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What Are the Benefits of Water Filtration Systems?

What Are the Benefits of Water Filtration Systems?

Making the decision to invest in water filtration systems could be a good thing. You may have heard about all of the functionality they can offer and how much they can add in terms of quality to the water you drink. It can be frightening in some areas to see how much is actually in the water you drink. Should you invest in this system? Is it beneficial in your area? Though many property owners will find that investing in one offers nothing but benefits, there are still a variety of factors to think about before making that decision.

Safe Water All of the Time

The goal of water filtration systems is to ensure you have a source of clean water all of the time. That may seem like such a simple thing. Although the water may be better than in many other areas, there are plenty of instances in which it could be improved upon, and that is where the investment in these systems just makes sense. If you want to be confident that you always have clean and safe drinking water on a consistent basis, then you may want to consider these systems carefully.

Unfortunately, many areas have heavy metals in the water, making it less than ideal for you to drink or use to clean. Others may experience health consequences because of the water they drink. You may find that the water seems to taste fine, but you may not have any real insight into what is in the water itself. That is because many of the pollutants commonly found in water systems are not things that will alter the flavor of the water, or they may do so in a slight fashion, and that ultimately leads to you not noticing it.

A water filtering system can get out the pollutants on a routine basis. You can feel safe with them, knowing that they are working consistently to keep the water in your home safe for you and the rest of your family to use.

It Could Save You Money

Many people know that the water coming from their home’s faucets is not the best for them. That is why they purchase bottled water. You may already know the risks that come from bottled water, including the damage that they do to the environment (by not breaking down in landfills for hundreds of years) and that some inferior products may allow plastic chemicals to leach into the water. But, when you add water filtration systems to your home, you may actually save money.

If you are spending money buying water bottles on a constant basis so that your family is drinking two to three of them each day, that means that you are likely spending $500 or more over the course of a year on the water – and that is likely on the low end if you are buying higher quality filtered water. The better option is to replace that type of product with a water filtering system which can eliminate the need for those investments. You will find that the better option is to buy a stainless steel water bottle and fill it with filtered water instead. That means you will save money and not have to worry about what you are drinking.

Protect the Environment

As noted, those who are using plastic bottles are not just costing themselves a lot of money, but they are also likely contributing to the materials in the landfill. Though some plastics can be recycled, most people do not do so. If they do, there is only a small fraction of people who are doing enough to make a difference.

If you take the time to get rid of the plastic in your home – or at least not bring more of it into the home, you can help to protect the environment. Installing water filtration systems is one of the easiest ways to do this. Once you drink the water from them, you are not likely to want to drink water from a plastic bottle again.

Work to Minimize Skin Irritation

Another of the benefits of a water filtering system is that it can help to minimize the contaminants that are striking your skin. Though the water system may seem like it is very safe for you to use, that is nota lays the case. There are many instances in which the chemicals used to treat the water are likely to be causing some damage to your skin as well.

For example, people who have very sensitive skin are at a high risk of developing complications related to the chemicals like chlorine that are in the water supply. That means that when you head to shower, what you think you are doing to cleanse your skin – and all of those expensive soaps you are using that are pure and all-natural – may not be offering the right level of protection that you need. You may, instead, have a buildup of chemicals on your skin.

Whole home water filtration systems can get rid of this. Depending on the type you install, you may find this to be one of the best decisions you make for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to have a water test conducted on the water coming from your system. Find out if there are contaminants in it and, if so, what is in it. That could help you to pinpoint what is causing damage to your skin over the long term.

A water filtering system can be very important in homes where people are noted to have sensitive skin. Also, consider using them if you have a baby in your home or you have autoimmune disorders. If you want to prevent damage to your skin and overall health, then having a filtration system just makes sense for you.

Protect Your Plumbing

Water filtration systems often get a lot of attention for the work they do to improve the water supply to the home, meaning you are drinking healthy water. However, they are also able to help your plumbing system as a whole.

