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What You Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters And A Plumber To Get It Installed | Dalworthington, TX

What You Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters And A Plumber To Get It Installed | Dalworthington, TX

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We all need hot water, especially during the winter months. Thankfully, water heaters provide us with the hot water that we need. While conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters both provide hot water, one of them is more beneficial than the other. In this article, we’ll talk about why tankless water heaters are the best solution for your home.

Note: Work with a licensed plumber to ensure the professional installation of your tankless water heater.

Gas vs. Electric Tankless Heaters

Electric water heaters are more affordable than gas versions. While they are easier to install than the gas models, it’s still important that you hire a professional to ensure a professional installation.

Gas tankless water heaters are available in different sizes and models used both for commercial and residential use. Compared to electric tankless heaters, it’s more difficult to install gas heaters. This is why it’s essential that you work with a licensed professional only. Also, gas units require safe ventilation systems while electric heaters do not. If you live with just your spouse, it’s recommended that you install the electric water heater and gas models for a bigger family.

Reasons Why You Need to Switch

There are several advantages to installing a tankless water heater for your home. Below are some of the benefits you get but do make sure to hire a plumber in Dalworthington, TX for professional installation.

You Will Never Run Out of Water

Imagine when you are in a hurry for work but you realized that you no longer have hot water in the tank. You will need to stay for more than 15 minutes just to store hot water again. This can be pretty stressful but you can avoid this when you decide to switch to tankless water heaters. With the latter, you know that you will never run out of hot water.

When you switch, you do not only get more energy savings but tankless water heaters also provide homeowners with more convenience. Speak with a plumber today so he can help you decide which tankless heater to purchase for your home.

More Energy Efficient

An average home that needs about 41 gallons of water daily can save up to 34% energy when they decide to switch to tankless water heaters. As much as possible, go with Energy Star qualified tankless water heaters. Most of them are better than their counterparts in terms of efficiency and they use less energy.

You can save money as your water isn’t heated for 24 hours as opposed to conventional heaters. You heat water only on demand, which makes it energy-efficient.

There are a lot of tankless water heaters available in the market today. Speak with a plumber in Dalworthington, TX to help you make an informed decision on which tankless water heater to purchase for your home. Also, make it a point to hire a professional installer only – a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX – to ensure proper installation. With professional installation, you know that you won’t have problems with your water heaters down.

You Can Save on your Electricity Bill

Do you know that you can save about $100 on water bills annually when you switch to a gas-fired tankless heater and about $44 every year for electric tankless heaters? That’s right – you can save more money when you go tankless. That’s already a lot of savings. After 10 years, you will have already saved $1000 on your bills.

Make sure that you only work with a professional plumber in Dalworthington, TX for the correct installation of your water heater.

It Lasts Longer

Tankless water heaters last twice as long as conventional heaters. They may cost a little more, but thinking about the benefits that you will get, it’s actually more cost-effective to switch to tankless water heaters.

They are durable as these water heaters do not work for 24 hours compared to conventional heaters. Tankless water heaters work only when you need hot water. An average home uses its water heater only for about one hour every day whereas, with conventional heaters, it’s important to heat the water all the time. This is why some homeowners would insulate their tanks so they do not lose energy and the hot water is kept hot.

Conventional heaters are also prone to mineral buildup and it’s important that they are flushed out every year. Otherwise, your water heater will not last long.

Speak with a plumber in Dalworthington, TX today if you are thinking about switching to tankless water heaters.

It’s a Space- Saver

Compared to a conventional water heater, you won’t need bigger space to store your tankless water heater. In fact, you won’t even know it’s there. For a 50-gallon conventional heater, you would need about 20 cubic feet of space to store it. When you go tankless, you can simply put the water heater on your wall. It wouldn’t take too much space. Sometimes, tankless water heaters are no bigger than your laptop computers.

For some homeowners, space is a problem. But they can completely eliminate this when they contact a plumber in Dalworthington, TX for an installation of a tankless water heater.

