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What Type Of Plumbing Service Does Your Home Need? | Haslet, TX

What Type Of Plumbing Service Does Your Home Need? | Haslet, TX

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When it comes to plumbing services for your Haslet, TX home there are actually plenty of different things that you might want to look into or think about. And if you’ve never really thought about the types of service that you might need it’s definitely time to consider it. Your home needs to be well taken care of, and that starts with plumbing service.

But just what type of plumbing services are there? And which ones do you actually need? Well, we’re going to take a look at some of the basic services as well as some more moderate and serious ones. That way, you’re prepared for anything your home might need.

Basic Services

First up, let’s take a look at some of the basic plumbing services that you might need in your home. These are things that any home is going to need and that should be done regularly, though they don’t have to be done frequently. If you get them done on a normal schedule, however, you may be able to avoid some more advanced services. We’re also going to talk about some of the more minor work that you may have.

Drain Cleaning

One of the first things you might notice that you need is drain cleaning. Now, it’s important to get this done not only when you notice a problem but other times as well. After all, you don’t want to get stuck with a serious clog or even broken or cracked pipes because you didn’t get regular cleaning that could have recognized the problem early.

Routine drain cleaning can get rid of the buildup in your pipes before it becomes an actual clog, which means you’re less likely to have expensive repairs later. After all, just a small amount of buildup can turn into something a whole lot bigger before you even realize that it’s there.

Clog Removal

Even though your first goal should be to never get clogs (by getting regular drain cleaning) you’re likely to still experience them occasionally. So, make sure that you’re getting them taken care of early on. Don’t wait for a minor clog to turn into something major.

You should be watching the way that your water drains when you use the shower or any of the sinks in your home. This will give you a good idea of whether there’s something clogged in the drain. If the water starts to drain slower than before it means you need to get someone out to clear the drain as quickly as possible. Letting it go too long will only result in a bigger clog and a bigger fix.

Fixture Installation

If you’re not so sure about installing new fixtures for yourself or you need to do a little more than just swapping out fixtures you may want to take a look at hiring a plumbing service to take care of things for you. Someone can come out and help you swap out any fixtures in your home to get a better look or to replace broken pieces.

This is something that you can do whenever you feel like it and because it’s not going to require as much time or effort and it’s not as time sensitive you usually don’t have to worry about associated costs. You can probably take care of it easily enough with the service provider you choose.

Water Heater Servicing

One plumbing service you might not think about is getting your water heater serviced. This is another part of your plumbing system and it’s an important one to take care of. You definitely don’t want to deal with a broken water heater, or leaking or especially a burst. Getting your water heater cleaned out regularly will keep it working properly much longer.

This will generally include emptying out the water heater and clearing out sediment that can pool in the bottom and make your water heater much less efficient. If you get it taken care of routinely you’ll notice that you spend less on hot water as well, because the water heater can get the job done easier.

Moderate Services

Next up are the middle of the road services. These are relatively common still, but you may be able to avoid most of them if you take care of the basic services when you need them. Still, there are going to be occasions where there’s just nothing you can do and one of these services is needed. That’s when you need to be prepared and have someone ready to call to get it done.

Leaking Pipes

This is a full category that could include several different services. The first is a visual inspection of your pipes to see how they are doing. Depending on what your pipes are made of they will start breaking down at different rates. You want to make sure you catch that before they start to crack or leak.

You’ll also want to get your pipes checked if you have any reason to suspect a leak, such as high water bills or mold or damp spots in your home. You should also always be watching for water puddling around your drains or any water source.

If you think or know that you have a leak you should get it looked at and taken care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, leaks can happen no matter how careful and attentive you are and how well you take care of the regular needs for your plumbing.

Getting a leak fixed early with high quality plumbing service will help you avoid a more serious leak, a burst pipe or serious water damage in your home.

Clog Removal

When clogs get larger they can take a little more work to remove. Small clogs can generally be removed in very little time. On the other hand, larger clogs may take more advanced tools or more time. Depending on where the clog is it could also affect more than just one drain in your home, which can cause water to back up.