Consider that many of these water supplies in various areas have minerals in them. Some have a significant level. That means that every time you turn on the water in your home, not only are you bringing water into your home but also lots of minerals. Those can cake onto and build up on the interior sides of the pipes in your home. As that happens, it causes a breakdown of the pipes, and over time, it can lead to a narrowing of those pipes.

You may also notice problems with the water that is coming out of the faucet itself. Does it seem like the amount of water coming out is just not enough or as much as it used to be? That could be because the small filter that is on the faucet is clogged with sediment and mineral building. If that is occurring there, and it is enough to slow the flow of water, it may be happening on all of the systems in your home. A system for water filtering can work to minimize that buildup and work to keep those materials out of the water you are drinking.

Aside from this type of limescale building, there is another way that a water filtering system can help your plumbing system. That is to help minimize corrosion. The interior lines of your water system will break down faster when there are instances of material buildup. For example, many of the chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals that are running through your pipes are actually eating away at the interior. This leads to early corrosion and, over time, breakdown.

Replacing one pipe may not seem like a big deal, but when it occurs to one, all are at risk. That means that you could be spending a lot of money to get your pipes replaced, which could have been avoided if you had a system for filtering water in place.

Improve the Taste of Your Water

A water filtering system can also help to improve the flavor of your water. You may not notice a flavor if the only water you drink comes from your sink faucet. But what happens when you run water through a pitcher with a filter on it? What if you buy a bottle of filtered water? Do you taste the difference? If so, that is because there are probably contaminants in your water supply that you do not know are there.

When you get rid of these minerals and chemicals, that helps to improve the taste of your water. This can help to improve your overall health, too, especially if it means you are more likely to drink water now that there are fewer contaminants in it. A system for filtering water can be an effective way of removing all of that material with ease.

How to Get the Best Water Filtration Systems

Now that you can see the value of installing systems for water filtration, it is time to think about the type that is best for your needs. There are several options, and not all are necessary or beneficial to every home. It is a good idea to have a plumber that specializes in them come to your home to offer an inspection, a water test, and then a recommendation for what may be best suited for your needs. That is going to help ensure that your water supply is the best it can be.

Determine Where Your Needs Are

The first thing a professional will do is consider where you need water filtering. Some people benefit from a whole home filtration system. If you have a significant amount of contamination in your lines or you have sensitive skin you want to protect, it may be beneficial to have a whole home system installed. This will remove the majority of the risk.

Consider the Costs

Speak to the plumber about the various costs associated with the system, too. Some water filtration systems require a significant amount of upkeep and need new carbon filters replaced often. Better quality systems do not mean more expensive filters in all cases, but they do require a bit more attention to your individual needs – such as removing the specific types of problems you have.

Make Sure Your Home Can Handle It

There are a few things to remember about these systems before you have one installed:

  • You need to be sure your home’s water pressure is enough to allow for good filtration.
  • Be sure that you consider using a pre-filter to get the best level of protection.
  • Make sure the system you select is a good fit for your home and the way you use your system.
  • Always work with a team to help you have it installed properly to minimize any problems and to ensure the best long-term results for your home.
  • Make sure to install it before you water heater in your home’s water system, which means that it will help to keep your hot water heater clean as well.

Finding the Right System for Your Needs Is a Must

Take a few minutes to discuss your needs with a plumber. Find one that specializes in water filtration systems that can help you determine if you need a system. That often starts with a water test that can help you get more insight into the overall buildup and mineral levels present. Then, you will want recommendations for which system is best suited for your needs.

Our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is happy to help you. Reach out to us today to learn more about the wide range of systems we can offer to ensure the best results for your home. A new filter can make a big difference in your health.

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Transforming Your Home With Water Filtration Systems

Transforming Your Home With Water Filtration Systems

Pipes, appliances, coffee makers, and even your family’s bodies can all benefit from water filtration systems that manage your home’s water quality. Along the way, you’ll experience convenience, such as taking plastic bottles out of your weekly routines. You’ll now be able to provide high-quality drinking water from every tap. Your plumbing will last longer with reduced corrosion, and even your pets, plants, and goldfish can live better with water that’s better than “good enough.” At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, we match our customers with the system that best meets their needs. Choices include basic water softeners, purification equipment, or an advanced reverse osmosis system. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be setting the standard for your family’s water. No need to accept the basic standards, sometimes varying quality that comes in from outside your home.

