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Water Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington, TX

Water Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington, TX

When prompt action isn’t taken, a water leak can cause costly damage to your home and its foundation. By using the following, your leak can be located, water conserved and additional damage prevented. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for professional water line repair in Arlington, TX.

Hot Water Heater

A water heater leak can occur from a variety of causes. For example, the water heater contains a component called the temperature and pressure relief valve (T & P valve). The valve is designed to protect the water heater from excessive pressure and high temperatures through the discharge of water. The release of water from the T&P valve may be due to thermal expansion, excessive system pressure, an excessively high water heater temperature, and other causes.

A good indication that thermal expansion is occurring can be observed when the T&P valve releases water with each heating cycle. The valve is functioning properly when it releases water due to thermal expansion. However, if it operates often, mineral deposits from hard water may have accumulated on the valve seat, resulting in its failure. A Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can determine the cause the T&P valve discharging or leaking water, and provide the professional repair.


A common cause of a leaking tank occurs when corrosion sets in. Corrosion may occur due to age, and hard water. Routine maintenance can help to delay corrosion. A leaking tank can’t be repaired, and will require replacement.

Worn Plumbing

The plumbing in a home should last a long time. Unfortunately, as it wears water line repair in Arlington, TX and eventually replacement will be required. Frequent leaks are a typical sign of worn plumbing. However, your plumbing is only as good as the skills of the installer. Check the water lines serving the water heater for leaks on a routine basis. In addition, inspect around and behind the appliance for the presence of water, including the tank itself. Ben Franklin licensed plumbers can provide the water line repair in Arlington, TX and water line installation that you require.


Inspect all the toilets in your home for leaks. You may hear water running, or see the water entering the bowl. You can also add a few drops of food coloring in the tank and check the bowl 30 minutes to an hour later. If food coloring is in the tank, schedule plumbing repair with a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington, TX.

Meter Line

By using the water meter test you can potentially verify the presence of a water leak. Alternately, if you would like us to handle it all, our plumbers can provide leak detection, and water line repair in Arlington, TX when indicated. The meter test is simple:

  • First, ensure no water is used in your home by shutting off the ice maker, sprinkler system, and other appliances that automatically use water. Instruct all family members not to use any water during the duration of the test. Next, open the cover on the water meter and jot the reading down. When the dials are spinning, and no water is in use, you have verification of a leak. Shut off the water at the meter, or contact your water supplier to turn it off for you. Otherwise, check the meter for watr used in 30 minutes to an hour later. If the numbers have changed a leak is present. Our plumbers can provide professional water line repair in Arlington, TX.
  • When a leak is indicated you can potentially narrow down the location as either in your home’s plumbing, or outside in the supply line between the meter and the home. If your home has a shut off valve near the foundation, turn it off. Recheck the meter, if the leak is still indicated, the leak will be located in the main water line outdoors. However, its important to realize small leaks may not be verified by the water meter test. Ben Franklin plumbers can detect the leak, large or small and provide reliable water line repair in Arlington, TX for you.

If a leak is not indicated by the water meter test, inspect the area over the water line for soft, damp soil. In addition, the grass may be greener and lush over the water line when a leak is present. If you detect any of these signs contact a professional plumber for leak detection and water line repair in Arlington, TX.

Hose Bibbs

Check all outdoor hose bibbs for a leak, including the soil beneath it. If it is damp and the surrounding soil is dry, it is leaking. You can also place a bucket under the faucet and monitor for the accumulation of water. Always inspect the faucets and the pipe supplying it after winter. Our plumbers can provide faucet repair or replacement and water line repair in Arlington, TX for you.

Faucets and Showers

Check all faucets and Showers for a leak. Damp surfaces can indicate the presence of a leak. You can also place a container to catch the water from a slow leak, in order to verify it. Contact our plumbers for repair.

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