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Why Do I Need A Plumber for Clogged Drains? | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Drain Cleaning Service Provider

Why Do I Need A Plumber for Clogged Drains? | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Drain Cleaning Service Provider

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Clogged drains are an inconvenience, but they can also pose more serious problems. Water in drains and pipes has to go somewhere when it cannot move past a clog. The water can damage walls, furniture, carpeting, and even a home’s foundations as it leaks out of pipes through the point of least resistance.

A drain clogs when something obstructs the flow of water. Water flows slowly because it has to move around the clog. Unaddressed clogs eventually obstruct the drain completely. Professional drain cleaning services in Mansfield, TX, remove grease, hair, food scraps, waste, paper, and other things that build up in pipes and drains.

Effects of Clogged Drains

Foul odors are a common side effect of clogged drains. A clog large enough to obstruct water flow leaves pipes dry on one side and produces stagnant water on the other side. Waste and rotting food flushed down drains cannot move through the pipes. These substances sit in one place and dry out without any water to dampen the smell.

Bacteria growing in the clog itself and stagnant water in the pipes produce even more odors. Odors waft out of drains and drift throughout the home. Drain cleaning services are especially beneficial for people with allergies or asthma that may experience symptoms due to odors and tiny airborne particles from clogs and bacterial colonies.

Clogged drains may cause leaking pipes that pose a problem for homeowners in Mansfield, TX. Sometimes water backs up out of sinks or toilets when it is unable to flow around clogs. Pipes can be damaged when clogs are in an area where the water does not have an easy exit point. Drain cleaning services prevent damage to walls or floors from leaky pipes.

Severe clogs can cause flooding, although this is a rare occurrence. Small leaks are more common. A small leak may not be noticed immediately, but the moisture encourages mold or mildew growth in walls and carpets. Any bacteria in the pipes are carried out into the home along with the leaking water.

Clogs become a smorgasbord for bacteria. Food scraps and waste will build up around a clog, whether they were part of the initial obstruction or not. Bacteria thrive in warm, wet environments with a constant food source. Clogged drains in homes provide all three of those characteristics. Drain cleaning services disrupt conditions that encourage bacterial growth.

Bacteria multiply fast and spread out of the drain every time water backs up and overflows. A consistent source of bacteria in a home’s plumbing system also poses a risk of contaminating tap water. Pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Legionella can grow inside clogged drains and pipes and cause serious illness. Drain cleaning services flush organic materials and bacteria out of the plumbing system.

Problematic Clogged Drains

Sometimes drains clog repeatedly. A plunger or some other unclogging method clears the drain for a few days, but then drainage slows down again. This situation occurs because the clog was not actually cleared. Attempts to remove the clog simply broke off enough mass to let water flow around it temporarily. The remaining pieces of the clog pick up more material until the drain is obstructed again. Professional drain cleaning remove all of the material clogging pipes.

A professional plumber in Mansfield, TX, can pinpoint exactly where clogs are located with equipment such as CCTV that displays the interior of the pipes in the home’s plumbing. Clogs are sometimes caused by factors beyond most homeowners’ ability to deal with alone. Broken underground pipes let dirt enter the plumbing, or tree roots might grow into pipes. A professional plumber can find and repair these problems while performing drain cleaning services.

The build-up up on the sides of drains and pipes is a combination of soap scum, fats and grease, and minerals from the water flowing through them. These substances form a hardened plaque that cannot be removed with plunging. Harsh drain cleaners may work to some extent, but most drain cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals and acid. Professional do not utilize harsh chemical solutions.

The acid corrodes pipes, and it is very unlikely that cleaning solutions bought off a store shelf can remove a significant amount of plaque. Clogs may occur more frequently when drain cleaners are used regularly. The corrosion of pipe walls creates rough areas. Particles in the water adhere to rough surfaces more easily than smooth pipe walls. Acid corrosion can also cause leaks in weakened pipe walls.

Plaques on pipe walls constricts the open area available for water to flow through. Thick plaque accumulation increases risk of clogs because the water flows slowly. Particles in the water stick to the existing plaque layer. Professional plumbers have tools to remove plaque without damaging pipes.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Preventative drain cleaning services in Mansfield, TX, help maintain plumbing systems overall. Drains emit foul or musty odors when they have not been cleaned for an extended period. The odors come from bacteria and mold. These microorganisms are always present in drains to some extent because drains are damp and contain organic residue. Regular cleaning prevents build-up of these microorganisms.

Some substances in the plaque coating inside pipes have corrosive properties. Regularly scheduled services remove plaque and extend the functional lifetime of pipes and drains. Removing debris also reduces risk of leaks and lets water drain more efficiently so sinks and toilets do not overflow.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arlington can identify potential problems such as rust, cracks, and fractures. Catching problems early through routine maintenance ultimately saves money by preventing more extensive damage. Preventative drain cleaning services on a semi-annual or quarterly basis is sufficient for most homeowners in Mansfield, TX. Schedule cleanings more often if clogs occur repeatedly between visits.