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The Plumbing Service Professional’s Buying Guide for Toilets | Granbury, TX

The Plumbing Service Professional’s Buying Guide for Toilets | Granbury, TX

For some Granbury, TX homeowners who are looking to renovate their homes or replace their toilet, you may find it helpful to look at this guide for the things a buyer look for in a toilet. Everything from the construction, to the many available gadgets on the market contribute to a bathroom experience some homeowners want to preserve in renovating their bathroom, others value lower cost, and others still want better aesthetics for their bathroom. Whatever a buyer looks for in a toilet, this guide will seek to answer some of the questions they might have on the pros and cons of different toilets from a plumbing service professional’s perspective.

Two-Piece Toilets

One of the most common types of toilets plumbing service professionals deal with is the two-piece toilet. The two pieces in this case are the bowl and the cistern or water tank are separated from each other. One of the things that make the two-piece toilet so popular is its simplicity of design makes it easy to maintain and repair for plumbers, hardly anything breaks on a two-piece toilet that doesn’t wear out over time normally. The separation of bowl and tank also allows for a higher volume of water for higher flow toilets, which is perfect for a high use toilet.

One-Piece Toilets

While some Granbury, TX residents may find a one-piece toilet strange in design, it has its advantages over the more common two-piece toilet. For one thing, toilet is all connected, from the bowl to the tank, it’s one solid piece of ceramic, so it’s easier to clean without the crevice between the two. The singular construction also makes it easier to install for plumbing service professionals, making it perfect for new plumbing installations. One downside to the one-piece toilet is repairing it can be difficult if it isn’t just a single part failing. They can also be a bit on the pricier side, but for its ease of installation many home owners consider the cost worth it.

Macerating (or Up flush) Toilets

Macerating toilets are tricky to work with, but have major benefits for certain home owners. The way a normal toilet works is it sends waste through a trap, into a waste line, and onto the main drain line to the septic tank. For some home owners, however you may find adding a new bathroom to their home can be impossible without a major plumbing renovation due to the simple issue of distance from your main drain line. A macerating toilet on the other hand uses high powered blades that blend the waste and a pump to manually send the waste from the toilet to the home septic tank or sewer line. This has the benefit of being installed in places where a toilet couldn’t otherwise be installed, but shouldn’t be necessary in a bathroom that can just use a normal flushing toilet. A macerating toilet can be expensive to install and maintain for plumbing service professionals, but again, if the alternative is major plumbing renovation, a macerating toilet may be better.

Wall Mounted Toilets 

Sometimes it’s strange walking into a bathroom and not seeing a toilet, this can be the case for some European homes that separate the two. For other homeowners it’s even stranger seeing a toilet without the water tank, and it’s just a bowl jutting out from the wall. A wall mounted toilet hides the water tank behind the wall and allows for more space in the bathroom. While the appearance of a wall mounted toilet can be novel and interesting, for plumbing service professionals, a toilet with part of its structure hidden behind a wall can make it difficult to repair and maintain.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

In restaurants and movie theaters you may find these toilets to be the most common, pressure assisted toilets are quickly becoming more common in Granbury, TX homes. While normal flush toilets are simple in construction, just flushing water and waste down a drain, pressure assisted toilets have the added benefit of a valve that takes on pressurized water before delivering it into the bowl, allowing for a cleaner flush. Plumbing service professionals will praise the design for its flushing efficiency, but home owners may find their toilets to be louder than necessary, compared to your everyday flush toilet.

Dual Flush Toilets

There isn’t a lot a plumbing service professional can say about these kinds of toilets except they allow for greater water efficiency than a normal toilet does. By using a siphon in the water tank and two buttons on the top, you can alternate between using higher flow for solid waste, and lower flow for liquid waste, allowing for greater water savings over time. While these toilets are more efficient and typically perform better than other toilets, they’re more costly to install and to maintain than your common flush toilet.

Pull Chain Toilets

Some Granbury, TX homeowners may find a pull chain toilet being included here peculiar, after all, the advent of the flush toilet allowed for cheaper installation and simple use compared to the pull chain toilet. A pull chain toilet separates the tank from the bowl by a long pipe, that goes above the toilet typically near the ceiling, where a pull chain is used to flush the toilet instead of a lever. Compared to the flush toilet, pull chain toilets have the benefit of additional pressure from its height, and a classical aesthetic that many homeowners find appealing. While plumbing service professionals may find a pull chain toilet to be easier to maintain, homeowners may find the initial purchase and installation to be a bit on the pricey side.

In Conclusion

For the reader who’s looked through every one of these toilets, they may find it overwhelming to choose from the different mechanisms and designs of toilets that are employed. They may find, however, that the plumbing service professionals perspective of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is helpful in the long term to finding just the right appliance for their bathroom, all to contribute to the ideal home and bathroom experience.