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Signs You Need a Professional Plumber | Arlington, TX

Signs You Need a Professional Plumber | Arlington, TX

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Plumbing problems may seem like a quick fix, but you might end up creating more problems in the long run if you decide to DIY. A professional plumbing maestro is in a better position to handle plumbing repairs since it is a daunting task for anyone without experience. Ignoring plumbing issues in your Arlington, TX, home can wreak havoc on your day to day life, and you may end up spending thousands of dollars trying to resolve the issue. There are many problems that homeowners mistake as minor, for instance, leaking faucets or blocked drains. And while plumbing systems are not in the open, arising issues might be subtle at the beginning.

It is advisable to schedule regular professional plumbing services from an expert plumber to identify and fix any underlying issues. If your plumbing system fails you in between the maintenance appointments, you can detect the problem and have a professional fix it. Otherwise, you ought to familiarize yourself with basic warning signs that may be an indication that your plumbing system is in trouble. Below are some of the signals that should trigger the need for professional plumbing services.

Low water pressure

A drastic drop in water pressure is an indication that your plumbing system has some underlying problems. Low water pressure can result from the main shut off valve being halfway open. Get a professional to have a look at the valve and fully open it if it is locked. The water meter valve could also be halfway open hence messing with the water pressure. The valve belongs to the water supply company, so only a professional can or should check it out. Some are also quite difficult to reach since they are underground. If you have had some plumbing work done on your home recently, get your local Arlington, TX, plumber to scrutinize the meter valve.

The pressure regulator could also be failing, which interferes with the water pressure. Its work is to adjust the water pressure from the water supply line to a level that is safe for your pipes. A seasoned plumber will use a water pressure gauge to analyze the water pressure, and a low reading is a red flag that something is wrong. Another culprit could be the severely clogged plumbing pipes, and you should keep in mind that even the slightest clog can impact your water pressure. Since a blockage may be anywhere behind the walls, this is one of those times you ought to contact an expert.

Corroded pipes can also negatively affect water pressure. Most plumbing pipe material is from galvanized steel that tends to have an expiry period. The possibility of your water pipes corroding sooner increases if your house is older. Adding extra fixtures in an already complete home increases your pipes’ chances of wearing away since they are working overtime. When adding more plumbing apparatus, it is vital to enlarge the branch lines of your piping. For more on low water pressure causes and solutions, it’s time to turn to your local professional in Arlington, TX.

A drastic rise in utility bills

It will suit you to keep a close eye on your water bills every month in case they begin to increase unexpectedly. The most common cause of rising water bills is leakage from dripping faucets. According to recent studies, a faucet drip can waste up to 20 gallons of water daily. Unseen or unfixed leaks tend to waste lots of water if not repaired on time. A simple visual check on your showerheads and faucets is all it takes to identify any leaks.

Another way of identifying leaks is when you hear a hissing sound signaling that water is running from the tank to the toilet. Underground leaks can be hard to detect on your own, and this is where a professional plumber comes in. A broken water meter might also cause an increase in your utility bills. A homeowner should have regular maintenance services from a professional to detect leaks and fix them promptly.

In recent years, there has been efficiency improvement on various water fixtures, including low-flow water-saving toilets, advanced showerheads, and new-model aerators for faucets. Most of these appliances rarely have problems so you can have an assurance of no future leaks. However, outdated fixtures tend to use up more water than expected. You have cause to worry if your house is stuck with old appliances, and it’s time to call your plumber for an upgrade.

Foul smell

It can be hard to diagnose the origin of the foul smell in your residence, so why not hire a professional plumber to help you out? An odor such as sewage smell is an indication that there’s a problem with your sewer system, and that can be hazardous to your health. If untreated, sewage backup gases can emit high amounts of methane into your home and cause a safety hazard. A smelly shower drain can result from biofilm accumulation that settles along the P-trap and vertical pipes that run underneath your shower. The build-up of dead skin and hair is known as biofilm, and it is what begins to release a sewage smell from bacteria and decomposing debris. You ought to hire a professional plumber to fix the issues and remove the clogging that is feeding the bacteria in the drain.

A dry p-trap is another cause of sewer gas smell in the house. It is supposed to hold enough water to prevent gas and odor from the sewer from creeping up the drain. Improperly installed vent pipes can also cause the toilets to emit a foul smell. Since vent pipes should regulate air pressure in the plumbing system, poorly installed pipes redirect odor into your bathroom. Vents can develop leaks as well, which may allow the bad smell to spill into your home. Whether the culprit is improper installation or a leakage, an experienced plumber can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it or reinstall a new pipe.

