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Plumbing at Its Finest | Tips from Your Trusted Fort Worth, TX Plumber

Plumbing at Its Finest | Tips from Your Trusted Fort Worth, TX Plumber

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX just got easier. In fact, the residents of Fort Worth, TX now know they have a plumber they can trust for any problem. So, whether it’s a slab leak, clogged sink, a dripping faucet, broken pipes, or a garbage disposal in need of repair, residents know they have a plumber right at their fingertips.

So, what can residents of Fort Worth, TX expect when it comes to their plumbing needs? Perhaps the best way to tackle that question would be to start with describing what Benjamin Franklin’s has to offer in terms of your residential needs and what you can come to expect from a professional plumber.

Let’s say for the record that you have noticed all the signs and symptoms of a slab leak. A simple walk through your home has you noticing warm spots on your floors, which are indicative of a warm water slab leak. You also detect the sudden presence of water on your floor, and you can even hear running water, whether it’s through your walls or it appears to be dripping from anywhere but your sink or shower head. Even an unusually expensive water bill serves as a sign that trouble is on the way, and that you need to take action to put an end to this stressful and critical problem.

A good plumberunderstands just how critically important it is to stay on top of slab leaks. Once the plumber arrives, a free inspection is provided along with a free, detailed explanation of your costs and what you can do to get ready for a repair.

There’s nothing more bothersome than a clogged drain. Think about it. You could be preparing for your morning shower, getting ready to do the dishes, or trying to take your evening bath and there it happens. You spend five minutes getting the water started only to find you have a backup that even the strongest plunger cannot fix.

Yet a clogged drain is nothing to worry about. A qualified plumber understands that over time, your drain can become clogged. The accumulation of hair, soap, and other particles can collect and cause the drain to form a backup. One of the greatest indicators of a clogged system is that your water will gradually slow down when trying to go down the drain. For ground drains, clogging could be the direct result of plant roots growing inside the pipe, as well as dirt and soil which tend to shift over a lengthy period of time.

And if your kitchen sink happens to have a garbage disposal, any food that has not been ground properly may contribute to a clogged-up kitchen sink. No matter the problem, a qualified plumber is always there to help. What’s more, they are specifically trained to use the right kind of equipment just for your drain. With a good, sturdy plumbing snake, they can remove all the hair, soap, and food particles that have choked the life out of your plumbing for so long. And, for an added bonus, once the job is finished, the professional team will handle the cleanup so that you don’t have to. It’s that simple.

When you have a tree that tries to take root in your sewer drain, that can cause the exact same symptoms and problems that are associated with a regular backup. This may warrant an even deeper cleaning of your system, something that requires a plumber to look deeper inside your sewer drain to determine the course of further cleaning. A service that can help, and one that is purely hygienic, is known as hydro jetting, which involves injecting 3,000-8,000 PSI of water, thus breaking out every bit of hardened debris, whether its grease, soil, or hair clogs. The hydro jetting method can even remove any plant roots that happen to obstruct the normal passage of water flow.

Broken pipes are a major source of frustration, especially for homeowners who are left to foot the bill for repair service. There are a host of root causes for this phenomenon, most of which happen during the winter months as pipes typically freeze and break under plummeting temperatures. As water freezes, it expands and becomes ice, thus placing pressure inside a pipe which results in a break. Other causes include moving and shifting pipes, pipes that have severe damage due to rusting and corrosion, or abnormal water pressure that exceeds 60 PSI. Once a pipe bursts, it can cause extensive property damage, thus resulting in further household repairs that may include a lot more than just plumbing damage.

Whatever the cause, a qualified plumber at Benjamin Franklin can help. They will arrive at your residence for an inspection and a free estimate to help you determine the root cause of the problem and the time and costs of repair. Not only will the plumber review the costs, but will also explain the need for preventative maintenance of your system to prevent future problems down the road.

Perhaps the one thing that can never be underestimated with Benjamin Franklin’s is the quality of service you can get in the event of an emergency. Those who have a home with a gas line can be prone to the unexpected likelihood of a gas leak, and that is no joke. Gas leaks can start off as something minor that is barely detectable but they have the potential to worsen over the course of time. Two of the most common signs of this deadly problem are if you happen to detect an odor of gas within your residence, or suddenly feeling tired for no reason within the area of the gas leak. Either way, it can be very dangerous, and may result in an explosion if you light a match or own a combustible.

Gas leaks are sneaky, and can have their roots in faulty appliances or leaky gas pipes. Either way, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a twenty-four-hour hot line in case of a gas-related emergency. Once you make that call, a professional will arrive at your home within a matter of minutes to help you determine the source of the problem.