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Types of Water Leaks – Here’s How a Plumber in Saginaw Can Help

Types of Water Leaks – Here’s How a Plumber in Saginaw Can Help

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Most people in Saginaw give little attention to leaks. They believe these leaks to be irrelevant or having little consequence. However, they don’t realize that these small leaks can get out of hand and have devastating effects on their home’s interior design.

Knowing what kind of leak you’re having in your plumbing system can help you take the appropriate measures to reduce the damage caused by leaks. Ensuring preventive measures will keep the damage to a minimum until a plumber in Saginaw arrives to resolve the problem.

Types of Leaks

Usually, there are two kinds of leaks that exist in a plumbing system. Plumbers term all leaks to be either catastrophic water leaks or costly water leaks.

Costly Water Leaks

A costly water leak is the one that goes relatively unnoticed. People remain unaware of this leak until it shows up on their water bill.

Experts estimate that around 1 trillion gallons of water and $6 billion are wasted because of water leaks each year. However, this statistic only represents the amount of water wasted annually by three major cities (Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago). So the problem is far more serious than what people expect.

A single leaky toilet leaks an estimate of over 90 gallons a day, which amounts up to $400 a year.  While you can spot a running toilet by yourself, there are other leaks that are not as easy to detect.

Underground irrigation leaks can go undetected for months. People don’t realize that they are leaking water continuously until they receive a swelled up water bill. Even then, you’d find it difficult to spot a leak until you call a plumber in Saginaw to have a look at your plumbing system.

These seemingly insignificant leaks can drive your total bills by thousands of dollars.   Understanding these leaks and taking preventive measure to tackle them can help you save money in the long run.

Catastrophic Leaks

Catastrophic leaks are the ones that are more noticeable and incur a higher damage to homes. These kinds of leaks include catastrophic events such as bursting of a pipe. These events are way more common than what people assume, however.

Experts estimate these events to occur in one in fifty five homes each year. Homes suffering from these events witness things such as bursting of toilet lines; freezing pipes; cracks in refrigerator tubing cracks and much more. If you have any of these problems, you should call a plumber in Saginaw immediately.

On average, these leaks cause as much as $8,000 damage to a home. However, if these issues become routine, they can incur damages up to $100,000 of damage a year. A plumber in Saginaw can help you minimize the chances of such an event happening.

However, sometimes people delay small issues thinking that a plumber in Saginaw will cost them money. What these people don’t realize is that a catastrophic leak will cause them several times more than a plumber in Saginaw.

For instance, if your home gets flooded because of a burst pipe while you were away, it will cost you tens of thousands in damage. On such an event, you would have to pay a sum of money for repair that could have been saved by hiring a plumber in Saginaw. However, you would also need to relocate and hire a water remediation contractor.

How a Whole House Meter Can Help Identify Leaks

A water meter is a device that measures the inflow and outflow of water in a building from the public water supply. In the US, people use these devices in both commercial and residential buildings to measure how much water the building uses.

However, you can detect both large and a combination of small leaks through your water meter. After you detect a leak, you can call a plumber in Saginaw to assess the situation and resolve the problem accordingly.

To check a simple leak through your water meter, you have to follow these three simple steps:

  • Ensure that the water supply has been turned off both outside and inside your home.  However, you can’t perform the same when you have automatic water equipment such as clothes washers, dishwashers, and irrigation controllers.
  • See what reading does your water meter have and then wait for 15 minutes. You have to ensure that no other person uses water during this period.
  • After 15 minutes have past, check the reading of the meter once more. If the meter shows water use during the test, there might be a leak in your plumbing system. Still, you have to make sure that this use of water wasn’t caused by small appliances such as water filters, whole house humidifiers, or water softeners.

However, this test is insufficient on its own because it can only identify large leaks in a system. Smaller leaks will eventually go undetected and you’ll have to call a plumber in Saginaw eventually when these leaks show up on your bill.

Moreover, even when this method detects large leaks, it doesn’t identify where these leaks are originating from. So, ultimately you’ll have to call a plumber in Saginaw anyway to have these issues fixed.

Who Can You Trust?

It’s difficult to find a reliable plumber in Saginaw. Fortunately, we have the perfect service that has years of experience operating in detecting and resolving internal leaks in homes.

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