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When Is It Time to Call a Plumber? | Mansfied, TX

When Is It Time to Call a Plumber? | Mansfied, TX

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Residents of Mansfield, TX, are quite dependent on the proper function of the house’s plumbing systems. The daily use of appliances that require freshwater to work properly such as the kitchen sink, the washing machine, or facilities like the toilet or the shower may require some routine repair that if overlooked, can cause trouble to the habitats of the property.

In this post, you will see what are the top issues that plague a modern household and why it’s essential to seek professional help and call a plumber when a problem arises.

Clogged Pipelines

Every house in Mansfield, TX, has to deal with at least one clogged pipeline every now and then. The blockage usually happens to the waste pipes running from the kitchen sink or the toilet and it blocks the waste water’s path to the waste tank.

Clogging can occur due to food or non-organic waste disposal entering the water pipes from the sinks or other fresh water facilities and devices. In order to ensure that clogging doesn’t happen to your pipes avoid tossing food or objects that can’t be dissolved by your waste system.

If the drain pipelines are made from metal, the use of chemical cleaners and bleaches may damage the pipes and it might need to replace the whole pipeline or apply an emergency shielding patch. For that reason, you should arrange for a plumber to frequently check your drainage and clear any clogged pipelines before a rapture occurs.

Septic Tank Issues

An essential maintenance task that is usually overlooked is the septic tank and waste system maintenance. A waste tank is perhaps the easiest thing to neglect when during the maintenance season. This is due to the fact that the septic tank is buried underground and in a good distance away from the house. Every household in Mansfield, TX, should plan for septic tank maintenance at least once every six months to ensure that the waste tank and the connected sewage pipes are working properly and no pumping is required.

A neglected septic tank can have devastating effects for the house and your neighbors in Mansfield, TX, as it can lead to the appearance of strong odors, disruption in the use of the facilities and least but not last, a sewage overflow that can ruin your day and even damage your house.

The Drain Field Is Important

Although a septic tank is an important part of the house’s facilities, it is hidden in a place below and away from your house. This place is usually located in the far-end of your garden and it’s called a drainfield. It is important to keep your field clean of heavy objects and debris that can damage or block your septic tank and sewage pipes. It isn’t uncommon for houses in Mansfield, TX, to require septic tank repair due to foreign objects like tree leaves, small branches, and sometimes pests and bugs entering and contaminating the septic tank.

Also, it is vital to check, frequently, the growth of any trees and plants nearby the site where the tank is buried. Growing roots can attach themselves to the septic tank, or the nearby pipelines, causing damage such as disruption or even wastewater leaking. Inside the drainfield, the draining hatch is located which is used for repair and draining purposes. You should ensure that this hatch remains unobstructed and fully sealed on to avoid any odors or contaminants falling into your tank.

Finally, you should make sure that you don’t place any heavy objects above your septic tank’s drainfield such as concrete blocks, or vehicles as it will add stress in the systems underground and it might cause the tank to rupture.

When Your Waste Tank Needs a Plumber

Frequent septic tank repair and draining can guarantee the correct function of your wastewater system and the proper function of the facilities inside the house. However, a household can face certain challenges with its septic tank which usually are caused from blocked pipes or a leak in the sewage system.


Those issues might affect your lifestyle by causing a disruption to your house’s facilities and comforts. In this part of the post, you will learn the signs to look out for that indicate your waste system is in urgent need of a plumber.

  • Septic Odor

Have you noticed recently a foul smell emanating from the toilet, the sink or even your drainfield outside? Your septic tank combines all the sewage water from your house and when that tank starts to fail, a septic odor can alert you (and the rest of your neighborhood) that your septic tank is in need of a plumber.

  • Water Takes Longer to Drain

Next time that you do the dishwashing, check whether the rate of which the wastewater goes down to the drain. If the water tends to stay in a puddle, it’s a sign that your waste tank might be blocked. If the problem happens to other facilities such as the bathroom or the shower, it might be useful to call a plumber to check if the pipes leading to the septic tank are clogged or the level of the tank is normal.

Replacement of the Toilet Flush

Toilet flushes are used many times a day. A malfunctioning toilet flush may render the toilet useless or even worse, it can cause a water leak. Replacing a toilet’s flushing mechanism is a complex task that is better to be addressed by a skilled plumber which will ensure that the procedure is done right and the flushing unit is properly working without any leaks.

