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Know When It’s Time to Call an Emergency Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Know When It’s Time to Call an Emergency Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Despite its immense importance in providing us with clean water, plumbing is something we hardly think about. Unless one day something suddenly goes wrong with the water supply!

Some of us, rather than calling the experts, take matters into our own hands and try to fix the plumbing issues by ourselves. Contrary to our wishes, solving plumbing problems on our own do not work at all times. This is why you need a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to solve the problems related to plumbing easily.

This article focuses on some warning signs that would help you figure out when to call an emergency plumber in Fort Worth, TX, and avoid fixing plumbing issues all by yourself.

1.   Slow Drainage

If you observe your sinks and bathtubs taking forever to drain, it is probably due to a clog in one of the pipes.

You might consider using a drain solution to solve the problem but keep in mind that it might provide short-lived solutions, making it highly likely for the issue to reoccur again in the future. Thus, it is better to call a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to get rid of the clogged drains.

The accumulated sewage dirt needs to be properly removed so that it doesn’t form again in near future. Only a professional plumber can help the pipes in getting rid of sludge once and for all. So, it’s better to seek professional help rather than doing it on your own.

2.   Water Overflow

Water overflow occurs mainly when the toilet is unable to flush properly, resulting in the ugliest situation ever.

It could be possible that the drain lines of your washroom are clogged with some wanted material/object. The blockage can prevent the water from properly draining into the sewer, causing toilet overflow. Your poor-quality toilet can also be another reason for water not draining out properly.

Such a scenario not only causes a disturbance in the house but it also damages your property. The accumulated water is full of dirt, germs, and bacteria, spreading harmful diseases and viruses all around. Also, being surrounded by infested water for a really long period of time can give birth to a foul smell which could be quite nauseating and intolerable for the ones present in the house.

If you come across these ill-favored signs of water overflow, don’t think too much and call for an emergencyplumber in Fort Worth, TX at once. Mind you, trying to fix this problem on your own, no matter how easy and simple it may appear, can easily lead to more damage than good.

3.   Low Water Pressure

The buildup of fungus and algae could be one of the major small issues for low water pressure. However, bigger problems like a broken pipe, a damaged waterline, or water leakage from the pipes could also be the reasons for low water pressure in your house.

To figure out the root of the problem you can check into the working conditions of your home’s plumbing system or the main water system. By examining your water main, faucets, and showers you can easily determine the real culprit.

A better option is to call a well-trained plumber in Fort Worth, TX immediately. A professional can easily help you find out why the water pressure is poor. More than that, with the help of professional tools, a reliable and trustworthy plumber can easily solve the troubling issue in no time.

4.   Foul Sewage Smell

Being surrounded by an unpleasant smell which most probably comes from your faucets and pipes is pretty disgusting and unbearable. This probably means that there is some broken vent somewhere outside your house or a sewer pipe under your house is disrupted. If the problem is not dealt with immediately, the base of your house can become severely damaged, resulting in more housing problems than before.

But the great part is that a plumber in Fort Worth, TX can instantly solve the issue. By calling a professional plumber you will also find out if the unpleasant smells are really coming from your house or from the neighbor’s sewage system. Thus, calling a highly knowledgeable plumber in Fort Worth, TX is always a better option.

5.   Water Discoloration

Rusty, brown water coming out of your taps could be quite harmful to one’s health and must be taken seriously at once.

The buildup of sediments in the pipes can easily cause water to turn rusty. In fact, your old, galvanized pipes can also be blamed for the discoloration of water. If you see water coming out of the faucets turn into strange colors like yellow, blue, brown or green, your first step should instantly be to call an emergencyplumber in Fort Worth, TX; especially when you see the houses in your neighborhood are getting clean water but you are getting discolored water.

6.   Water Heater Problems

If the water heater is unable to provide you with enough hot water, it is highly likely that your pipelines are broken or cracks have occurred around your water tank, resulting in severe water leakage. Such a scenario can create a discrepancy for the water tank to hold enough hot water.

The rusty water inlets or the pressure relief valve can also cause water to discolor. This way, the water coming out of your showers or taps will be dirty, making it unhygienic to use it for daily chores. Instead of dealing with the problem yourself, you can better call an emergency plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Plumbing issues are quite common these days. When faced with a plumbing issue you shouldn’t waste your time and hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX before the situation takes a turn for the worse. You can hire the trustworthy plumbing services of Benjamin Franklin any time of any day – their services are available 24/7!