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Outstanding Plumbing Service | Saginaw, TX

Outstanding Plumbing Service | Saginaw, TX

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Saginaw, TX is an important part of the Fort Worth metro area. It’s doubtful that Jarvis J. Green believed that Fort Worth would become the 13th largest city in the United States and that the region would play a vital part in the rising of the cattle industry in the 19th century.

Did you know that the word Saginaw is originally an Ojibwe term meaning ‘to flow out.’ The U.S. Postal Service rejected Pontiac as Green’s first choice for the TX town’s name Saginaw, TX.

The thriving community is proud of their little town and many residents go out of their way to help one another. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX offers an outstanding plumbing service tailored to meet the specific needs of the Saginaw, TX community.

A lot of residents have sold their shale rights to earn a little extra income. However, this method of making money comes with a few caveats and requires special attention when it comes to plumbing service, repairs, improvements, and installations. Trust a professional plumbing service to protect your home’s climate controls.

Fracking & It’s Effect on Plumbing Service in Saginaw, TX

In the late 1970s as the oil began to gush, energy developers located a large shale underneath Fort Worth and the technology surrounding vertical drilling improved creating opportunities for many residents. However, when plumbing was installed into homes across the area, it was believed that the pipes would remain static or without movement.

Fracking is the process of extracting natural gas from the shale through forcing chemicals, sand, and highly-pressurized water into the rock to remove the natural gas trapped there. This process disturbs the most traditional plumbing service that’s installed underground.

Fracking has given the states access to a much-needed resource but this process disturbs a stable area. Since fracking has begun in North Texas experts have documented hundreds of small earthquakes. Without this movement, it wouldn’t normally disturb the functioning of your plumbing service.

Fracking puts pressure on your plumbing pipes, particularly the joints. Many community members experience slab leaks and other plumbing problems. The movement of the earth causes damage to the pipes which if left undisturbed wouldn’t require a custom-fit plumbing service.

Benjamin Franklin’s Bespoke Fracking Troubleshooting

Our team understands the specific problems facing customers in the area. We offer a bespoke plumbing service if you’re experiencing a slab leak or other related issues. Trust us to get your plumbing service back to functioning at an optimal level.

The tailored plumbing service includes cutting-edge leak detection and innovative repair capabilities. Our technicians have undergone training to deal with these challenges with ease and expertise to problem-solve troubles to your plumbing service.

We do a lot more than repairing pipes damaged by fracking. We offer 24-hour emergency response and assistance for those situations that demand immediate resolution.

Our Plumbing Services

  • Kitchen Plumbing Renovation, Installation & Design
  • Bathroom Plumbing Service like Resolving Clogged Drains & Drip Repair
  • Commercial & Residential Water Line Installation and Repair
  • Expansion Tank Repair & Maintenance
  • Installation of Water Filtration Systems
  • Commercial & Residential Drain Cleaning
  • Sump Pump Maintenance & Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair & Care
  • Sink & Tub Renovation, Replacement & Design
  • Conventional Water Heater Repair & Installation
  • Remedies for Yard Line & Water Leaks
  • Plumbing Service & Repairs for Wells and Water Features
  • Slab & Gas Leak Repair
  • Installation of Tankless Water Heaters


“I consider myself pretty handy when it comes to fixing things around the house. I’ve taken a couple of DIY courses at the community college and I know my way around a toolbox!

That being said, I really made a mess of my guest bedroom bathroom. My niece was coming from Minnesota to spend a warm winter in Texas and visit a few of the local universities. The water pressure in the en-suite was nearly non-existent. I pulled apart the entire bathroom and spent a week scouring Google for help before finally calling the Benjamin Franklin plumbing service.

The young man who arrived was early, courteous and answered all of my questions. He laughed at first when he discovered the culprit of the low water pressure. He told me I overworked the issue. He had it fixed and all back together within an hour.

I’ve learned my lesson! The next time I need any plumbing service I’m going to call Ben Franklin! I was happily surprised by the low cost too. I even signed up for a routine maintenance package, it was quite affordable.”

  • June Sandler, Fort Worth, May 2018

“My husband and I recently bought our first house which is a big investment for us. We decided to purchase an older home for the charm and architecture but the previous owners neglected it and the plumbing was in a severe state of disrepair. My husband travels for work and I help out a lot at church. Safe to say we needed a professional plumber to get our new home move-in ready.

We didn’t call Benjamin Franklin first which was a big mistake. My husband hired an independent plumber who charged us almost $500 to just evaluate the plumbing. The estimate he gave us was close to $10,000! I mentioned this to our pastor and he suggested we call Benjamin Franklin. They came out and the estimate was a fraction of the cost with better materials and completed within a week!

I’m so happy with them. My husband and I are going to depend on the Benjamin Franklin team for all our plumbing and HVAC needs. I fully recommend giving them a call. You’ll spend less money and get a better team of considerate and helpful experts!”