House Upgrades & New Appliances

Are you planning to run modifications to your house such as building an extra bathroom or adding that hot Jacuzzi tub you always dreamed of? Appliances that need freshwater such as washing machines, dishwashers, and sinks need to be connected to the appropriate water supply system that can supply the required amount of water

. If you are buying or replacing such an appliance, seek out the help of a plumber to ensure that the installation is done safely and is properly working. Don’t forget to check with your plumber if your septic tank is capable of accommodating the new extensions.

Boiler Breakdown

Especially during the winter season, the heating boiler is used on a daily basis and it provides dozens gallons of hot water throughout the house as well as heating for the radiators.

The boiler main installation is usually located in the facility room or the basement of the house. It activates automatically or manually through the control panel when hot water is required. Common issues with water heaters can be low pressure of water or no water at all. The first problem can be attributed to a leak within the pipeline system or an error in the electrical box of the boiler.

If a leakage occurs in the pipelines that transfer the hot water, it must be dealt with as early as possible to ensure that the affected pipe is replaced without damaging the house further or causing injury to the tenants. To ensure that you will not stay without hot water when most needed, it is essential to seek an expert’s advice for your boiler’s proper maintenance.

Placement of Shut-Off Valves

Shut-off valves are used to block the flow of water in pipe connections that are no longer used. Despite the fact that a shut-off valve is easy to install and looks like an easy task for someone who likes DIY plumbing, you should consider asking for a plumber to do the installation for you. If the stop-valve is not fitted correctly in the pipe that is no longer used, it may cause a leak or even a surge in the water pressure.

Raptures Caused by Limescale

Leaks are a common issue that a plumber has to deal with on a daily basis. Leaks are caused by old pipes that developed limescale which have ruptured the house’s pipelines or have corroded the faucets, sinks, and any other appliances that use freshwater from the network.. It can also be caused by the wrong installation of a device or even an old flow valve. Your plumber knows what places need to be inspected to make sure that your installation is leak-proof.

Damaged Radiator

A malfunction in one of the radiators in the interior of the house can cause a sudden drop to the house temperature that can be uncomfortable for the tenants. It is essential during the beginning of the winter season that radiators must be properly outgassed in order to ensure that the hot water can freely flow through the radiator body. When a radiator needs to be replaced, an expert plumber will ensure that this procedure is done safely and in a minimum amount of time.

Garden Watering System

If your property in Mansfield, TX, has a garden watering system, you may ask your local plumber to periodically check the pipes and the water pump for organic debris such as roots, soil or even ice build ups, especially during the winter season. Garden watering systems are usually suffering from clogging as the entire system is exposed in soil, bugs, and other foreign objects that are located in every garden. If you notice that your watering system struggles to provide enough water, or you notice the water pump making weird noises during watering, you may ask for a professional to have the system inspected.

Water Outage

A water outage might occur without any indication and is usually a bad sign for the condition of your plumbing facilities.. An outage can happen for a variety of different reasons that include pipe leakage, ice accumulation, or a fault in the supplier’s water network pipes. When you experience a water outage, you should ask for a professional plumber to deal with this and inspect all the fresh and waste water pipelines .This is the best practice and it will ensure that your water supply will be restored as soon as possible.

How to Avoid Last-Minute Plumbing

Every household is heavily dependent on freshwater facilities that it is difficult to imagine your life without those comforts. As you may know, emergency plumbing can occur due to an unexpected water disruption, boiler breakdown, septic odours, or flooding. All those incidents can cause quite the headache, and cost a significant amount of money to fix the damage caused.


As a result, in order to avoid those unpleasant surprises, make sure that you arrange for your local plumber to frequently visit the property and have a thorough look on your freshwater facilities, pipelines and least but not last, sewage system.


If you have a septic tank in your property, you already have noticed by now the benefits that come with it in terms of bill-saving and house independence from the local network. However you should take care of the waste system so you won’t have to worry about unplanned repairs.

In order to make sure that your wastewater system remains healthy, ensure that the people who live in the house don’t drop items inside the drain which can cause a pipe to clog. Septic tanks weren’t designed to dissolve sanitary items or non-organic remnants!


Stay Dry and Call a Plumber!

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may like to take matters into your own hands when it comes to plumbing. However, there are cases where a seemingly easy problem is actually more complex and you may end up causing even greater damage without the right skills and equipment.

By enlisting a professional plumber to deal with the boiler’s tank, the leaky sink or your old septic tank, you will save a lot of time and money while the job is safely and securely done. If you are seeking a professional plumber to take care of your house’s plumbing equipment contact us at Benjamin Franklin today!