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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Plumber for Water Line Repairs | Mansfield, TX

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Plumber for Water Line Repairs | Mansfield, TX

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Different plumbing tasks are not DIY jobs. To avoid causing more damage to your home or business, you need to hire a professional. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Mansfield, TX area offers a variety of plumbing services for your home and business.

Prevent Further Damage

Water is powerful and can wreak havoc on your residential or commercial property, which can result in devastating and expensive repairs. Water can enter your home or business due to leaking pipes, overflowing toilets, and other factors. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Mansfield, TX area uses innovative technology to detect leaks and make the necessary repairs, such as water line repair.

Identifying Future Issues

Professional plumbers use different technologies to perform preventive maintenance tasks. Preventive plumbing maintenance reduces your chances of requiring emergency repairs, improves your water pressure, and promotes a better quality of water. This type of preventive maintenance also saves money on your utilities.

Quality Work

Dealing with plumbing tasks can be messy, dirty, and sometimes complicated. Professional plumbers have the correct tools and expertise to make the necessary repairs promptly without causing damage to your plumbing and home or business.

Property Protection

The professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are insured, which means you never have to worry about liability for damages and mishaps. We enjoy giving our customers peace of mind.


It’s best to let a professional plumber complete the plumbing tasks in your home or establishment. Plumbing involves handling heavy pipes and sometimes fitting into small spaces. To avoid injuries and property damage, only a professional should tend to issues with plumbing.

Saving Money

It’s a great feeling when you’re able to save money. Hiring a plumber helps you save money by making the necessary repairs when an issue arises. Prolonging a water leak results in an expensive water bill and wastes gallons of water.

Clean Water

It is recommended you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Without clean drinking water, your body will not be able to function at its full potential. Plumbers ensure the pipes in your home or establishment are up to code, which means the pipes are not corroding. Plumbers also make sure the water that flows from the faucet is safe to drink.


You don’t realize how essential water is for your home until you have an issue with your plumbing. Without proper indoor plumbing, bathing, cleaning and using the bathroom become a luxury. Plumbers make sure your home routine is not disturbed due to plumbing malfunctions.

Saving Time

Hiring a plumber gives you time to focus on other important aspects of your home or business. Plumbers have the necessary tools to make repairs quickly and prevent a variety of plumbing issues. Some plumbing issues are more complicated than they appear. Attempting a DIY plumbing project could cost you a substantial amount of time and money to correct any mistakes you make.


At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we are dedicated to our customers. We explain each process and procedure we perform so you understand how to better care for your plumbing and avoid costly repairs.

If you need water line repair in Mansfield, TX or the surrounding areas, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is at your service. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services and see how we can help you.

Water heaters are essential because they provide your home with hot water. The 5 different types of water heaters are:

  • Conventional
  • Tankless
  • Solar
  • Heat pump
  • Condensing

Here’s what you need to know about these water heaters and how they work.

Conventional Water Heater

Conventional water heaters are the most common type of water heater. These water heaters hold water in a tank to be heated. The capacity of the water heater tank determines how much hot water you have access to at one time. Conventional water heaters are insulated and hold heated water until you need to use it. These specific water heaters have two valves, which are the pressure and temperature control valves. The temperature control valve releases heat to warm the water you use and the pressure release valve controls the pressure of the water when it reaches 150 psi. Conventional water heaters need to be cleaned regularly, at least twice a year, to increase the lifespan of the heater.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are referred to as on-demand water heaters because they have an unlimited supply of hot water. These water heaters use heated coils to warm water when you need it. Tankless water heaters are ideal for large families due to the on-demand supply of hot water. These on-demand water heaters are powered by electricity and could increase your electric bill by a substantial amount, so it’s best to invest in an energy-saving water heater.

Hybrid Water Heater

If you’re interested in saving money on your electric bill, a hybrid water heater is ideal for your household. Heat pump water heaters are also called hybrid water heaters, use heat in the air and the ground to warm water. Other water heaters use electricity to generate heat to warm the water. Hybrid water heaters only use electricity to transfer heat from the ground or to transfer air to the water. When compared to traditional water heaters, heat pump water heaters use 60 percent less electricity. Hybrid water heaters hold water in a tank and the tank should be cleaned at least twice per year to improve its lifespan.

Solar-Powered Water Heater

Solar-powered water heaters are powered by energy from the sun. If you already own solar panels and familiar with the process, a solar-powered water heater may be ideal for your current living situation. These solar power heaters are also a great candidate for your home if you’re considering adding solar panels. Solar-powered water heaters rely on roof-mounted solar panels for operation and the most energy-efficient choice of the different water heaters available on the market. Although this water heater relies on solar power, it has a tank and it must be cleaned no less than twice a year.

Condensing Water Heater

Condensing water heaters use your home’s gas supply to heat water. This water heater is similar to conventional water heaters. This particular water heater has a tank that should be thoroughly cleaned twice each year. In addition to cleaning the heater’s tank, you should also have the heater’s gas import valves cleaned and inspected.

Let Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth keep your water heater properly maintained year-round. We also specialize in water line repair. We service the Mansfield, TX location and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Is Pipe Corrosion?

Pipe corrosion is the process of the breaking down of pipe material. Pipe corrosion gives metal a rusty and worn-down appearance. Pipe corrosion is dangerous because it weakens pipes and makes them unstable, which can cause structural damage and a variety of other damages.

What Is Rust?

Rust is the result of oxidation, a process where metal pipes are exposed to high concentrations of oxygen for extended periods. Rust is a part of the corrosion process. Once rusting occurs, pipes can turn brown, red, or orange.

Signs Your Pipes Are Corroding and Rusting

Signs your pipes are rusting include:

  • Discolored water
  • Metallic odor
  • Rust flakes in the water

Signs your pipes are corroding include water that has an unpleasant odor or taste.

What Causes Pipe Corrosion?

High oxygen level environments cause pipes to rust and corrode. Corrosion effects steel, copper, and cast-iron pipes. Pipe corrosion is the result of a metal reacting to water in the atmosphere, such as the air, or liquid form. This type of corrosion destroys pipes by causing holes to form and eventually collapse.

Before You Call a Plumber

Before you call a plumber, you need to make a note of a few things. First, you need to check if rust-colored water is coming from specific taps or all of the taps. You also need to know if the water runs clear after allowing the water to run for a few seconds. If you notice either of these two factors, it is likely your municipal water supply is experiencing problems and your pipes are not the culprit.

If you notice one or more signs of rusting or corroding pipes in your home, you need to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth. While rusty water does not pose an immediate or fatal health risk or concern, it can alter the taste of food and stain your clothing. If you have rusting pipes, you should contact a professional plumber immediately.

Preventing Pipe Corrosion

To prevent pipe corrosion, you need to:

  • