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Myths You Might Believe Can Save You On Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

Myths You Might Believe Can Save You On Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

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When it comes to saving money you’re probably looking for just about anything you can, right? You want to make sure that you have something you can count on and you absolutely want to be aware of these myths that could be holding you back or actually causing problems with your plumbing. If you want to avoid plumbing service as much as possible, you should know about avoiding these things in your Mansfield, TX home.

Noisy Water Heaters Will Explode

Okay, you can rest a little easier on this one because this is one that’s actually telling you that something isn’t quite as wrong as you might have thought. A noisy water heater is a reason to get plumbing service. But it’s not in danger of exploding in most cases. The truth is that your water heater could explode. There could be danger involved. But in most instances you’re not going to have to worry about this. Instead, just call a professional and have it looked at, but don’t panic.

Boiling Water Can Cut Through Grease

This is actually the opposite of what really happens. You might be surprised to learn that boiling water can actually make grease even harder and more solid. It can end up causing a whole lot more damage than you might have thought and you may actually find yourself with a serious situation that requires a call for plumbing service immediately. There is nothing that you can do to break down grease once it gets into your plumbing. You’ll need a professional to come out and take care of it for you to clear things out.

Toilet Tabs w/ Bleach

These toilet tabs are quite popular and you can find them just about anywhere that you buy household goods, but the truth is that they’re not good for your system. The bleach is actually very strong in these tablets and that bleach sitting in your toilet bowl is bad enough, but as it starts to break down and the bleach gets into the rest of your septic system it can damage the pipes, the bacteria in your septic field, the ground and water as it gets further down the line and a whole lot more. You end up with a lot of expensive plumbing service as a result.

Flushable Wipes Are Better For You

Flushable wipes may or may not be better for you personally, but they’re definitely not good for your septic system. These wipes are definitely not flushable and you should avoid putting them into your toilet at all. That’s because they don’t break down the way that normal toilet paper does. Not only that but they don’t tend to go all the way through the system like they should. That means they could get clogged and then they don’t break down once they do. You’re going to end up with a big plumbing service that could be quite extensive to take care of.

Ice Cubes Sharpen Disposal Blades

This is one that has been going around for quite a while in Mansfield, TX, but it’s definitely not true. Garbage disposals can actually get cleaner by using ice cubes, but they’re not going to get any sharper. In fact, if you put ice cubes into the disposal too frequently you could actually end up dulling the blades. Doing it just once a month or less will help keep things clean, however. There really isn’t a way that you can sharpen the blades on your disposal so don’t believe the things you read about this one and should always contact a plumbing service.

Grease Is Fine as Long as It’s Still Hot

Grease may seem like any other liquid when it’s hot, but the truth is that it’s extremely dangerous for your pipes. When you pour that grease down into the drain it’s going to start to cool immediately. First, the burning hot grease can damage your pipes. Then, as it cools, it starts to become sticky and then it sticks to the sides of your drain. Once there, it can start to pile up and clog the entire drain. Before you know it you have a very serious situation and you need plumbing service.

You Can Flush Goldfish

Actually, you can flush a dead goldfish through your toilet. This is something that is actually done quite commonly and it doesn’t cause harm. On the other hand, if the goldfish is alive this is an extremely problematic thing. Goldfish that are flushed will end up in the sewer system and eventually they could get into a body of water. They definitely aren’t meant to be there and once they get there they can actually negatively affect the ecosystem as a whole. Make sure that if you’re going to flush a goldfish it’s absolutely dead and not just injured or sick but still alive. Consult with your plumbing service and local water distributor if you have more questions.

Lemon Peels in the Garbage Disposal

Have you heard about putting lemon peels into your garbage disposal? It seems like a good idea because lemons smell pretty good. But the truth is they can get clogged in your garbage disposal or even cause it to break down. You absolutely don’t want to put these in the disposal unless you know it’s really powerful. Instead, use liquids (and not chemicals) to make your disposal smell better and keep the whole thing in better shape. Anything solid or even semi-solid like those peels could cause more damage than it helps and a call for plumbing service may be needed.

Cat Litter Can Be Flushed

This one is very important to pay attention to. Cat litter will go down your drain, but it can cause very serious problems if you do flush it requiring plumbing service. That’s because there’s a specific toxin that’s present in the waste in that litter. Those toxins can get into the water system and the ecosystem as a whole, causing a whole lot of damage to the environment. Also, they’re very dangerous to pregnant women, which means those toxins and that cat litter could harm someone you don’t even know because the water system gets contaminated.