  • Marty Brolten, Fairmount, July 2019

“Ben Franklin saved my family’s bacon a few months ago. We woke up to a plumbing emergency. My son had used the bathroom in the middle of the night and the toilet began to overflow. It flowed and flowed and flowed until the mess was in the living room. I’m not the best when woken up in the middle of the night. I take medication and it knocks me out!

I groggily waded through the sewage and tried to plunge away the problem but that didn’t work. Benjamin Franklin was the first 24-hour plumber that came up on my phone. I called and explained the situation. They had a technician at my house within the hour.

What my son failed to tell me was that his phone’s rubber protector fell into the dirty toilet and instead of removing it and throwing it out, he flushed it. Don’t worry, I made him help clean up the mess. The plumber was courteous, quick and even offered to help clean up.

I can’t endorse them enough! I’m thrilled that the problem was easily taken care of at an affordable price!”

  • Susan Chilltern., Mistletoe Heights, August 2019

10 Plumbing Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Plumbing is crucial to any functioning home but it’s easy to forget about it and take the flow and flush of water for granted. Most plumbing is underneath the house or hidden from view. However, there are a few issues that can cause you major inconveniences if left unresolved.

 1. Unusual Sounds are Coming from the Taps: rumbling and groaning faucets are a sign that something is wrong. The noises might indicate there’s trapped air in your plumbing which needs to be expelled.

2. Stained, Brown or Yellowish Ceiling: unfortunately, yellow or brownish stains are a strong indication a pipe is leaking or it has burst. If these stains are directly underneath a bathroom or utility closet then you must consult a professional plumbing service immediately. Otherwise, the leak may do significant damage to your home or office.

3. Weak Water Pressure: Many homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area struggle with low water pressure. It’s a common problem due to a couple of reasons. The most common is too many people are using the plumbing, the pipe size is too small for your house, or the pathways may be clogged or leaking.

4. Slow Drains: If you’re noticing that your kitchen or bathroom sink isn’t draining efficiently or if your dishwasher or washing machine isn’t emptying completely it may be resolved using a plunger and some elbow grease. If that doesn’t fix it, consult a plumber.

5. Damage to Floors or Walls: If there’s damage to your walls or floors this might indicate a leaking or burst pipe. Contact Benjamin Franklin immediately to prevent any more damage to your home.

6. Stinky Sinks or Drains: If the smell is only coming from your kitchen sink chances are its bits of trapped food causing the unpleasant odor. If it smells like rotten eggs the drain vent might be clogged emitting gas into your house. If you’re experiencing stinky drains frequently there may be damage to your part of the sewer.

7. Back Flow is impacting Your Life: a backup of sewage in your home isn’t welcome at any time, but if you’re experiencing overflows and sewage backups then a plumber needs to turn off the water main and inspect and remedy the issue.

8. The Water Doesn’t Flow: There are few things as concerning as turning on the faucet to be met with nothing but air coming out. Don’t attempt to fix this yourself. Call a professional plumbing service immediately.

9. No Hot Water: A cold shower might be a health enthusiast’s idea of an enjoyable shower, but the kids aren’t going to want to bathe in cold water! It could be your water heater or your boiler, but an expert and NATE-certified technician will be able to assess and fix the problem.

10. Burst Pipes!: Homes are more at risk from pipes bursting in the wintertime. Thankfully, it’s usually pretty warm in Texas during the cold season. However, if there are cold snaps and the water freezes, it expands and size and can damage the pipes wreaking havoc on your plumbing.

Plumbing Emergency Benjamin Franklin to the Rescue

The team at Benjamin Franklin knows that plumbing issues don’t always happen on a convenient timetable. Disaster often happens at the absolute worst times. For example, our full-time receptionist hosted her big family’s Christmas party on Christmas Eve this year.

Things took on a less than festive atmosphere when the dishwasher began to ooze grey water all over her newly refinished mahogany flooring! Thankfully, she’s part of our team and knew who to call to remedy the problem! You don’t have to work with us to utilize our 24-hour emergency service!

We understand that plumbing problems don’t always occur Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. We respond despite holidays or late and early evenings. We care about our community and can’t leave important clients to struggle without a professional plumber!

Our exceptional customer service agents will walk you through all the options available to you and offer immediate help, if suitable to your situation. We believe providing a work and life balance for our teammates helps them provide the highest standard of plumbing.

An emergency visit might cost you an additional fee, but we’re clear and fair about all our fees. We’ll provide you an estimate during the evaluation and update you on the possibility that another expense occurs. We’ll ask you for permission before we complete any tasks.

Longhorn Proud

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth and Saginaw, TX aims to provide experts who meet the highest qualifications as a plumbing professional. Our team frequently sharpens their tools of the trade throughout their career to stay abreast of evolving industry standards.

We are committed to serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our technicians undergo background checks to ensure our customers are safe inviting team members into the privacy of their homes.

Our promise to you is to provide the very best plumbing services in the region without the cost reflecting our advanced level of expertise. Please get in touch with us for all of your plumbing and HVAC needs in Saginaw, TX!