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Plumbing Service Tips: Pros And Cons Of Vacuum Drainage Systems To Gravity Systems | Mansfield, TX

Plumbing Service Tips: Pros And Cons Of Vacuum Drainage Systems To Gravity Systems | Mansfield, TX

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There are many different types of drainage systems that can be used in residential buildings. Depending on the type of drainage system that you have in your home, you’ll need a different type of plumbing service to deal with the drainage problems that you’re facing. Most homeowners don’t know what type of drainage system is installed in their home.

The most common types of drainage systems are either vacuum systems or gravity systems. They both have their pros and cons, so understanding how the systems work is quite important in ensuring that you make an informed choice if you’re building a property.

Fortunately, this isn’t considered common knowledge, and our plumbers will be able to take a look at your home to help you figure all of this out. One of the most common drainage systems that you’ll find is vacuum systems. This article will look at what vacuum systems are, as well as the pros and cons in comparison to gravity systems.

What Are Vacuum Drainage Systems?

Vacuum change systems use a vacuum. The vacuum creates a differential pressure between the atmosphere and the pressure-treated by the vacuum. This creates a driving force that propels waste water towards a vacuum station.

This is quite different from gravity systems. There is no vacuum in gravity systems. Instead, the systems rely on gravity. In a way, they are less efficient.

Vacuum drainage systems don’t always require a lot of plumbing services to maintain and install. They are the drainage system of choice in many situations. They should usually be considered or installed in the following conditions:

  • Areas with water shortages
  • Areas with limited sewerage capacity
  • Areas where there is unstable soil
  • Areas where there is a high water table
  • Areas where there is a reason to separate black water and gray water
  • Areas where drainage by gravity is impractical
  • Within penal systems, where it is important to isolate and control appliances to prevent the concealment of weapons and drugs
  • Commercial buildings, like office buildings and hospitals, to avoid congested usage

If you’re a residential or commercial property has any of the conditions above, there’s a good chance that you have a vacuum drain system and will need a plumber who can offer plumbing service catered to this type of drainage system. Fortunately, most plumbers offer plumbing services for this type of system and it’s not hard to find someone with the plumbing skills necessary to fix your problems.

5 Benefits of Vacuum Drainage Systems

There are many reasons why a vacuum drainage system might be a more appropriate choice than a gravity system. If you’re on the fence between whether you should install a vacuum system or a gravity system, understanding the pros and drawbacks of each type can really help you make a decision.

This article aims to do just that! Let’s look at some of the benefits that a drainage vacuum system can offer before below.

#1. Low Installation Costs

This is particularly important for those who are looking for a fairly cheap system. Vacuum drainage systems have a very low installation cost. The cost of the plumbing service to install this type of system remains relatively low. You’ll find that most plumbers will be able to get the job done within a fairly short amount of time. You’ll also find that you’ll get cheaper quotes in comparison to a gravity system for labor.

On that note, it’s important to get several quotes for the installation and for any plumbing service that might be done on this type of drainage system. Different plumbing companies may offer different quotes based on the cost of labor, the travel time, the amount of warranty and guarantees that they offer, the type of insurance that they have and other factors. Look at the components of the different quotes provided for installation and plumbing services to determine who may be a better fit for you.

An interesting thing about vacuum drainage systems is that it can use lightly pipes that have a small diameter. It’s not always possible with gravity systems. On top of all of this, vertical lives are also possible with this type of system. In a way, this means that your installation costs will also go down. This is because there is less work needed to install everything.

#2. Energy Efficiency

For one, vacuum drainage systems are environmentally safe. In fact, many people would claim that they are a better choice for the environment than the gravity system. This is very important for those who are more conscious of their environment and carbon footprint.

Two, electrical power is only needed at the vacuum station. This means that not a lot of energy is needed to power the system. Electricity is only needed at one place. Arguably, this means that this type of system is a bit more energy efficient. It also means that all the electric work can also be completed in one place. This could be very beneficial to some homeowners.

