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When to Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

When to Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

When you’re standing at your kitchen sink and are suddenly hit with a bad smell, or enjoying your shower and look down to find your feet swimming in a few inches of shower water, it may be time to call your plumber and schedule a drain cleaning service. Most home owners don’t know that they should set up a drain cleaning service as a regular part of their home maintenance, but even if you have a drain cleaning performed regularly knowing the signs of a clogged or clogging drain can help you get the professionals out to your Fort Worth, TX door quickly before any permanent damage is done to your pipes, your home or your sanity.

When your drains just aren’t draining as quickly as they should be you probably assume it’s because there’s a clog forming and chances are you’re not wrong. Slow drainage in sinks and showers is one of the most common and easy to notice signs that you probably need to schedule a drain cleaning service. It tends to be the first thing that home owners notice and like a runny nose, is a sign that your pipes are getting sick and need to be cleaned out sooner rather than later.

If your kitchen sink is starting to smell despite cleaning it out over and over, or you get a whiff of something not quite right in your bathroom sink you’ll want to call a plumber and get a drain cleaning schedules ASAP! Make sure you take the time to check all the drains in your house. If the smell is coming up out of just one drain then you probably only have one pipe in trouble, but if you have multiple drains giving off a less than pleasant odor you may have an issue deeper in your plumbing. This is why you want to call the Fort Worth, TX professionals – they have the tools necessary to get down into your pipes and figure out exactly what’s wrong. Then they can work with you to make sure that the appropriate repair is made without causing you to be without water or water waste disposal any longer than necessary. Covering up the problem with scented drain cleaners or trying to force a blockage through your pipes yourself can cause damage that will cost much more in the long run than just hiring a professional to perform a drain cleaning service in the first place.

A professional drain cleaning service will bring more than just a snake and some chemicals to your home – they’ll also bring special tools like an omni-directional spray tool. This tool blasts high-pressured water in 360 degrees, using the water to scrape down the walls of your pipes and remove any blockages or debris.

Slow drains and bad smells aren’t the only signs you may need to schedule a drain cleaning service. Are your pipes gurgling they drain. A drain that is draining quickly but sounds a babbling brook out in the forest is likely in the beginning stages of developing a clog. While a starting clog won’t cause slow drainage at first, the longer its allowed to settle in your pipes, the bigger it will grow. Expect that a gurgling pipe will, sooner rather than later, begin draining slower and slower until the pipe is finally slow clogged water just can’t run down it anymore.

Is your sink making bubbles without any soap? This can be a sign of a clogging drain that is causing other issues with your plumbing. Another sign of clogged drains causing problems for other parts of your plumbing is black matter coming out of your sink faucets or shower heads. This definitely isn’t normal and is a sign that there is a clog somewhere in your system that is beginning to cause serious problems with your other plumbing. These are signs that definitely shouldn’t be ignored and should encourage you to hire a professional to come out and perform a drain cleaning service as soon as possible!

Everyone knows that a clogged drain will back up but most people think it will just back up into their sink or shower. Do you have a utility room? A basement? Garage? These are all places that can be flooded by backed up pipes. Remember, it’s not just your sinks, tubs, showers and toilets connected to your sewer lines, but your laundry equipment and in many homes your refrigerator as well. Wherever these appliances are they can be silent sufferers of clogged drains and these are the most likely culprits for slow, hidden leaks. It’s easy to miss wet drywall from a pipe leaking behind your washing machine until significantly damage is done and you’re at risk of getting very sick from mold.

Regularly scheduling a preventative drain cleaning service is the best way to prevent any of these signs of clogged drains from appearing in your home. If you rarely have issues with clogged drains then chances are you can get away with having your drains cleaned on an annual basis, but if you find that your sinks seem to clog up more often then you’ll want to check with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX, who perform your drain cleaning service and see what they recommend. Regular preventative maintenance can improve the quality of your drainage system and helps you to identify problem areas and eroding pipes before they spring a leak and leave you with hundreds of dollars in damage and repairs. Don’t be afraid to ask your plumber if there is anything they recommend you do to keep your drains and your drainage system running smoothly in-between drain cleaning services so that you don’t have an emergency between regular cleanings.