When You Don’t Live By A Natural Spring, But Want Fresh Water

If you’ve ever had a drink from a natural spring, you know what tasty water is. There’s something about water that rises up after a trip through the earth’s natural filtration system that’s so refreshing. Of course, many people experience spring water after a nice hike on a hot day, which might add to the enjoyment. Still, great water is an experience that’s worth having, which is why so many people bring home bottled water by the case, recycling the plastic and keeping bottles nearby wherever they like to hydrate. Whether your choice is spring water or reverse osmosis filtered water, it’s consistent, refreshing, and handy. You can also decide to have great water flowing from your tap, ready any time without all that plastic.

Your Plumbing Will Thank You

In addition to better-tasting water, when you have one of our water filtration systems installed, you can address a common problem in this area: hard water. It’s just dissolved minerals found in local water supplies, something which doesn’t get processed out because it’s not exactly unhealthy, but there are reasons to remove it. One is that it affects your plumbing and appliances, including your water heater and even your coffee maker. You’ll find scale in the coffee maker that needs cleaning, and the same thing happens inside the water heater, pipes, and appliances.

Your metal pipes and other plumbing including faucets will corrode and get old before their time, requiring replacement. If you don’t catch these problems soon enough, leaks and water damage can result. A water softener handling your home’s water supply either removes or neutralizes the minerals and with them, the potential problems. You’ll also notice a few other changes, such as avoiding discoloration of your sinks and tubs, showers that don’t leave your skin itchy, and better-looking laundry.

Water Utility Quality Can Be Improved Upon

City water costs money to process, so decisions have to be made about which contaminants need removing and which don’t for general use. Chemicals are usually added to avoid health risks, typically resulting in chlorine and chloramines in your water. These are the key reasons why tap water shouldn’t be added directly to your aquarium and isn’t great for your pets and even plants.

There are many other chemicals, such as agricultural chemicals, that get into the reservoirs and even aquifers, bringing down the quality of the city and well water alike. Testing your water can uncover concerns that you’d like to address and help select which of our water filtration systems is right for you. If you’d like to go all the way to around 99 percent purified, reverse osmosis or RO is the way to go. It’s what many bottled water companies use, and also medical and laboratory water systems.

Incoming Water Can Change, Too

One important reason to manage your home’s water quality is that things change in the outside world. If you have a well, you know you have to keep testing to make sure it’s ok. Property owners nearby might have made changes that infiltrated the water supply and added contaminants, even miles away. There might be seasonal issues because of fertilizers and pesticides. When a water line breaks, you often get a “boil water notice” while repairs are underway because lower pressure allows contaminants to enter from the surrounding soil. The same can happen when the water supply is used, through hydrants, to handle a fire. When your water goes through filtration at home, many of these unexpected changes are handled, especially with RO systems.

Keeping Great Water Flowing Is Easy

Once you have chosen from available water filtration systems and had us install your favorite, a bit of maintenance and a supply run will be required to keep it working hard filtering your water. Maintenance is routine, similar to your water heater and other appliances, and supplies vary according to the type of system. When we provide information about each system, we include ongoing costs, and whatever you choose, we’ll make it convenient to enjoy great water. Systems last for years, so it’s easy to get used to filtered or purified water, and you’ll notice long-term benefits as well. Of course, one that we mentioned already is much fewer plastic water bottles to manage since every tap in your home is now like those wonderful water cooler bottle fill stations. You’ll enjoy consistent, tastier tea and coffee, and after you exercise on a hot day, drink all you want without worry.

