reason why there is such hue and cry over the importance of filtration systems in the recent times. These systems are equipped with water filters that are responsible for removing all impurities from the water with the help of a physical barrier.

This physical barrier comes into place after regular chemical and biological processes. This barrier then prevents the entry of contaminants and impurities of all forms. Since all the imbalances in the water are taken care of, the taste and the quality of the water rises significantly.

Those who drink their water from a water filtration system in the Cleburne, TX area know the noticeable difference in taste. A whole-house filtration system treats the water problem directly at the source, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of cleaner and fresher water throughout the home.

How Does a Water Filtration System Work?

A whole-house system in the Cleburne, TX area connects to the main water supply of your home. This ensures that all points of use in your home dispense treated water.

The water filtration system is usually installed after the water meter or pressurized storage tank. Homeowners that are looking to purify the supply of water to their garden may find this pretty challenging. This is because the main water line of the city is split into a house and yard water line before it reaches your place.

Therefore, if you are looking to purify the water supplied to your garden you need to consult your home’s blueprint or that of the city water utility.

Effective Home Water Filtration System

A filtration system that is considered effective today goes through a three-stage filtration process. The first is the micron sediment pre-filter, a KDF water filter, and a high grade carbon water filter. These filters are responsible for the filtration of metals, chlorine, DBPs and other contaminants.

In comparison to other fixtures and fittings, the system seems somewhat expensive, but is well-worth the investment. A good filtration systemcan typically last for 15 years without requiring extra maintenance cost.

The highlight and the USP of the system is that they filter all the water in the house. Hence the users are not using filtered water for drinking purposes only, but also for doing their dishes and laundry. This, in turn, extends the lifetime and the durability of these appliances too.

Now that you are aware of basic instructions of a filtration system, here are some tips you should follow when choosing a system for your house.

1.  Water Purity

The first thing that you need to look after when choosing a water filtration system is the purity of the system. Choose a system that is specifically designed to eliminate special kinds of impurities. Before choosing a system, it is always a good idea to test the contaminants found in your water.

Once you learn the ratio of contaminants in your water, choose a system that is equipped to deal with that specific contaminant. An alternative procedure could be to call a county representative to get an accurate figure of the contaminants found in the locality.

2.  Presence of Chemicals

Another crucial thing that you need to know is the presence of chemicals in your system. A carbon filer is sometimes enough to remove a granular activated carbon filter.

Chlorine is the most common contaminant found in municipal water lines. With the purchase of a water filtration system you don’t need to worry, as 99% of chlorine is removed by the activated carbon inside the filter.

3.  Flow Rate of Water

The Flow rate of water is another essential that you need to be wary of when buying a filtration system. The flow rate of water is measured in gallons per minute (gpm), which determines the quantity of water that flows through your home’s filter in one minute.

The best whole-house filtration systems have a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute. This enables the system to maintain uninterrupted pressure at times when water usage is highest. To ensure that you get a proper flow rate, it is essential to find a system which is of a reasonable size. The system should also match the number of people in the household, as well as the size and number of bathrooms in your home.


These are some important factors that you need to consider when choosing a water filtration system in the Cleburne, TX area.  If you are looking for someone to install the filtration system and to guide you further then the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are the best bet.

With years of experience and knowledge, the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of the Cleburne, TX are well-versed with all forms of machinery. Therefore, if you have a problem of any sort, feel free to call them at 817-983-7876.