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Situations That Only Your Plumber Can Resolve | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Situations That Only Your Plumber Can Resolve | Plumber in Arlington, TX

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Whether you’ve learned it by online DIYs or as a kid watching the adults in your life, you must have some knowledge on the most common plumbing problems. You know your way around them and that’s why you can easily fix a lot of plumbing issues on your own.

Despite that, plumbing in Arlington, TX is not going out of business anytime soon. Because there will be times when you might want to get help of a plumber in Arlington, TX instead of attempting it to resolve it by yourself. We’ll help you figure out when you should make the call.

A Sudden Water Supply Line Leak

You know that a plumber’s visit is unavoidable when the water line bursts and leaves your house flooded. Its not very likely to happen but can occur at times. In case it does, you must be quick to take action.

For you to be prepared for such situations, you this is what you need to do. Try to find one of the intermediary water supply cut-off valves which is situated close to the leak. What you’re looking for is a knife- or knob-style cut-off valve, this would ensure that the rest of place still gets water by cutting down the water supply only to the leak. If you’re unable to trace it down, look for the main water shut-off valve to your place and shut it down. Once you’ve done that, look for a plumber who’s good with water line repair in Arlington, TX.

There’s No Water at Your Place

If the water isn’t flowing within your pipes, it’s possible that it might be confined to a single point, like the kitchen sink or the bathroom shower. Its unusual that the water would stop flowing to the whole house.

Firstly, check each of the water outlets in your place to verify that neither of them is getting water. Don’t forget to check on both the cold and hot water supplies. You might observe that the cold side is still functional but hot water isn’t being supplied. If this happens, you need to contact a plumber for water heater repair service in Arlington, TX, so they can fix the issue for you.

However, there might be a big problem if you’re still unable to get the water running. There’s a chance that the underground water pipe connecting the road side water meter to your place has become detached or has blown up. There’s also a likelihood that water is being diverted away from your house or the leakage is centered round the water meter. Let a plumber in Arlington, TX assist you to get rid of this problem.

An Abrupt Leakage of the Drainage Line

Its quite common for the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink to leak from the trap placed right below the counter. We’re certain that you’re equipped with the tools and materials needed and can fix it all by yourself. You just need to close down the water, go under the sink, and substitute the trap with a new one. The leak might be originating from the garbage disposal in case the kitchen sink is leaking. When this happens you either need to repair or replace the garbage disposal.

At times the drainage lines aren’t reachable because they spread-out above and beyond the sink cabinets. If the drainage line is rapidly leaking and is confined behind the walls or beneath the floor, prompt action is required from your side. You surely don’t want the paint, drywall, floor covering, or subfloor to get damaged. So, it’ll be a good idea to reach out to a plumber in Arlington, TX.

Leakage in the Sewage Line or Gaseous Odors

When you notice pools of smelly, murky water being collected or your backyard soil getting mushy, this could be an indication of a cracked or blocked sewage line. This might also result in toilets filing up when you use the sink or bathtubs filling with dirty water. Just dig up the sewage line, find out where the pipe is cracked or clogged, and then mend or change it. Doing it by yourself is difficult and would consume a lot of your time.

You need to contact a plumber in Arlington, TX at the earliest as this pipe carries out the wastewater. Without it being functional, everything would come to a halt.

That’s why is necessary you call a plumber in Arlington, TX for repair. The plumbing company will be able to do a sewage line video inspection using the sewage line clean-out entry point. Drilling down the sewage line with a motorized drain snake might resolve the issue. If the condition is irreparable, it should be dug up or replaced.

Natural Gas Leaking from the Water Heater

An unlit stove that’s left turned on might be the reason why you’re smelling natural gas at your place. In case you’re unable to find the source or can’t turn it off despite finding it, quickly open the doors and windows to let the gas out. It’s better to contact a plumber for gas line repair servicesin Arlington, TX if you detect gas odor close to the gas meter.

A gas water heater might be the cause of gas leak at times. New water heater model’s thermocouple is heated by pilot light. This indicates normal conditions to the heater, allowing gas flow. When the pilot light extinguishes, the thermocouple blocks the gas, preventing a gas build up.

This means that smelling gas around the water heater area is an alarming situation. Either the thermocouple is malfunction or there’s a leak in the pipes connected to the heater. The leaks could be in the couplings or the pipe itself. Let a professional handle the situation for you.


So, if you find yourself stuck in any of these situations, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arlington to get the rid of the problem.