Setting the standards for your home’s drinking, cooking, and washing water is an important way to transform your home. You can get longer service from appliances and pipes with reduced corrosion. Filtration can remove chemicals and contaminants that are still present after city water treatment. You can even transform your tap water so it’s similar to that found in bottled water products. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today for help with water quality testing and installation of the system that’s right for you!

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Which Plumbing Service Do You Need?

Which Plumbing Service Do You Need?

Turning to a plumber is not something to put off. There are a lot of times when you need a reliable plumbing service to call on, whether it is an emergency or an upgrade you are planning. Without a doubt, these professionals can offer you many services, especially if you work with a trusted professional who offers exceptional service. You may be tempted to do some of the work yourself, but that may end up costing you a lot of time, especially if you make a mistake or do not have the level and type of skill you need. So, when should you call on a professional? There are a few key times when doing so is a good idea. If you need a professional plumber be sure that you turn to a trusted professional to guide you.

You Have a Leak

One of the most important times to call on a plumbing service is when you have a leak. Small or large, any type of moisture buildup on your home can pose a danger to you and often leave you with frustrations, and in some cases, it may even cause a mold and mildew problem in your home. When a small drip occurs, even if it seems like very little, you may find yourself with water saturating various surfaces, from the drywall to the cabinetry. As that happens, if it does not dry out on its own, it will cause moisture buildup that lasts, leading to damage over the long term.

If you have a leak, your plumber can help in several ways. First, they can find the source of the problem, which may not be where you think it is coming from at all. They can also help you better understand the concerns you have with old or damaged pipes or connections that could worsen the problem over time. In addition to this, your plumber can help to resolve the damage that the leak causes, such as removing the damaged materials or replacing pipes and fittings to eliminate the leak. In some cases, you may benefit from hiring a team to help with mold remediation as well.

Some of the most common areas for leaks found include:

  • Drains
  • Fittings
  • Valves
  • Water lines
  • Sewer lines

A plumbing service is the best professional to call as soon as you notice any type of water damage anywhere in your home. Even if you are not sure that you need to make significant repairs, a professional plumbing company can ensure the work is done properly, minimizing the risk of more substantial problems and possibly more costly repairs down the road.

Moving, Inspecting, and Repairing Gas Lines

Another key area of concern is your gas line. Natural gas runs through your home from the street or other access points. You do not see it or smell it. Unlike water, which is obvious when it leaks, this does not happen with gas. Instead, it could leach into your home’s air supply without a lot of attention. You may notice a rotten egg smell over time.

You should call a professional for plumbing needs if you have any type of natural gas line concern. This is the only way to ensure that the work will be done properly and that you will not have to worry about the risks of fires, poor line pressure, or improper pipe size. Here are some instances in which you will want to turn to a plumber for this type of service.

  • You have a gas leak that you know about, or you suspect that you have one. That warrants having a repair done right away.
  • You want to move the gas line from where it is to a new location. In some situations, this may be necessary, for example, because you are moving an appliance or want to add a new gas system to your home.
  • You have not had your gas lines inspected in some time. If that is the case, it is best to have a professional out to inspect them as soon as possible to make sure there is no damage to them. Older gas lines are more likely to struggle with damage.
  • There is some type of damage to your gas line. This may occur, for example, if something smashed into the line or there was any type of work done in the area that caused damage to them. This is common for lines that run outside of the home or under stoves and ovens.

Do not guess when it comes to your gas lines. Because this is such an important system in your home, be sure to turn to a professional plumbing service if you need to make repairs, move the lines, or otherwise just inspect them.

You Need to Upgrade Your Water Heater

Another time to call a professional plumbing provider is when you need to update your home’s hot water heater. This system operates on a consistent basis day in and day out to ensure that you always have hot water as soon as you turn on the faucet. Yet, like any other system in your home, it is going to need repairs over time.

