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Plumbing Tips | Plumber Arlington

Plumbing Tips | Plumber Arlington

Plumbing Tips | Plumber Arlington

Every home
has simple plumbing problems that the homeowner can correct on their own
without the assistance of a licensed plumber. Preventative maintenance
can prevent a number of the calls to a plumber in Arlington. The
following plumbing tips can take care of simple problems, and help to
prevent others:


·      When low pressure strikes, a clogged
aerator on the end of the sink faucet may be the cause. Unscrew it (if you have
to use a wrench used padding to prevent damage to the finish), and remove. Turn
the water on. If the water flow is low, check the water flow at other faucets.
If the problem is isolated to a single faucet, contact a plumber in
When low water pressure affects all faucets, contact your water
supplier, as they may be providing repair to a water main, affecting your water
supply. If not, contact a plumber in
for leak repair.

·      However, if water flow is normal, and
scale is visible on the aerator, soak it in white vinegar 30 minutes, scrub
with a soft brush, rinse, and repeat if necessary. Otherwise,
reassemble, and screw it back on the faucet.

·      Install a strainer in the sink if possible.
Hair is a common cause of a clogged bathroom sink. If you are unable to install
a strainer, start shaving from a basin, using it to rinse hair from the razor.
Empty the basin outside when done.

·      Remember to check beneath your sink
frequently for signs of leaks. Leaks from the faucet or drain pipe can cause
serious damage to your home. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in
for leak repair.


·      Purchase only stainless steel braided
water supply hoses for the washing machine, the dishwasher, and the
refrigerator’s water supply line. The reliability they provide is well worth
the extra cost, since steel hoses are less likely to leak, and damage your

·      Remember to periodically inspect
appliance hoses, and ensure a tight connection to prevent leakage. When hoses
begin to show signs of wear, or when tightening the connections doesn’t stop
leaks, replace the hose.

·      Turn off the water supply to the washer,
dishwasher, and refrigerator if possible when you will be gone for more than a
day. Consider turning off the hot and cold water valves when you are finished
with the laundry.

·      Purchase a drain pan for your water
heater and washing machine to capture leaks. Drain pans include those that act
as a catch pan and hold a limited amount of water, and those that are attached
to a drain pipe allowing water to drain away, preventing damage from an
overflowing pan.


·      Toilets leaks can drive the water bill
up, potentially without you knowing it is leaking. Place a few drops of food
coloring into the tank and wait half an hour. Check the bowl for any sign of
color. If you find any, water in the toilet tank is leaking into the bowl. This
typically results from a faulty flapper. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington for toilet repair.

·      Remember, never use the toilet as a trash
can. The use of excess toilet paper will cause a temporary clog, but cotton
balls, cotton swabs, tissues, paper towels and napkins, medication, dental
floss, personal and baby wipes, feminine hygiene products of any kind, and
other items can cause a blockage requiring the services of a plumber in

·      Closing the toilet lid when it’s not in
use will prevent objects from falling into the bowl and potentially resulting
in a blockage.

Tub &

·      Install a drain strainer to catch hair.
Like the sink, hair is the primary cause of a clogged drain in the bathroom.

·      Households with hard water will
eventually experience a clogged shower
. Remove the shower head by unscrewing it. If you have to use a wrench,
cushion it to prevent damage to the finish. Soak for 2 hours in vinegar to
loosen the mineral buildup, and scrub with a soft brush to remove residue.
Repeat as necessary. Rinse the shower head and screw back on. For a
non-removable shower head, use a leak free bag secured to the shower head with
a thick rubber band, and enough vinegar to cover the shower head. Scrub with a
soft brush. A straightened paper clip will clear remaining blockage in the sprayer

We hope you found these plumbing tips useful. When you need plumbing repair, plumbing installation or
maintenance, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber
in Arlington.
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