They Look Nicer

Having a huge tank at home wouldn’t look nice compared to the sleek designs of a tankless water heater. If you’re a homeowner concerned about the look of your home, consider switching to tankless water heaters as they look better. There are different types of them in the market and they come in varying sizes too. Their whole concept was to provide a constant supply of hot water as well as make your bathroom look nicer. Speak with a plumber in Dalworthington, TX today so he can help you pick the tankless heater that’s right for you. Also, make sure that you hire professional installation only.

Easy Maintenance

When you have a conventional heater, a homeowner has to periodically check it to make sure that there is no leak and the mineral buildup is flushed out every year. During winter, they need to also insulate it as well as the pipes so the water does not freeze. Otherwise, the pipes may burst and that will only eventually lead to leaks. It’s not wise to have leaks at home for it can damage the home’s foundation. You will not have these problems when you switch to tankless water heaters.

Conventional heaters are also more difficult to clean compared to tankless heaters. What you need to do is just to descale the tankless water heater using a maintenance valve. Less maintenance is needed for a tankless water heater which means you can save time and also money as there might be a need to hire routine maintenance for your conventional heater.

Are you ready to switch to a tankless water heater? Do not forget to hire a licensed plumber for the correct installation of these heaters.

Increase the Value of your Home

Are you thinking about selling your home in the future? Then consider switching to tankless water heaters to improve the value of your home. Prospective home buyers are aware of the benefits of having tankless water heaters at home. Most of these buyers are also concerned about buying a green home. The tankless water heater is environment-friendly as it doesn’t produce greenhouse gas. It’s a better option than the conventional ones.

If you’re thinking about selling, choose a tankless water heater with better designs so your bathroom will look even better. Talk to a plumber so he can help you decide which one to purchase for your home.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

There are still several homeowners that use conventional water heaters. If you still haven’t switched, perhaps you should watch out for these signs to help you decide that it’s time to purchase tankless water heaters for your home.

Your Water Heater Is Old

All appliances and devices in your home do not last forever. Some of them may last longer but they won’t be as efficient when you first bought them. A conventional heater usually lasts 10 years. But we don’t really advise homeowners to wait for 10 years before replacing their water heaters. Sometimes, they may not last as long especially when the homeowner fails to perform regular maintenance. If your water heater is at least 8 years old or more, we would suggest that you consider replacing it with a tankless water heater so it lasts longer. You may speak with a plumber if you can’t decide it’s time to get a new replacement.

You Have Higher Bills

Conventional water heaters are not as energy efficient as tankless heaters. As they age, they tend to be less efficient too which means you may likely get higher energy bills for your hot water. If your bills are always high, it may be best to sit down and think about whether or not you should replace your water heater. Consider speaking with a plumber so they can tell you in detail about your water heater and what benefits you get when you decide to switch to tankless water heaters

You Keep Calling a Plumber for Repairs

Another sign that it’s time to get a replacement is when you keep calling plumbers for repairs. Keep in mind that the repair costs can add up. If you think that you have spent a lot of money on water heater repair, then it’s definitely time to consider replacing it instead. With a newer and more efficient heater, you avoid costly repairs and you save more money with lower energy bills. Speak with a professional today so they can assist you on which type of tankless water heater to purchase for your home.

It’s No Longer That Efficient

This is one of the first signs to watch out for when deciding whether or not to replace your conventional heater with the tankless version. As your water heater ages, it will start to lose its efficiency. It may not be able to heat your water anymore. When you constantly experience not having hot water when showering, it’s time to speak with a plumber for a replacement. If possible, switch to tankless water heaters so you won’t have to worry about not getting hot water ever.

Water Discoloration

When you see this, call a professional right away. This means that the inside of the heater is rusting out. If that can’t be repaired, then it may be time to get a water heater replacement. Consider switching to tankless water heaters so you can save more energy and money.

What Happens When You Switch to Tankless Water Heaters

With a tankless water heater, you will be in a constant supply of hot water. You will never run out of it. You also avoid water damage in your home as it reduces the risk of flooding due to leaks or a ruptured tank. Homeowners who decide to install tankless heaters may also get a $300 rebate off for installation. Speak with a plumber about this. When you switch to a tankless heater, you won’t need to keep replacing it every 8 to 10 years as they last longer. Most importantly, you get to save more energy. Just do make sure that you work with a licensed plumber in Dalworthington, TX to ensure that you won’t have problems down the road.

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