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Water Filtration System in Burleson, TX

Water Filtration System in Burleson, TX

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Are you aware that your water might be infected or contaminated? Water can often be polluted due to dirt and impurity infiltration. To avoid being exposed to these contaminants, you should install a water filtration system. So if you’re looking for a water filtration system in Burleson, TX, you need to consider a few things before purchasing one.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

You should opt for a water filtration system in Burleson, TX which offers the most comprehensive services. To select the best one, you need to see your water filtration system removes all the contaminants from the water. First, you should hire a professional to conduct a test for your water quality. This way you will know what should be removed from the water and will buy a system accordingly. There are two main types of water filtration systems – point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE) systems. POU systems include reverse osmosis filters while POE systems treat water as it enters the house and include whole house filters. Among these are four different types of systems which are mentioned below:

1.    Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis involves forcing contaminated water through a membrane at pressure, allowing the water to pass through while the contaminants remain. Unfiltered water is pumped into a plastic membrane, clean water flows out of the membrane. Reverse osmosis ends up wasting a lot of water, however.

2.    Activated Carbon

This is a very common type of household filter. It uses activated carbon granules to attract and trap chemical impurities by means of absorption. It is very effective but doesn’t remove certain inorganic pollutants like nitrate.

3.     Ion Exchange

This is the best kind of filters to soften water. It takes hard water and makes it more digestible using zeolite beads which contain sodium ions. The beads act as filters and trap the contaminants, replacing them with sodium ions.

4.    UV Water Purifiers

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection water filters kill viruses and bacteria, clear the odor and taste of water but may not be effective against chemical pollutants, spores, and cysts. UV can also be combined with carbon filters to kill bacteria.

5.    Distillation

This is perhaps the simplest way of purifying water. This way you filter water on your own without a fancy device. Distillation involves boiling the water which kills all bacteria, capturing the steam and cooling it down into the water in another container which leaves you with clean water.

There are other considerations when selecting a water filtration system in Burleson, TX. These include:

  • Cost of the filter
  • See how much maintenance it will require
  • Quality of water
  • Water pressure
  • Daily filtration rate
  • Identify the capacity you need
  • Identify the water flow you require
  • How much energy does the water filtration system require
  • Read customer reviews
  • Certified water filter
  • Compatibility with your faucets
  • Warranty

You should do considerable research before purchasing a water filtration system in Burleson, TX because it involves your health. The best water filtration system in Burleson, TX will have the following:

  • A large enough capacity: The amount of water that you or your family drink every day will influence the size of filter you need.
  • The proper filtering mechanism: See that you buy one that removes the highest percentage of contaminants.
  • A moderate to fast flow rate: Many water filers slow your flow rate but a system is inconvenient if it takes too long. Flow speed varies depending on the type of water filter.
  • A filter change indicator: Water filters which measure the amount of water you use and then alert you help you determine whether your filter needs to be changed.
  • Certifications backing up claims regarding contaminant removal. Make sure it is certified by NSF International or Water Quality Association.
  • Compatible attachments: The best systems are compatible with a wide range of sinks, faucets and plumbing.
  • Long warranty: A 90-day filter is enough for a pitcher filter but a warranty of one or two years is best for a filter that needs to be installed.

Water Quality Concerns

When purchasing a water filtration system in Burleson, TX, there are a few contaminants you want to remove from your water to ensure it is pure. Some concerns that most people have about their water include:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine Byproducts
  • Lead
  • Taste and Odor
  • Fluoride
  • Perchlorates
  • Arsenic

Benefits of a Water Filtration System

No matter what type of water filtration system in Burleson, TX you select, you will have clean water due to it. There are some unique benefits that you’ll enjoy if you install a water filtration system. These benefits include:

  • Better tasting and smelling water as it is pure and clean.
  • Healthier skin.
  • You also absorb nutrients due to filtered water.
  • Filtered water is better for children’s immune systems.
  • If you use tap water for cooking, you will have clean water there.
  • Some filters are effective at removing lead from the water that you drink.
  • Investing in a water filtration system is cost-effective.
  • Chlorine and its byproducts found in tap water are linked to a number of health issues.
  • Drinking cleaner water helps you fight illnesses and diseases.
  • There are bacteria in home drinking water supplies.
  • Sometimes tap water might be more acidic than what your body requires.
  • Different toxins are commonly found in drinking water.
  • Long-lasting and softer clothes.
  • Not using bottled water also benefits the environment by lessening the influx of plastic.

Filtered water should be used for drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth, bathing and generally.

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