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Six Signs Indicating That You Need Water Heater Repairs in Pantego, TX

Six Signs Indicating That You Need Water Heater Repairs in Pantego, TX

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It’s easy for us to take our water heaters for granted, as we simply expect hot water when needed. They indeed make our lives much more comfortable. However, the thought of repairing them may not cross your mind until it stops working all of a sudden.

To avoid sudden failures and bigger problems, it is imperative to have regular maintenance to minimize water heater repairs in Pantego, TX. Having frequent professional inspections and getting repairs done on time can help you save money and avoid inconvenience.

Water heaters are prone to develop problems because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, hot water tends to speed up corrosion which can lead to rusty water and leakages. Secondly, the quality of water also affects the lifespan of water heaters negatively. No matter where you have installed the unit, professional water heater repairs in Pantego, TX are required both domestically and commercially.

In the sections below, we have explained some of the signs that help you know when you should get water heater repairs in Pantego, TX. Resolving the problems timely can save you from bigger problems. Let’s have a look at the indicators.

1.   Fluctuation in the Water Heater Operations

When you stop having any hot water at all it means that your water heater has failed completely. But if you see a fluctuation in the operations and have disruptions in hot water supply, it means it is time for water heater repairs in Pantego, TX. Addressing them right away can help you curtail bigger problems from happening.

Fluctuation in the water temperature is a strong sign indicating that something is wrong with your water heater. There is a high possibility that mineral deposits have build up around your water heater and is curbing the efficiency of the heater. If you don’t get the required water heater repairs in Pantego, TX, you will have to replace the unit entirely.

2.   Change in the Water Pressure

The second sign to look out for is the water pressure. Usually, when mineral deposits tend to build in the water heater, they can start blocking the pipes. Resultantly, the pressure of water passing through the pipes is affected.

Getting timely water heater repairs in Pantego, TX can help you save from bigger problems such as pipe leaks and bursts. If you notice a change in the water pressure, it means the efficiency of your water heater is decreasing and if you don’t get the repairs, you will not only have to deal with higher energy and water bills but will also have to encounter bigger financial setbacks.

Besides mineral build up, other elements that can affect the water pressure is the poor design of the water heater and twisted water pipes.

3.   The Age of Your Heater

The average life of a water heater is 10 years. If your unit is older than a decade, it will need significant attention if you want to keep it efficiently functioning. Your unit may live up to 15 years but that’s only possible if you are vigilant about its maintenance.

Have a professional of water heater repairs in Pantego, TX look at your unit to determine the exact age of the unit and its operational status.

4.   Leakage in the Water Heater

Plumbing system makes an integral part of your house. Since it is not as much visible to you, it is easier to not inspect it as keenly. As a result, several problems can start building without your notice. This ultimately calls for frequent inspection and maintenance from the professionals.

Water heater requires professional attention for regular examination in order to determine that the unit is functioning appropriately and there aren’t any leaks.

If you see water standing near your unit, it means it is time for water heater repairs in Pantego, TXYou need to call professionals to quickly scan the heater for you and determine if the unit is functioning appropriately.

5.   The Difference in the Taste of Water

Pure water has to be tasteless, colorless and odorless. If you see any change in the color or feel a metallic taste in the water coming from the plumbing lines, it means you have a plumbing problem. When hot water passes through your pipes, it tends to speed up the corrosion process.

So, if you see brown water coming out of your hot water taps, it means that the problem is building in your heater. Before the corrosion damages your unit any further, you should call professionals for water heater repairs in Pantego, TX. They can help you resolve the problem so that you don’t have to suffer the unit fails completely and have to endure the expense of replacing it.

Sometimes, you can also have cloudy or strange smelling water coming out of faucets. This can be due to the mineral build-ups in the water tank. To resolve the issue, you need to get the help of the professionals.

6.   Strange Sounds Coming Out of the Unit

When your unit is functioning, it is completely normal for it to produce some sound. But if you hear louder and unusual noises coming out of the system such as banging or popping sounds, it means you need to get water heater repairs in Pantego, TX right away. These sounds can be due to overheating or excessive mineral buildup. In either case, having a professional plumber on board can help you look into the core cause of the problem and resolve it appropriately.

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