Toilets are another common cause of the foul smell. A broken or loose toilet seal can allow sewer gases to enter your bathroom. An indicator of a broken seal is if the toilet bowl does not fill up as usual. The dirty water ends up pooling around the toilet, attracting bacteria that ends up producing a stench. Regardless of the cause of the foul smell in your home, seek professional plumbing services!

Gurgling sounds

Gurgling noises from various areas of your home’s plumbing system can stem from a blockage in a drain or sewer line. Blocked drainage can bring about lots of problems, including backups. Proper drain cleaning will usually perform the trick of clearing out the issue, and a certified plumber will utilize commercial-grade drain cleaning tools to knock out any obstruction in the lines.

Vent issues can also produce gurgling noises. Plumbing systems need sufficient air movement to push wastewater down the supply line. When vent problems prevent the water from passing through due to inadequate air movement, gurgling sounds are the result. At this point, the next course of action should be lengthening or replacing the existing vents. Other than the noise, vent problems result in improper drainage.

As a homeowner in Arlington, TX, you should be keen to notice any weird noises from multiple plumbing fixtures. That may allude that your sewer line is severely clogged, and there may be the possibility of a possible sewage backup and subsequent disease infestation. The ideal thing to do is hire a local plumber to take care of the problem and ensure your home is habitable.

Frozen pipes

Pipes tend to freeze up during winter, expand, and crack. Plastic pipes are the most affected since they are more likely to break under too much pressure. When buying a home, have an experienced plumber inspect the plumbing system to determine the material used to build the pipes. Also, it would be wise to have the entire plumbing system replaced with copper pipes that tend to have a longer life span.

The first symptom of a frozen pipe is no water coming from the faucets when you turn on the water. A plumber can safely thaw the pipes or apply heat to the sections of the water pipes that are frozen. Also, be on the lookout for any cracks in your walls that may eventually affect the pipes. The plumbing service provider can professionally seal the wall cracks around the utility lines.

Another thing to have in mind is pipe insulation to avert freezing. Let your plumber insulate your pipes before winter strikes to prevent them from severely freezing up. In case it is too late to embark on the process, the plumber can get the water moving. And sometimes, pipes damaged by freezing water tend to be destroyed beyond repair, so you may have to schedule a replacement appointment to install an entirely new plumbing system.

No hot water

Hot water is essential, especially during the cold winter season. A lack of hot water supply may arise from a broken dip tube. A dip tube allows cold water to enter the water heater to the bottom of the tank during heating. In case it is faulty, the cold water may remain at the top of the tank, and the hot water outlet releases cold water. Sediments building up at the bottom of the tank can also limit the supply of hot water since that is where the burner is situated. That results in a gradual reduction in heating efficiency, making the water heater work harder. Having a professional plumber flash the tank regularly prevents sediment build-up.

The heating system could also be malfunctioning, with top culprits including the thermal switch, thermostat, and heating element. An expert will be able to inspect the water heater and repair any underlying issues. Additionally, the tank could be undersized, making it difficult for it to keep up with the demand needs. Faulty heating elements also affect the supply of hot water. It is critical to replace your water heater after every few years to ensure you never run out of hot water.

Hot water problems can be due to simple issues such as loose connections or more complex complications such as faulty appliances. Consider letting the experts examine your system and provide a proper fix. That way, you can be sure to get a lasting solution and avoid frequent repairs.

An overflowing toilet

Sometimes, a toilet overflow can be a small issue to address, and other times the root cause may be indirect. In case you notice a toilet overflow, your local plumber in Arlington, TX, can shut off the water supply from beneath the bowl at the back or on the left-hand side. If the toilet mostly overflows whenever you flash, this is an indication that you are experiencing a blockage. Some homeowners tend to take care of a clog with a plunger, but in some cases, it may not be that easy. A blocked vent could also contribute to the blockage issue since it stops the draining process or facilitates slow drainage. Also, you may notice bubbling sounds or a foul smell immediately after you flush the toilet, even though it does not overflow. A blocked vent can create suction that might damage your pipes.

A clogged sewer line can also cause toilet blockage, and a common cause is a blockage from the roots of trees in your backyard. In case you notice a tree growing close to your sewer system, get an expert to advise you on how to handle the matter. Sewage issues can also arise from people flashing items such as feminine products and wipes that clog the pipes with time. Cleaning products advertised as flushable may not break down as required, which ends up blocking the sewer pipes. If the sewage doesn’t drain well, it finds its way back into your home, usually through the basement toilet. A full septic tank may also cause your toilet to overflow if not drained on time.

Always schedule regular maintenance for your septic system. Your plumber can drain it and ensure the waste disposal channel is functional. And with that comes the relief of having a habitable home.

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