Third, if you install a vacuum toilet, you’ll be able to save a lot of water. This might be a plumbing service that you would be interested in down the road. Vacuum toilets are becoming increasingly affordable. There are also a lot more models and makes that come with unique features and functions. They are a great addition to have in any home.

What Is a Vacuum Toilet?

Vacuum toilets are a bit new; however, they are able to provide the same level of comfort and use as traditional flush toilets. Vacuum toilets use suction to remove waste from the bowl. It doesn’t require a lot of water at all. These toilets came to be installed in both commercial and residential buildings. They are also odor-free and very hygienic.

If this is a type of plumbing service that you’d be interested in, make sure that you talk to a plumber to see whether your home is a suitable place for installing vacuum toilets. If you switch all of your toilets over to a vacuum toilet, you can save a lot of money on the plumbing service if you get everything done at the same time. If you’re purchasing the vacuum toilets from the plumbing company, you may also save a lot of money if you purchase all of the toilets in one go.

Most plumbing companies in Mansfield, TX are able to help you find a great deal on different types of vacuum toilets. Our plumbers will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of each make and model, so you make an informed decision.

#3. No Possibility of Vermin in Pipes

With the way that vacuum systems are set up, there’s no possibility for vermin to make a home in the plumbing. This might be important for those who live in areas where it’s not unusual to see vermin around.

Due to the structure of vacuum systems, you won’t have to worry about vermin causing damage to your drainage. This means that you’ll pay less for plumbing services down the road.

#4. Minimal Leaks

Almost every homeowner knows just how annoying it is to have to deal with leaks. The leak is not only troublesome to deal with from a plumbing perspective, but it is also a headache if it causes any water damage to the structural components of your home.

One of the primary pros of vacuum drainage systems is that they come with minimal leaks. You won’t have to call in a plumbing service to patch up a pinhole or any pitted or leaking areas. This means that you will also be saving money on plumbing services as well.

#5. Self-Cleaning Abilities

Another interesting thing about vacuum drainage systems is that they are self-cleaning. This is great news for many homeowners. If the vacuum system is self-cleaning, it means that you’ll need to pay for fewer drain cleaning services. It also means that you’re less likely to run into clogs and other issues down the road. This makes vacuum drainage systems low maintenance.

3 Cons of Vacuum Systems

Everything will also have their drawbacks as well. This is the same with vacuum systems. They are not always beneficial. Below, we will look at three of the most common cons associated with this type of drainage system. If you are concerned about any of these cons, make sure that you talk to a plumber ahead of time.

#1. Skilled Design

In comparison to gravity systems, vacuum systems require a skilful professional. There’s a lot of skill and creating an appropriate, working design. You’ll want to make sure that you’re working with a plumber that has already worked with vacuum systems. These types of systems also require regular maintenance as a result. Fortunately, the cost of maintenance isn’t usually too high.

If you are building a new property, you’ll want to speak with the plumber to make sure that the design is appropriate for your needs and covers all bases.

#2. Noise

Another thing to note is that the high velocity water and vacuum drainage systems can cause transient plumbing noise. The noise usually isn’t too annoying; however, if you have sensitive hearing, you might want to talk to a plumber about whether there are any ways that you can reduce the noise level.

For example, some plumbers may recommend that you install more insulation around the plumbing. This could really help dampen any noise that comes from the pipes. Installing insulation can also make your home a lot more energy efficient, so, in a way, it’s a win-win situation. The type of plumbing that you have may also affect the amount of noise that you hear from the plumbing.

With that said, most homeowners won’t realize that there is any noise at all. In fact, they’ll be able to go about their day without getting interrupted by any transient plumbing noise.

#3. Space

Last but not least, vacuum systems require more space and away. Although you can use lightweight pipes with a smaller diameter, you’ll need a space to install the vacuum tanks and the vacuum generation equipment. Depending on the type of plumbing system that you have, you might need quite a lot of space for this. This is why a vacuum system may not be suitable for all properties.

You definitely want to choose a space that is easily accessible. Since these types of systems require regular maintenance, do you want to make sure that you install these components in a place where it is easy for the plumber to get to. This will make the plumber’s job a lot easier. It will also make your job a lot easier.

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