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Reducing Plumbing Repair Needs with Pets | Fort Worth, TX

Reducing Plumbing Repair Needs with Pets | Fort Worth, TX

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Do you have a pet that’s like part of your family? Maybe you haven’t even realized how they could be a danger to your plumbing, but the truth is there are a number of different things that you need to know about it. Your plumbing is extremely important to your Fort Worth, TX home, and you might be surprised at just how your pet could actually cause even more damage than you might think. So, let’s take a closer look at the things you should be doing with your plumbing to make sure that your pet doesn’t get hurt, and your plumbing doesn’t either.

Keep the Toilet Lid Down

This one isn’t so much about your plumbing, but it’s absolutely essential for the health and safety of your pets. Keeping the toilet lid down keeps your pet from drinking the water. While it’s kind of gross to think about just because it’s toilet water, you may not be thinking about the cleaners that you use in your toilet. If your pet is getting the residual bits of those cleaners when they drink the water out of your toilet it could cause serious health problems.

Watch the Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners aren’t good for your plumbing, but they’re even worse for your pets. You want to make sure that you’re avoiding using them at all if possible. If you absolutely must use them then make sure that you keep them away from your pets. Also, keep the toilet lid closed after you use these cleaners to make sure that your pets aren’t ingesting even small amounts of them. You want to keep them far away from anyone or anything that could be injured (which includes your small children as well).

Keep Your Pipes Covered

If you have pipes anywhere in your house or outside your house that are exposed you should make sure that they are covered in any way you can. You definitely don’t want your pets sitting or climbing on these pipes and you don’t want them chewing on them either. Pets chewing on your pipes could cause them injury and it could also cause damage to your pipes that results in expensive plumbing repair. If you keep them covered then your pets aren’t going to have the same opportunity to chew.

Keep the Digging to a Minimum

You have pipes running through your yard as well as through your house. So, when your dog is digging in the backyard it’s entirely possible that they could get down to a pipe that they shouldn’t be near. If they do, they could break the pipe, chew on it or otherwise cause damage that is only going to make things harder on you. And that’s going to be a big plumbing repair. Not to mention your dog could be injured in the process of digging or chewing on that pipe. So now you also have vet bills to pay for.

Clean Your Pets Outdoors

When your pets get dirty it’s a common practice to bring them inside to a dog washing station or to a shower or tub. Many pet owners use their own shower to hose off their dog when they get dirty. Unfortunately, giving your dog a bath in the house can cause mud and other debris to go down your drain, where it can get clogged. Bits of fur can also get stuck in your drains when you do this. As a result, it’s better to clean your dog outdoors as much as possible, and cut down on the plumbing repair.

Put in a Drain Stopper

If you have to clean your pet inside the house and you want to make sure you’re also protecting your plumbing make sure that you are putting a drain stopper down in the tub before you start the bath. This makes sure that none of that fur or larger debris can get down the drain when you’re ready to wash them up. This is definitely going to save you money on plumbing repair in the long run, even though you will need to clean out the tub yourself.

Don’t Flush Pet Waste

Flushing pet waste and cat litter is extremely bad for your pipes and your septic system. It’s also dangerous for the water system if you’re connected to any kind of city water. You want to dispose of these materials in the trash rather than in the toilet. Because there are a number of different bacteria that your pet may have it’s dangerous for others for that pet waste to get into the water system. You may not even know that there’s a problem, until it turns into a much bigger problem down the road.

The best thing you can do is keep your pets away from your plumbing as much as possible. Keep pet hair and other debris from your pets from getting into sinks, tubs and shower drains. Make sure that they can’t get to any of the pipes or the cleaners that you use when you’re trying to take care of your plumbing. You can absolutely reduce the need for plumbing repair in Fort Worth, TX if you’re careful about how you treat your pipes and you’re careful about keeping an eye on your pets at the same time. It’s all about making sure everyone in your household is safe.

When it comes to plumbing repair just make sure that you know who you need to call when there is a problem. Whether it’s your pets getting into something they shouldn’t, or anything else at all, you can absolutely make a difference and help keep your household running right. And with the right plumbing repair team from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX you’re going to have no problem keeping up with everything that’s going on in and around your home.