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Signs that Show it’s Time to Hire a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a Bathtub Replacement

Signs that Show it’s Time to Hire a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a Bathtub Replacement

If you enjoy soaking yourself in warm water resting peacefully in your bathtub while a soothing music echoes in your candle lit bathroom, then the last thing you would want is to find out is that your bathtub is no more functional and you can’t enjoy all that anymore. Instead of depriving yourself from this luxury, it’s important get it inspected routinely by a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to make sure that it remains functional.

Though getting your bathtub repaired and fixed is a cheaper alternative than replacing it with a new one, but when if repairs are needed frequently and repeatedly, then bathtub replacement makes senses.  In today’s post we’ll walk you through the signs that show it’s time to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a bathtub replacement.

Sign#1— Cosmetic Defects

A luxurious and stylish bathtub also improves the aesthetics of your bathroom and adds to your home value. However, cosmetic defects like cracks, stains, warping and dents in your bathtub can lower both its performance and visual appeal. It may become potentially difficult to enjoy a relaxing bath time in your tub if it is badly stained. Besides this, stains and cracks can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, thus harmful for your health. In such a situation it is best to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX and get your defected and stained bathtub replaced with a new one.

Sign#2— Continuous Water Leakage

The most important function of a bathtub is to hold water inside it. Does your tub holds water well or do you notice water puddles on the bathroom floor when using your bathtub? If yes, there your bathtub is probably leaking. Water leakage from the tub usually occurs when there is a crack in the basin or the pipes.

Unfortunately, water leakage is the worst problem and a surefire sign that it’s time to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a bathtub replacement.

Where many homeowners resort to repairs instead of a replacement, what they fail to realize is that water leakage from bathtubs worsens with time. This is because leaks don’t go away even when fixed. Though a repairing job will fix it temporarily, leaks will open up again over time. If you think about it, repeated repairs will cost you more than a replacement.

Sign#3— Mold and Mildew Growth

It’s time to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a bathtub replacement if you’re current tub has become a breeding ground for mold and mildew growth. Not only does mildew and mold growth look unappealing but can be detrimental for your health too.  Mildew and mold can trigger serious health problems like allergies, respiratory problems and even nervous system disorders.

Mildew and mold grows mostly in bathroom and bathtubs because there is a lot of humidity and water there. If the water is not dried out properly and bathrooms are not well-ventilated, humidity and moisture leads to mold growth. Also, grime from soap scum and body oils that stick to the bathtub serve as a food source of mildew and mold, and they continue to feed on them.

Although cleaning and scrubbing your bathtub can help remove mold but it will grow back eventually. To avoid this and to ensure that mildew and mold growth doesn’t affect your health, its best to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for a bathtub replacement job.

When replacing your make sure to get a bathtub that is reinforced with the latest technology, Microban protection. Microban technology is built in with anti bacterial protection. It provides bathtubs with added protection against microbes like mold, mildew and bacteria which can cause product deterioration and cross contamination.

Sign#4— It Doesn’t Fit Your Bathroom Décor

Sometimes you may have to consider a bathtub replacement and call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for the job if the current bathtub doesn’t compliment or fits with your updated bathroom décor like tiles, and fixtures. When replacing your current tub with a new one it is important that you select a bathtub that matches with and accentuates your new bathroom space, seamlessly. Remember that, such a replacement should be considered as an investment, especially if you have plans to sell of your home in a few months. If you have a luxurious and stylish bathroom, it can add to your home’s value and fetch you a good sales price.

Plumber in Fort Worth, TX—Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Bathtub Replacements

If you can notice any of the signs discussed above, then call a professional and an experienced plumber in Fort Worth, TX to inspect your bathtub.  Get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a trusted and a BBB accredited company with A+ rating. The company specializes in bathtub replacement jobs. They have a team of experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable plumbers who can inspect your bathtub and provide you with the best solution to your full satisfaction. The company offers plumbing services to both commercial and residential owners in and across Fort Worth, Texas. Their strong commitment towards customers, service integrity and dedication to delivering the best solutions to every client has earned them a stellar market reputation and made them the go-to plumbers in town. Besides offering bathtub replacements, they also specialize in kitchen sink replacement, drain cleaning, water filtration system installation, well repairs, pipe breaks and garbage disposal repairs.

If you have any issues with your bathtub, simply get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing now. They will immediately send over an experienced plumber in Fort Worth, TX to your home.