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Maintenance Checklist for Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

Maintenance Checklist for Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

By now, you might have come across hundreds of articles and YouTube videos claiming to do plumbing maintenance or drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX on your own. While some of these video do direct you in the right way of doing DIY jobs, but none of them would mention how to treat a problem when you encounter one in the middle of the fix up. Imagine trying to fix your sink, where all you have to do is turn the screws to tighten them, so the pipe stops leaking. Lo and behold, you get a cold burst of water on your face because you did too many turns. If you don’t act fast now, you will be looking at a flood in your house.

Why take on such a risky DIY job when you can call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX? Most people don’t give much thought to plumbing maintenance. It takes only an hour to get all the fixtures and the main line pipe checked. In turn, you are saved from spending hundreds of dollars on plumbing problems that could have blown out of proportions if you hadn’t called a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

There are four plumbing systems in the house that you should regularly check, in order to make sure that they are not clogging the main sewer line. Once the main line gets clogged, you will be looking at sewage water backing up in the tub, bubbling toilets and the kitchen sink filling with leftover food bits. The worst thing is the smell that will settle deep into the rooms. So, before your house starts smelling like those dirty public restrooms or a porta-potty, call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX if you feel there’s a clog.

Following are the four plumbing areas that you should have regular maintenance done on:

1. Bathroom

Leaky Shower and Faucets

You see your bathroom’s faucet leaking and you leave it thinking that it will stop. Day by day, the leak gets worst and on top of that, the shower is now leaking too. While the amount of leakage might seem insignificant, these small drops of water can quickly turn into a flood. Taking into account the water you are wasting, you will also be spending way too much on the water bill.

Slow Drains

Hair clogged in the tub and debris in the sink causes water to drain at a slow speed. This will only get slower until there comes a time when water will be standing 24/7 in the sink. It takes just a few minutes for the plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix this problem and save you from sewage water filling up in the tub. The moment you see that the drain is slow, call a plumber immediately.

Running Toilets

Water dripping into the toilet is an indication that its parts have worn off. This wastes a significant amount of water and often causes the toilet to flush slowly. Since the toilet is directly connected to the main sewer line, having maintenance done on it should be your top priority.

2. Kitchen

Kitchen Sink

After the bathroom, kitchen is the second most visited room in the house. The first source of leak is always the kitchen sink. You can spot this leak easily if the cabinet under the sink has water standing in it. The leak usually occurs at the spigot, garbage disposal, sink strainers or any other sink accessory. Regularly check under the sink to make sure that the area is clean without any damp spots.

3. Garbage Disposal

When the garbage disposal keeps making loud noises, then there’s definitely food stuck in there. Disposal leaks are quite common and often lead to backup in all pipes of the kitchen. Yes, running hot water will open the drain but just for a few days. The debris might have moved down the garbage disposal, but it’s possible that it has started clogging the main line now. Another reason you should call drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.


When the main line gets clogged, most pipes in the house experience a backup. When faced with such a problem, it’s better to turn off the water from the main valve. The sewer can clog all the pipes from the bathroom to the kitchen and other general areas of the house. Not only does it create a dirty and smelly mess, but also causes health problems.

Septic Tank Pumping

To maintain a clean septic system, it is important to get the tank checked regularly. If you experience sewage problems every week, then the clog is probably big and requires a cleanup. Get a maintenance check every week until you don’t have any problems with the drain.

Depending on how frequently the main line backs up, you need to check regularly for leaks, so that a plumber in Fort Worth, TX can be called immediately. The faster you catch the signs, the faster you will be able to stop the clog from reaching other areas of the house.

4. Other Areas

In some cases, if your main drain opening is near a tree, the tree roots might have clogged the drain. In other cases, the clog might be due to high water pressure. If the plumbing system is under additional stress, the water level will rise. A plumber in Fort Worth, TX uses a pressure gauge to check if a safe level is maintained or not. If the regulator is broken, then get it changed immediately.

Checking for leaks regularly will give you the benefit of extending your plumbing system’s life. Drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX requires special tools that only a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX knows how to use. So, leave all the DIY tricks behind and call Benjamin Franklin plumbing services. This family owned and operated business is known for its high quality service and plumbing parts, punctuality and for doing their job in a professional manner.