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Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater | From Your Saginaw, TX Water Heater Repair Specialist

Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater | From Your Saginaw, TX Water Heater Repair Specialist

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A water heater is a vital plumbing fixture. A working water heater ensures the supply of warm water to all your taps and fixtures. This becomes especially important when the weather is cold. A water heater can be considered a durable plumbing fixture. The average life of water heaters is between 10 to 15 years. However, regular maintenance of water heater increases the average life and also improves the efficiency of water heaters. It also reduces the need of water heater repair.

There are several ways through which you can maintain the water heater and improve its efficiency. Some of them are discussed below.

Adjust the Temperature

Many water heaters are set at a default temperature over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most water heater repair professionals in Saginaw, TX, recommend setting water heaters at a slightly lower temperature. Setting a temperature between 115 and 120 degrees helps reduce the energy bills. It also lowers the chances of water getting too hot. As a result, there are fewer risks of accidents. Too much heating and cooling of unused water leads to condensation, which may result in small puddles of water around the water heater.

Setting the water heater at a slightly lower temperature will help minimize all these problems. At the same time, it will help in reducing the need for aplumber.

Inspect the Temperature and Pressure Release Valve

The temperature and pressure release valve (T&P) is a safety valve on the water heater. It does not control the heating element of the heater. Instead, it controls the buildup of pressure inside the water heater.

Uncontrolled heating of water even after it has reached a certain temperature may lead to an explosion or burst of the water heater. This is a result of constant pressure which continues to build up inside the water heater.

The T&P valve is responsible for releasing excess pressure which builds up in the water heater. It ensures that the water heater continues to heat water efficiently and safely. Regular inspection of the T&P valve will help identify the need for a water heater repair. T&P valve can be inspected using the following steps

  1. Lift up the T&P lever and allow it to get back into its place.
  2. There should be a gurgling noise as a result. This will indicate that the valve sends back some water down the drain.

If there is no noise, this indicates that your T&P valve is not working efficiently and you need a water heater repair.

Wash Your Water Heater

Over time, as water keeps flowing into the water heater, sediment builds up in the water heater. The sediment, if it stays in the heater for long, can corrode the tank and reduce the efficiency of your water heater. As a result, it will increase your need for a professional.

To avoid such problems, try and wash your water heater regularly. How often you need to wash your heater depends on how much sediment accumulates in the tank on a regular basis. In areas where tap water is hard and acidic, you might need to wash the heater more frequently.

Though you can wash the water heater on your own, you need to take a few precautions. In case of an electric water heater, turn of the power before you wash the heater. Also, you need to switch off the water supply before you start the process. You can then open the drain valve of the water heater. Make sure you collect the drain from the valve in a bucket or connect a hose to ensure appropriate dumping of the waste. If you are still not sure how to clean the water heater, it is best to contact a professional. They will not only clear the buildup in your water heater but will also check if there is a need of plumber.

Insulate the Pipes and Water Heater

Wrapping an insulating blanket around the tank of the water heater ensures that the water stay hot for longer. An insulation around the pipes also intend to serve the same purpose. As a result, adequate insulation around he tank and pipes helps in reducing energy consumption. This in turn reduces the utility bills. It also helps in increasing the average life of the water heater as it lowers the demand for heating water. This in turn reduces your need for water heater repair at your home in the Saginaw, TX area.

Schedule Regular Inspection

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a functioning water heater is to schedule regular inspection by professionals. They are trained to identify and treat problems in your water heat before the get worse.

Regular maintenance by professionals will increase the efficiency of your water heater. It will also reduce the need for water heater repairin your homes in the Saginaw, TX area. A professional plumber will also explain when is the right time to upgrade your water heater and also indicate possible options available in the market.

Need a Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

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