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The Plumber: Keeping Homes Clean and Flushing | Lake Worth, TX

The Plumber: Keeping Homes Clean and Flushing | Lake Worth, TX

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Lake Worth, TX is a unique place to call home. The little town has less than 5000 residents with the majority being young families. It’s a town bursting with affordable places to live, relatively low property taxes, and excellent freeway access. Lake Worth, TX welcomes entrepreneurs and supports business owners offering them high foot and vehicle traffic rates.

Lake Worth, TX has evolved from a haven for gangsters like the infamous Benny Binion and has been the crime scene for the murders of gamblers like Edell Evans and Herbert Noble.

The town, particularly Jacksboro Highway, was the city’s ‘Hell’s Half Acre.’ Boozy saloons, hidden gambling dens, and a thriving red-light district were all along the road in Lake Worth, TX at the turn of the 19th century.

The authorities often ignored the criminal activity in Lake Worth, TX rather than hurt the booming business that financed most of the town’s activities.

Today, Lake Worth, TX still has its vices, but thankfully backroom saloons and prostitution are less common in the area. Community members prefer to protect the environment and pitch-in every year for the annual spring clean-up. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX is proud to be the most trusted plumber in the area. We’re the plumber who keeps it clean and flushing!

A Specialist Plumber

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area has loads of cultural attractions like the Kimball Art Museum with an extraordinary collection of 350 pieces including the only Michelangelo on exhibit in the United States.

The remarkable architecture designed by Louis Kahn is as much an artwork as the collection. There are pieces by Caravaggio, Rubens, Cezanne, and Picasso. For the history buffs, there are antiquities from Cambodia, Tibet, Ancient Egypt, and Pre Columbian artifacts.

The nearby Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Amon Carter Museum draw tourists to Dallas from all over the globe. Nature lovers are spoiled for choice with the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Greer Island Nature Center and Refuge conveniently nearby with loads of other wild spaces to explore.

Our little town is close enough to the excitement of urban Dallas without the traffic and smog. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is delighted to be the most trusted plumber within the suburb.

The team at Benjamin Franklin understands the complications that come with leasing your natural gas rights as an easy way to boost their income. Fracking technology has given the nation access to a much-needed resource but can cause serious plumbing issues. Many fracking customers have their plumber on speed dial.

The expertly-trained plumber periodically renews their skills to stay current with the evolving plumbing industry. New methods of leak detection and pipe repair have become the standard due to Benjamin Franklin’s investment in the expertise of all of our plumber and assistant team members. We demand that our community enjoys comfortable plumbing and clean sanitation services.

10 Red Flags Indicating It Is Time to Call a Plumber

Calling a professional plumber for a repair is typically an unexpected cost. Many young families struggle when these situations arise. However, there’s a line you shouldn’t cross as a part-time handy person if you don’t want to potentially cause more work for your paid plumber.

  1. Unusual Sounds Emanating from the Pipes and Drains: Most appliances and household utilities emit groans and clangs from time to time. But if you’re turning on the faucet only to hear it grumble in protest, then chances are it’s time to call a professional plumber.
  2. There isn’t any Hot Water: Waking up on a Monday morning is difficult enough without skipping a hot shower. If you don’t have access to hot water then it might indicate your hot water heater is faulty or it might be a more complex issue to discuss with your plumber.
  3. Slowly Emptying Drains: It doesn’t hurt to drag out the plunger and put some elbow grease into emptying your sink or drains, but if you find the problem never really gets resolved then it may mean the pipes in your walls and under your feet might be clogged.
  4. Weak Water Pressure: Spending half an hour washing the shampoo from your hair is a pain in the backside. Weak water pressure can quickly cause a traffic jam when it concerns the family bathroom. Weak or non-existent water pressure may mean the faucet’s aerator is clogged or faulty. Do not attempt to unclog the aerator, poking around with your plumbing might cause damage to your pipes.
  5. New Appliance Installation: Take a word of caution from our team if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, trust a professional plumber to install your new appliances. Technology changes every day and the crucial utilities we depend on like the toilet, sinks, showers, and tubs are changing too. If you’re investing in modern amenities consult an expert before digging up the tile floors. Installation of state-of-the-art facilities can be much more complex than you think it will be.
  6. The Toilet is a Track and Field Star because it won’t Stop Running: An easy way to radically hike up your water bill to an unreasonable rate is to ignore a running toilet or leaky faucet. There’s an important seal that’s connected to the toilet bowl. If the seal is broken, even minimally, it can cause the tank to refill again and again. It’s an easy thing to overlook considering it’s a quiet process but your water rates will reflect the disrepair.
  7. Icky Backflow: Chances are you’ve invested considerable amounts of money and time installing and maintaining your wood or carpeted floors. Watching sewage gurgle up from toilets, tub drains, and sinks are a real threat to the integrity of your home’s flooring. When water pressure drops it causes the water to invert its regular downward flow causing nasty gunk to come up from the sewer. A plumber can turn off the main water valve and explore the issue safely.
  8. A Wet Basement: There are many different types of basements found in homes all over the metro area. During the rainier winters in Texas, many basements can become damp from the weather. However, if you notice a persistently damp atmosphere in your basement it may mean your insulation was properly installed, or it could be leaky pipes. Don’t delay if you suspect a burst pipe or leak, a plumber will be able to find the source of the leak and advise you on how to repair it.
  9. Unusual Smells like Rotten Eggs Coming from Sinks and Showers: A rotten egg smell is a signal you shouldn’t ignore. It may be gas from underground or an indication the sewage system isn’t functioning correctly. The safety issues surrounding fracking in the region represent a real threat when it comes to safety. The businesses extracting the gas have given safety guidelines and these must be adhered to. If you suspect the smell is gas contact a specialty plumber immediately.
  10. Yellow or Brown Spots on the Ceiling, Walls or Floors: Most of your plumbing is located inside the walls and underneath your home. Areas most at risk of water damage from leaks are rooms beneath bathrooms, kitchens, and utility spaces. These leaks represent pools of water sprung from burst or leaking pipes inside the walls. Damage to your home’s structure can be greatly impacted by the presence of these broken pipes. An experienced plumber can identify the source of the problem with minimal damage to your home. Don’t put off getting these leaks seen to, it will only get worse.