Bricks in the Tank

Bricks in your toilet tank are another thing that a lot of people talk about, but they’re actually not a good idea either. The problem here isn’t what the brick is meant to do. The weight can actually help with the water. The problem is that bricks break down in water. When you set it in the back of your toilet it starts to lose particles that then get into your water. Those particles get all the way through your system, causing damage, clogs and a whole lot more, which means expensive plumbing service here too.

Slow Leaks Are Fine

Slow leaks are definitely not fine. No leak is fine and you shouldn’t be leaving any of them alone. Instead, you should be calling for plumbing service right away to find out more about what’s going on and what you should be doing about it. Slow leaks may not seem like they’re causing much damage but they can over time. Not to mention they’re going to cost you a whole lot when it comes to your water bill. Even a very slow or small leak can result in some serious bill increases.

Plungers Are for Unclogging Drains

Plungers are definitely not for unclogging your sink drains. You could end up pushing the clog even further into the drain, moving it to a different part of the drain or even pulling up something that’s hazardous. If you’re using chemical cleaners (another thing you should avoid) they can even be downright dangerous because that chemical could come back out of the sink. You absolutely do not want to use a plunger for any sort of sink drain. Instead, you should make sure that you call for a plumbing service right away to take care of that clog.

Chemical Cleaners Are Safe

This is one that we touched on a little bit in the last point, but it’s important for you to pay attention to separately as well so you don’t require plumbing service. After all, you see chemical cleaners everywhere you go in Mansfield, TX. The truth, however, is that chemical cleaners are extremely bad for your pipes and they are extremely hazardous for your family as well. Just having them around the house is a bad idea but when you put them in the drain you could be causing damage all the way through the system.

Showering During a Thunderstorm Is Fine

Showering during a thunderstorm is dangerous. Electricity can absolutely get into the pipes in your home through lightning. When that happens, the electricity gets into your water and if you’re in the water it causes an electric shock that could be deadly. If there is any sort of electrical storm in your area or a storm could turn into an electrical storm stay away from the showers and bathtubs in your home. You do not want to risk getting electrocuted no matter how unlikely you think it is.

As Long as It Flushes It’s Fine

Many things will flush down your toilet, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing it. Instead, you need to make sure that you look at everything you’re putting into your drains. If you flush anything that isn’t supposed to go into the toilet it can get clogged somewhere further down the line or cause you problems later on requiring plumbing service. You never know what could happen or when that problem could come back to haunt you. Instead, make sure you’re only flushing items that are intended to go into the toilet.

The Garbage Disposal Is for Food

This is definitely not something you should be doing. Your garbage disposal is capable of breaking down a number of things, but it’s not really intended for that. Instead, you should be putting only as little through the disposal as you have to. That food can actually get clogged in the disposal, causing you to call for plumbing service. It can also get clogged somewhere else in your drains, which causes additional problems and means you need more service from a professional.

Your Drains Only Flow Out

That’s not true either and you will be likely calling a plumbing service when it comes out. Animals like rats and even snakes have been found in drains and toilets before, which means they can absolutely get up and in through the entire home. You want to make sure you’re aware of the potential and that you’re always aware of what could be coming into your home and how. Pay attention to things like open drains or anything that doesn’t seem closed completely. If you have holes in any of your pipes especially you want to get these taken care of. Snakes and rats definitely aren’t something you want in your house. But having them come through the pipes can be even worse.

All Plumbing Services Are the Same

This is absolutely not true and it’s something that could cause you a lot of problems down the road. You want to be able to trust the person you’re bringing into your home but if you’re not careful you could hire someone who doesn’t actually know what they’re doing. Make sure you’re checking out the credentials of anyone that you’re thinking about hiring and then comparing them to the credentials of anyone else that you look up. Not all plumbers are the same and not all of them have the same credentials, which can be a problem for you in the long run.

When it comes to getting any sort of plumbing service you want to make sure that you’re calling the right team to help you. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is ready and able to come to you, wherever you are. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll help you set up an appointment. From there, you can trust that you’re getting the right job done, the right way. That’s because we always treat you and your home like we would want our home treated. Now that you know what you shouldn’t be doing, call us to find out more about what you should do for your Mansfield, TX home.