Your water heater is a system that relies on various components to function normally, but over time, problems can occur. You may need to call a plumber to inquire about potential repair needs associated with concerns like these:

  • Your water heater works, but you run out of hot water often. This may indicate that you need a larger or more efficient tank.
  • You do not have hot water at all. There are various reasons why this may occur, including that the system is no longer functional, the pilot is not working, or the heating components need replacement.
  • The water heater is costing you money. You may notice your home’s energy bills are on the rise. When that happens, it could be a sign that some of your appliances, including the hot water heater, are no longer reliable. Replacing it could be helpful to you.
  • There is a leak. Do not ignore the need to replace your water heater or have a professional inspect it if you have a leak. Any water found under the water heater or dripping from the tank is an indication that it is time to consider some repairs and a call to a plumber.
  • Your water is off-color, or you notice sediment in it. That could indicate that there is a buildup of sediment in your water heater. If that occurs, it could be due to an inefficient system or one that needs to be drained.

A plumbing service can offer insight into what could be necessary to solve the issue. Sometimes the most effective step is to repair the system. There are some components of the system that can be removed and repaired. Other times, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a new system. In many of the homes that have very old hot water heaters, it is helpful to have a new system installed, especially if the existing one is more than 10 to 15 years old. That could help you see your home’s energy costs drop significantly.

When you are not sure, just reach out to a professional plumbing company to get insight into the best way to handle your hot water needs.

Toilets and Faucets Need Updated

Even if you buy the best of the best, over time, you will need to repair or replace the toilets and faucets in your home. It is best to call a professional plumbing company for help with this, too. Doing so can offer a number of benefits to you, including ensuring that you do not have to worry about problems and that the work is done properly so it lasts.

There are a few signs when you should call a professional plumbing provider for this type of repair or replacement work, including:

  • The toilet you have is leaking. Any type of leak is a concern that needs to be addressed carefully. This will allow you to have a professional find out what is wrong, which could be the seal. It could also be a crack in the system.
  • Your toilet is constantly running. Sometimes you will be able to make adjustments to the float within the toilet to get it running properly again. However, if there are constant problems, that could indicate a more significant problem, including the need to replace these components.
  • You have a faucet that drips. Remember, any type of water leak, even those from the faucet, is something you need to take into consideration and be careful with managing properly. A professional plumbing company can help to determine why there is a leak – it may just need minerals cleaned from the line. Other times, you may need to have a new faucet installed.

Another time to call a professional for plumbing service for toilets and faucets is when you are doing any type of remodeling to these areas of your home. Perhaps you are installing a new bathroom or removing the existing kitchen to replace it with a new one. In those cases, having a professional handle the removal and replacement or running new lines is going to be a good thing. It will help to ensure that the new system is put in properly and that there is less risk of problems down the road.

Sump Pumps Need Updating

Your home’s sump pump is a system that operates in the background that you may not pay much attention to – until it stops working. In some situations, though, it can cause a flood to occur if you do not have a functional system in place. That is why it is important to consider having a professional plumbing provider out to inspect your existing system, make repairs to it if and when necessary, and then replace it as needed.

You may want to call in a team to discuss the concerns with your sump pump, including:

  • It is not turning on at all. You do not hear it running even when there is a lot of rain.
  • You have flooding in your home from the nonworking system.
  • It does not seem to run often enough to pull out enough of the water, or it may stop working before it should.

If your system seems to be working just fine, but you have not had it updated in some time, it may be a good idea to have a professional inspect your system and do any necessary maintenance. This could help you keep your costs lower over time.

Other Times to Call for Plumbing Service

There are lots of other instances when using a professional plumbing company is the best decision for you. If there is ever a question about water lines, it is best to simply call your professional out. Here are some other times when these services can be helpful to you.

  • You need to run new water lines to your refrigerator, or you need to add a water line for a new refrigerator.
  • You need to reduce your water consumption and want to talk to a professional about replacing the faucets in your home that could help to do that.
  • You are considering an upgrade to a water filtration system, and you want the plumbing service to offer insight into the best options for your home.

Get the Help You Need Today

If you are facing the need for repairs or updates to any of these systems of your home, call in a plumbing service to help you get it back up and working properly. Doing so could help lower your costs and improve your overall home’s safety. The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Forth Worth is readily available to offer that guidance to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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