Customer Testimonials

“Please forgive the long length of my review, but I’m writing in hopes of helping other people in our community who might be experiencing a similar problem with their plumbing.

The issues began about a year and a half ago. At first, the water pressure in our downstairs bathroom vanished. I listened to my eldest son complain about it for a few weeks before I put it on my to-do list. I forgot about it until the upstairs bathroom tub’s faucet stopped producing hot water.

We called a plumber our family has relied on for a decade. He fixed the water pressure and improved the tepid shower upstairs but it didn’t last for long. He came back out to our house but within a few days of the repairs, the symptoms began popping up again.

Our regular plumber theorized that tree roots had wrapped around our pipes underneath our house and suggested we call a specialist. We did hire a specialist who we paid $300 to tell us it wasn’t tree roots, but he couldn’t explain what was wrong with our plumbing.

My husband starting talking to members of our church about our plumbing mystery and that’s the first time we heard about Benjamin Franklin’s exceptional team and their services. I was surprised by the expertise of the receptionist. She seemed to understand our problem from the moment she picked up the phone.

We called them to explain the complexity of our situation and the kind lady who answered our call scheduled a technician to complete an estimate for the job. When the tradesman turned up, he came prepared with a truck full of heavy-duty tools to do battle with our plumbing.

Less than an hour later, he returned to us with a smile on his face and took us upstairs to demonstrate the fruit of his labor. The water was steaming hot with stronger water pressure than we’d ever enjoyed before.

The problem he discovered was a big, fat rat snake who’d taken to living in the warm pipes! The poor creature had died and was blocking the water flow to our bathroom pipes! I’m not sure why our old plumbing man didn’t find the snake, but Benjamin Franklin’s prompt and affordable solution to our woes have made us loyal and lifelong customers. If you’ve got a snake in your drains or need your drains snaked call Ben Franklin ASAP! Or you may find a slithering guest in your house!”

  • Marianne Godclaussen, College Park, November 2019

“I spend a lot of time traveling for work and I can’t mess around when there’s a problem needing my attention at home. A few weeks ago, my toilet got backed up and I was due to fly to Great Britain the next morning. I needed a quick solution! I called Benjamin Franklin and they fixed it that evening. An emergency call was a lot more affordable than I expected. It was certainly cheaper than rebooking another flight!!!”

  • Ted Wiggins, South Palm Park, January 2020

Plumbing Emergencies

Problems don’t always happen at convenient times. The worst plumbing issues typically occur when the system is under different forms of stress like too many users placing stress on the system.

Festive holiday parties are prime opportunities for your plumbing to go haywire. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX understands that crises are often unexpected, and under-saved for.

Our team are your neighbors, friends, and fellow church members who value and love their community as much as you do. We understand the value of loyalty and honor that commitment when our community chooses to make us their trusted choice for plumbing services and care. We will be there for you during national holidays, popular vacation times, and every day of the year.

All our technicians are NATE-certified and submit to a thorough background check. Unfortunately, the days of leaving your door unlocked and inviting strangers into your home have passed in Texas.

We only hire people we’d let stay with us in our homes. Trusting any service professional is taking a risk in this modern life. We value the safety and comfort of our community and so does our hardworking team. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, Texas put in the extra effort to ensure your confidence in welcoming our experts into your home.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re experiencing any disruptions or trouble with your plumbing. We’ll get it fixed promptly, so you can get back to your healthy, happy family routine.