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Reasons Your Plumbing Pipes May Need a Inspection | Tips from Your Crowley, TX Plumber

Reasons Your Plumbing Pipes May Need a Inspection | Tips from Your Crowley, TX Plumber

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Rusty, old plumbing pipes often tend to be the culprit in most plumbing related issues you come across within your property. The plumbing system is almost always out of your sight, running underneath the flooring or behind the walls, so you cannot see it deteriorating as it ages with the passage of time. The leaks and clogs take an unavoidable toll on the plumbing pipes over the years; therefore, wear and tear is almost a given. The harsh drain cleaners used and the lack of adequate maintenance further add to this saga. So before these pipes give way to the many such factors that contribute to their deterioration over time, it is beneficial to acquire the services of a plumber in the Crowley, TX area to inspect them and provide timely replacement or repair. Let’s go over some of the reasons that could mandate the inspection of the pipes in your plumbing system.

Years of Wear and Tear

This is almost a natural phenomenon. The plumbing system at your house has been working 24/7 for a long time now. As a result, it has been subjected to persistent wear and tear one way or the other. However, we tend to ignore this fact as the plumbing system is away from our sight; running behind the walls or underneath the floors.

Whenever you wash the dishes, take a shower, or use the toilet, these pipes are being put to work as waste and debris travel down their entire length. There are a number of other ways this wear and tear takes place, and all of these reasons mandate that you acquire the services of a professional plumber to look at the condition of your pipes.

Debris Buildup

A number of things flushed down the drain can go on to be a cause of obstruction as they get stuck anywhere along the length of your plumbing pipes. Things such as food waste, hair, shampoos, soap scum or conditioners all have the potential to cause the pipes to clog. Besides obstructing the pipes with clogs, all this debris build-up can also create a constant foul odor that you’ll notice in your bathrooms.

It is important, therefore, that you hire a professional plumber to inspect the plumbing pipes and timely act to rule out any such possibilities.

Invading Tree Roots

Another reason the plumbing pipes may sustain wear and tear over the years is due to the tree roots that can extend into the ground where your pipes are located. You may not want to go near the sewer lines, but they are quite a nutrient-rich attraction for the tree roots as they are brimming with water, nutrients, and oxygen – all of which is food for the trees.

As a result, the tree roots are naturally drawn to your underground sewer pipes. Tree roots can penetrate through the pipes, damaging and leaving cracks in them. This may even cause a sewer backup in your house. Therefore, it necessitates that you acquire the professional services of a plumber for a timely inspection to avoid such a potential mess.


Earthquakes over the years tend to damage the integrity of these pipes. If your property rests on a fault line that has experienced frequent earthquakes, then you need to be extra wary and seek the inspection services of a professional plumber to protect your pipes. When an earthquake strikes, the tectonic plates underneath the ground tend to shift. This causes severe harm to the plumbing and can potentially squash your pipes.

Due to all the above reasons, the pipes are exposed to a high risk of damage or are regularly sustaining wear and tear. The real problem, however, lies with you being unaware of this reality. Since these plumbing pipes are largely away from your sight, you don’t get to realize how they’re exposed to constant wear and tear and heightened risks of damage. It requires a pipe inspection from a professional plumber to spot the damage or hidden issues that the pipes may have so that the best course of action can be taken.

Outdated Plumbing Material Being Used in Most Old Homes

Another reason you should be wary of the condition of your pipes is that most old constructions, especially the ones constructed before 1990, have plumbing material installed that is now outdated. These are outdated building materials that modern constructions will never even think of using. Certain piping materials have been banned since then due to safety concerns. So if you happen to live in such an old construction, that’s all the more reason for you to get a thorough pipe inspection done by a professional plumber in the Crowley, TX area as soon as possible.

Another benefit of getting your pipes checked if you live in an older property is that you’ll be able to spot any leaks or rusted pipes that could be a source of contaminated water. Repairing such pipes will ensure that the water supply in your home doesn’t pose any health risks for your family.


All in all, the above make up the list of reasons why all may not be well with your plumbing pipes, and why you should seek the inspection services of a professional plumber in the Crowley, TX area right away. Remember, spending a bit of money on hiring a professional plumber in the Crowley, TX area now that will go on to making sure that you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on repairs in the future. If you’re ever met plumbing woes or require any other plumbing assistance, try our impeccable Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services.