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Reasons Why Delaying a Water Line Repair Can Be Dangerous | Granbury, TX

Reasons Why Delaying a Water Line Repair Can Be Dangerous | Granbury, TX

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Water line leakage is one of the biggest reasons for domestic water wastage in the US. In fact, an average household leak can accumulate up to 10,000 gallons of water every year. On a national level, this figure can add up to trillions of gallons of water wasted every year through leaking pipes. Though the population of Granbury, TX is limited; over time, the depleted infrastructure is one of the major causes of water leaks. Apart from wasting the scarcest resource on Earth, water leaks can seriously damage your property. This is why you immediately need water line repair as soon as you notice a leak.

Indications of Leakage in the Water Line

Most of the time, a water leak is not apparent. This is because most of the water lines are concealed either in the walls, or under the floor. However, a water leak may show some other, more subtle signs which include the following:

  • An increase in water bills
  • A reduction in the water pressure in faucets and shower
  • Wet spots in the backyard
  • Damp floor or sudden growth of molds on the walls and flooring
  • Running water meter even after turning off the water system in the house.

As soon as you notice the above mentioned signs, do not wait. Immediately contact a professional for water line repair in the Granbury, TX area. Some of these signs may be an indication of some under underlying issue but a professional will help you rule out the possibility of a water line leak.

Reasons Why Delaying Water Line Repair Can Be Dangerous

Water wastage is not only an environmental concern, but it can have serious implications on your heath and property as well. Therefore, you must not delay. Here are some of the reasons why delaying a water line repair can be dangerous include the following:

Effects on Health

A water leak can affect the air and water quality that is flowing into your house. Therefore, delaying a water line repair can have serious implications on your health.

Respiratory Issues

Moisture and warmth provide ideal growth conditions for mold and bacteria. A water leak is one of the ways through which moisture can seep into the water or under the floor, thus encouraging the growth of mold. The presence of mold in the house can lead to many health problems. Constant inhalation of molds can result in respiratory issues including allergies and asthma. It can even cause irritation on the skin and in the eyes. If you or family members experience any type of allergies along with the presence of molds in the house, immediately contact a professional.

Other Related Health Issues

Another way through which leaks can affect your health is water. Usually pipes which are worn out are damaged and rusty, and the water flowing into your house travels through the same pipes. Damaged and rusty pipes also encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. Generally, people in the Granbury, TX area consume tap water.  Consumption of water with traces of rust, molds and bacteria can have serious negative effects on your health.

Another reason why delaying a water line repair is dangerous is contamination. The leaks in the pipes do not only allow the water inside the pipes to leak. Instead, it also provides a room for all external elements to flow into the pipe and become a part of the water supply which flows into your home.

Damaged water pipes often allow sewage water to seep into the pipes. This contaminated water can have serious health implications when consumed, such as stomach infections and allergies of skin and eyes.  Therefore damaged pipes are a serious health concern.

Reduction in the Value of the Property

Water line leaks can have an effect on the value of your property. Since most water leaks are not obvious, they can deteriorate the internal condition of your house without being noticed. If you continue to ignore the problem, it might escalate and the water line pipes can even burst. If you are planning to sell your property in this condition, it can drastically reduce its value. No one wants to buy a property with faulty plumbing fixtures and leaking pipes. Apart from reduction in the value, it will also minimize the chances of resale.

Therefore, water line repairshould be a priority. Once the issue escalates and the pipes burst, you will need a more extensive repair and reinstallation of the plumbing fixtures in the house. This can be a major cost. It will not only cost you a huge sum of money but will lead to inconvenience and hassle for your family as well.

If a Water Line Leak is a Concern, Immediately Seek Help!

If you notice any signs of water line leakage, choose the best water line repaircompany in the Granbury, TX area, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We offer all types of plumbing solutions from leaking pipes to leaking faucets. Our trained professionals are always on time so that you can save the most precious natural resource – water. Whether you are a residential customer or a commercial client, we are available 24/7 to help resolve all your plumbing problems. To schedule an appointment or know more about our services, call now at 817-983-7876.