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Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Video Pipe Inspection

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Video Pipe Inspection

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Do you think you have a clogged drain or sewer pipe in your home?  There are quite a few things that can be disheartening to ones’ home; a stopped up drain or sewer pipe is one of them. Advances in modern day plumbing have given rise to new technology that makes it much easier to fix common problems such as this. Video pipe inspection is one of these.  Video pipe inspection has revolutionized how long it takes to determine the location of a clogged sewer pipe or drain.  Before this it could take a plumber all day sometimes multiple days to find the location and determine what is needed to fix the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX; with video pipe inspection it can be accomplished in a miniscule amount of time.

Sometimes referred to as a sewer camera or a plumber’s snake this tool is a flexible fiber optic cable that has a high-resolution video camera connected to the end of the cable.  When the plumber fishes the cable into the pipes, the camera will record the surroundings inside of the pipe.  This feed is sent back to a monitor where the plumber will be able to determine the cause and initiate a solution to repair the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

One of the greatest benefits of video pipe inspection is in the case with clogged  or broken sewer pipes, in the past a sewer pipe would need to be dug out in order for a plumber to find where the problem lies. Thankfully this technology allows plumbers in most cases to be able to repair leaking or stopped up sewer pipes with trenchless pipe repair rather than the need to uplift your lawn and landscaping.

In the case with stopped up drains and / or sewer pipes there are many different ways to resolve the problem without tearing out the pipes.  Hydro jetting is one solution that can fix a clogged drain without the need to pull out plumbing in Fort Worth, TX and replace it.

What is Hydro Jetting?

It’s a machine that comes in all shapes, sizes and designs but commonly looks like a generator on wheels with a coil attached to the top that contains narrow flexible pipe with a nozzle on the end that ejects water at a highly pressurized state. The nozzle shoots water out in the front and at a 360 degree angle from the back-end of the nozzle.  As the pipe is snaked into your pipes it the pressurized water will decimate stubborn clogs like years of accumulation of grease and soap scum that can stretch on for several feet or more in your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

Sewer Pipe Leaks

One thing that you definitely do not want to happen in your Arlington home is a sewer pipe leak.  A sewer leak can occur under your home’s slab foundation and if left unchecked can cause countless damage and very expensive repairs.   Imagine how frustrating it was for homeowners before the advent of video pipe inspection.  An inspection will allow our Fort Worth & Arlington based plumbers to determine the precise location of the faulty sewer pipe, identify what is wrong with it, and be able to determine the best solution to resolve the problem in a fraction of the time without needing to rip apart your homes foundation.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s team consists of licensed professional plumbers with the expertise and know-how to fix issues such as this.  Our plumbing technicians offer premium services, professional courtesy and most of all reliability that you can count on.  We serve the Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas metropolitan area.  If you suspect you have a clogged drain or sewer pipe do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The longer you hold off on resolving the problem with your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, the more damage can be done to your homes structural integrity as well as your family’s health.  Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment that will fit around your schedule.

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