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Reasons You Need a Water Filtration System | Granbury, TX

Reasons You Need a Water Filtration System | Granbury, TX

Residents in Granbury, TX and other surrounding areas have need for a quality water filtration system, and what better place than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing servicing the Granbury, TX area. In fact, with every bit of environmental toxins in water systems worldwide, the filtration system is a necessary tool in providing customers access to safe, clean water for drinking, washing, and cooking.

In fact, the common elements used in the treatment of water can cause damage, if not a serious aftertaste that can prove to be unpleasant in your drinking water supply. This is precisely why a good, quality water filtration system is vital to not only your taste buds but to your overall health.

Ridding your water of chlorine, mercury, natural sediments, and lead just got much simpler with the advent of home and business water filtration systems. In fact, Benjamin Franklin of Granbury, TX and other surrounding areas not only offer one filtration system but many to choose from. In fact, their professional plumbers will make house calls just for you. Upon arrival, they will inspect your home and make an assessment as to which filtration system is right for your home’s system.

Let’s face it. Anywhere you go, you encounter the possibility of somehow consuming pool water, whether it involves the simple, mundane task of hand washing or doing the dishes. If you wouldn’t drink what’s in the public pool at your local park or YMCA branch, then why should your home water filtration system be any different?

So, whether you need filters, specialized kitchen faucets, or a reverse osmosis system, Benjamin Franklin has just what you need. In some cases, you may even be able to opt for an entire purifying system if you wish to extend water purification beyond just drinking and cooking.

For example, if you notice the amount of times you spend taking a shower, you may begin to also notice changes in your hair and skin. If your skin and hair become drier with each wash, then the odds are great that chlorine is a potential culprit. But with a simple filter just for your shower head, the difference could be that your hair is much softer, as is your skin. And with the amount of bathing and laundry that we all do, there is no such thing as being over-filtered.

With reverse osmosis, the plumbing team at Benjamin Franklin can offer the following: comprehensive water testing for lead, chlorine, and mercury levels, water softeners, and replacement water filters when needed. The way that it works is through a specialized system that filter your water through a partially filtered membrane to bring you that clean, pure taste worthy of something from an old-fashioned well. Prior to that, it removes harmful solids and chemicals even after they have dissolved into your tap water. After partial membrane filtration, these harmful contaminants are flushed right back down into the sewer where they belong. The system then finishes the process by polishing the water, where the water itself then becomes thoroughly purified. Perhaps the final touch for your system is that it adds the vitamins and minerals you need for your drinking pleasure, thus making the purchase of bottled water a thing of the past.

You can use this system for your entire house, and you can even check and have the parts of your water filtration system replaced as needed. In fact, with this type of water filtration system comes water softeners, which are designed specifically to filter out the harsh chemicals and elements associated with the bad taste in your water.

Lime build up can also be a direct result of the common chemical toxins found in ordinary tap water, and with the professional installation of an entire filtration system you can avoid the consequences. In fact, lime build up is one of the leading causes that result in major plumbing problems along down the road, and the costs involved in restorative plumbing can be enormous, time-consuming, and very stressful. At times, you may even experience a leaky faucet or a clogged system if enough lime and hard water accrue over time.

Another reason to invest your time and money in a top-notch water filtration system is the reduction of waste from bottled water. In fact, most plastic water bottles are typically nonbiodegradable and can wreak just as much havoc as an unfiltered system. In fact, bottled water has one of the highest acidic contents and could be an active contributor to most intestinal problems down the road.

Benjamin Franklin of Granbury, TX offers the following products just for you customized water filtration system. These include Generic, Tap Master, and Value Line filtration systems. You can even opt for a simple counter top unit or one that has a line which connects through your refrigerator. Other supplies include premium units, canisters, and water pressure tanks, all of which are designed for the unique filtration needs of your home or business.

The professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin know just what you need in terms of a good water purifier. Financing options are available just for those who have the right kind of good credit needed.

And as much as it may seem like small potatoes to some of us, the best water filtration system can help wield out harmful UV rays and soften your water to the point where every day washing is no longer an issue. In fact, you may even save well over hundreds of dollars in expensive skin creams and body lotions. More importantly, that money could be invested elsewhere, or, even better, it could go back into the maintenance and upkeep of your current water purifying system. Who knows, you may even be able to save on conditioning products for your hair.

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing site offers a short, simple form to fill out, along with a number to call for those who have questions. There is also a link to a page titled “Stop Drinking Pool Water,” which explains more about the harmful effects of chlorine consumption.