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Plumbing Services You Should Never DIY | Tips from Your Trusted Cleburne, TX Plumber

Plumbing Services You Should Never DIY | Tips from Your Trusted Cleburne, TX Plumber

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“How hard can it be?” Is the first question any DIYer asks themselves before taking on what may seem like an easy plumbing job. Let us be honest; plumbing systems need regular maintenance and repairs to prevent more significant problems from developing. This main reason may tempt you to save that extra buck and go the DIY way. Although it may save you some money in the short term, you might end up spending much more in the end.

Platforms like Pinterest and YouTube have become a part of everyone’s lives these days—even residents of Cleburne, TX. For every show that focuses on finding everyday objects and converting them into something new, there is a DIY video on how to fix that dripping tap in just two minutes.

Do not get us wrong. We are not bashing any DIY tutorials. Sometimes crafts like converting your old door into a new headboard or shelf are things you could actually do with much ease. However, some projects are reserves for certified professionals, especially when it comes to plumbing.

So before you reach for your toolbox in search of DIY glory, make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew. Although while it may sound self-serving, you want to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing instead of trying any of these repairs yourself.

Frozen Pipes

As a resident of Cleburne, TX, then you understand the extent of damage cold temperatures causes during winter. Frozen pipes cause damages amounting to hundreds of dollars every year. If you forget to drain your pipes when you leave for vacation, you could be vulnerable to burst or leaking pipes.

If the temperature is likely to warm quickly overnight, there is the option of waiting for pipes to thaw. However, you need to understand that pipes that alternate between thawing and freezing are likely to get weak over time. As a responsible homeowner, you should stay ahead of this issue by contacting a professional from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, if you identify a leak. Instead of trying to fix this by yourself, our plumbers will help you solve any issues with your pipes to prevent future complications.

Water Line Damage

If your pipes have been repaired from damage, your entire water line could be at risk. Instead of going the DIY way and potentially wasting your time, money, and energy, consider hiring a professional from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Extensive water line damages is an issue that is too big for a DIY project. In this case, contact a certified plumber after discovering massive water line damage. Stay above the problem to prevent extensive future repairs.

Low Water Pressure

This apparently simple problem can create significant issues down the road if not appropriately addressed. We understand that low water pressure is unbearable, especially when your showers are low on water. It takes forever to get your bath ready. This reason makes it tempting to want to fix the problem by yourself. However, there may be many underlying issues causing your low water pressure.

It may be a cracked pipe, hidden leak, or something more complex. Regardless, a professional plumber should handle any plumbing issue affecting your water pressure. Call a professional from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to visit your home. Our plumber will assess the water pressure and determine the best course of action for getting your home’s water pressure to the levels it deserves.

Clearing Pipes with Excessive Use of Drain Cleaner

Clogged drains can really get you worked up for nothing. The need for drain clearing has been on the rise for residents of Cleburne, TX, now more than ever. Commercial drain cleaners can be handy in clearing built-up residue. However, what many people do not understand is that not all clogs need drain cleaner chemicals to fix. Too much drain cleaner can result in weak pipes. The harsh chemicals in these products eat away at both metal and PVC pipes.

Moreover, drain cleaners are not valid everywhere. Most commercial drain cleaners can be used in bathrooms and kitchen sinks. However, toilets can be damaged when the wrong cleaner is used. You can try reading the labels of various cleaners next time or switch to eco-friendly alternatives to prevent these problems.

However, a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is your best bet, if you are living in Cleburne, TX. We understand most of the cleaning chemicals, and we have additional tools to remove the obstruction in your drain without causing any further damage.

Anything at Dangerously High Temperatures

If you find yourself planning to do a job that involves a water heater or any electricity, you need to stop. Take a break, take a breath, and recognize that no amount of savings are worth your health or life. You are not only dealing with hot water, but wrongly installing a heater can lead to large amounts of carbon monoxide streaming into your home. This not only puts your life in danger but that of your family too.

Because of the numerous risks involved in this kind of work, it may actually be illegal for anyone than a licensed plumber to carry out these projects. A certified plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has all the training and experience needed to tackle all these heating projects for you.

Keep in mind regardless of the seeming ease with which you could complete a repair, if anything goes wrong and you require help from insurance to repair the mess, they may deny your claim since you did not have a certified plumber do the work. So play it safe and call a professional plumber.

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If you decide to replace a garbage disposal unit or install a new showerhead, it is doable as long as you have the right equipment and follow instructions. However, if you need a how-to video to fix it, stop and call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We will help you fix anything plumbing related without the worry of future maintenance problems.