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When Should You Get A Water Filtration System? | Fort Worth, TX

When Should You Get A Water Filtration System? | Fort Worth, TX

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When it comes to filtering water, you have the option of installing multiple point of use (POU) filters in each location you need the water to be purified. Another option would be to get a water filtration system that covers your entire home. Which one you go for often depends on a few factors, including your budget, how big your family is and how hard the water is where you live. Fort Worth, TX is known for having areas with hard water, which can affect everything from your morning coffee to washing your hair and cooking dinner.

While the upfront cost of a system that works for your whole house maybe just a little bit more than multiple POU filters, the cost of upkeeping and replacing several filters in the home would soon add up to a greater overall expense. A whole house water filtration system is convenient and ensures that you’re getting consistent quality throughout your home, whichever faucet you turn on.

If you have a small household and only want to have filtered water for cooking and drinking water, a simply POU filter in the kitchen may be all you need. If you want to feel the benefits of having filtered water in your bathroom, or you have a larger home and need to make sure each tap in the house is drawing clean water; a water filtration system is probably for you.

If your family prefers their tap water to be free of odors, taste issues, sediment and other impurities that can affect tap water, this type of system is a game-changer. One of the best things about a whole house water filtration system is that it eliminates all contaminants at once. Plus, no-one wants to fight over who gets first dibs on the filtered water first thing in the morning!

Some of the key advantages a whole house water filter include:

  • Higher output of filtered water: This type of system can handle multiple uses, even when it’s required at the same time. A POU filter can only serve one function at a time. You can ensure filtered water is running when you shower, clean, drink, cook and do the dishes.
  • Convenience: Instead of having to maintain and oversee several POU filters, you have one system to take care of. This saves time and money in the long run. Fort Worth, TX is home to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, who can help you with all of your filtration needs.
  • Multiple contaminants are removed at once: Water filtration that covers the whole house is also known as a multi-stage filtration system – meaning they remove hundreds of impurities. Volatile organic compounds, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and herbicides, among others.
  • Cost-effective: This type of system is much more cost-effective than having lots of POU filters.
  • Say goodbye to scale: The water in Fort Worth, TX can be chalky. If you choose a model with this functionality, your water filtration system could have a descaling effect as well. This means your appliances will last for longer and makes cleaning less of a strain.
  • Brighter clean clothes: Your washing machine is going to feel the difference, and so will your clothes. Filtered water helps detergent to perform better, keeping your family’s kit brighter and softer.
  • Safer bathing: If you or your family have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, you’ll find that the irritation hard, untreated water can cause you is eliminated.
  • Flexibility: You can try several different types of filter cartridge to see which one is best suited to the needs of your home. Some may filter more contaminants than

Types of Water Filtration System

Not every system has the same functionality. Depending on your specific needs and how much you want to invest in pure, clean water, you can get a variety of types of water filtration systems. Some of the most popular ones, include:

UV Systems

With this type of water filter, ultraviolet light is used to treat your water. You can use these filters alone or in conjunction with taste and odor filters – or with POU filters if this works best for your individual needs. With UV filters, a pre-filtration system removes any sediment before the UV light is utilized. This type of filter doesn’t remove heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, chemical contaminants, or solids. A UV filter destroys harmful bacteria and microorganisms and sanitizes tap water.

High-efficiency Filters

A high-efficiency water filtration system is the ultimate model you can choose for your home. While the upfront cost may be a little higher, the functionality justifies this. This type of filter makes use of carbon-block filters, ceramic filters, sediment filters or granular activated carbon filters. High-efficiency filters remove bacteria, toxins, hormones, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, chemical byproducts, pesticides, fluoride, sediment, odors, bad tastes, and much more. If you or your loved ones suffer from any allergies or are sensitive to putting certain things in your body, this is the best choice, The filters in this type of system usually need replacing every 12 months.

Basic Taste and Odor Eliminating Water Filters

Tap water in Fort Worth, TX, is mineral-rich, hard and treated with chlorine, meaning the taste won’t be for everyone. This type of filter usually removes sediment, chlorine and prevents limescale from building up in your home appliances. These systems normally use carbon or calcium filters and don’t cost much more than your average POU filter.

When you’re choosing a water filter system, make sure you do thorough research. Speak to the company you choose to carry out the work and take their expert advice about what suits your home and requirements the best. Most of all, enjoy the beautifully pure water and the spoils that come with it!