If you notice that water doesn’t drain in any area of your Haslet, TX house or that it comes back up in one area when you drain it in another that means you definitely need plumbing service to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. That way you can continue to use your plumbing system the way you would expect.

Adding a Bathroom/Laundry Room/Kitchen

If you’re planning to add a new room to your house or set up an old room with some type of plumbing or water you’re going to need a professional to help you with the process. This isn’t going to be a simple task and you absolutely need to make sure you’re on the right track with what you want done and just how you want it done.

Plan out where you’re going to put things like sinks, washing machines, showers and other items that need drains or pipes. And make sure you work with a professional plumbing service so everything is installed the right way, with nothing that’s going to give you problems later on.

Serious Plumbing Services

Finally, we come to the category of serious plumbing services. These are things that you absolutely do not want to underestimate. Some are immediately, obviously serious and some may not seem important but absolutely need to be taken care of right away. So, what plumbing services do you never want to have to deal with?

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes cause you a whole lot of trouble and if you can’t get the water turned off quickly they cause a whole lot of damage too. Unfortunately, they can sometimes occur inside of the walls and you may not notice that it’s happened until you have a huge mess and a whole lot of water damage. That’s why it’s important to watch for any signs that your water pressure is slowing or your water usage is higher than it should be.

If you suspect a burst pipe or you know that a pipe has burst make sure you get it taken care of immediately. If left unattended the water damage you get from these pipes can be extreme. Not to mention it can cost a whole lot more in repairs for your home because of all that water damage. This is one plumbing service that can’t wait.

Clogged Sewer

Sometimes the backup that you’re experiencing isn’t actually happening in your home. It could be from the sewer line and that’s where you can have even bigger problems and more expensive ones as well. So, if you are noticing that several of your drains are backing up or draining slowly you want to get someone over for plumbing service right away. This could be a sign that you have a problem in the sewer line.

A professional can come and take a look at the lines through your home to figure out where the problem is and, if necessary, can clear out clogs in the sewer line as well. This is generally a bigger job than a traditional drain cleaning and takes even more specialized equipment. It’s also going to take more time.

Septic Tank Flush

If you have a septic tank you will periodically need to have plumbing service to get it flushed out. Now, you may not notice when this needs to be done, because it’s best to have it done regularly. But if you start to notice anything backing up into your house or a bad smell or any signs of leaking in the ground around your tank it’s a good sign you should get it looked at.

This process is relatively routine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a simple process. It’s quite an extensive plumbing service and you’ll need to schedule it well in advance to make sure you can get it done with the company that you want. They’ll need specialized equipment to take care of it and to dispose of everything that they get out of the tank.


If you’re building a new house in Haslet, TX or if your plumbing is old and starting to break down you’re going to need your house to be replumbed. This is a relatively extensive plumbing service. That means you need someone to come in and get into all of the plumbing and take out anything old and put in something entirely new. It’s going to be a very intense job and it’s going to take a good amount of time too.

Depending on the material you currently have in your home and what condition it’s in it may be easy or difficult to get the old plumbing out. And then the new plumbing has to be run through the house. In some cases there might be new guidelines or rules for how it is run compared to how it used to be as well.

Do You Need Plumbing Service?

If you think you might need plumbing service make sure you don’t wait around. You absolutely don’t want something that could be minor to turn into something major. You want to get things taken care of as quickly as you can because the faster it’s done the less it’s going to cost you, and the faster you’re going to be able to get back to the things you’d rather be doing with your time, because no one wants to be dealing with a plumbing emergency.

All you need to do is call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to come out to your Haslet, TX home and take care of anything you might need. Whether you’re looking for simple, routine and basic services, something more middle of the road or something serious, we can take care of it for you in no time. We’ll come out to your house at a time that’s convenient for you and then we’ll make sure that everything is taken care of the way we would expect it to be.

You deserve to enjoy living in your home, so don’t let any kind of plumbing problem take away from your enjoyment of your place.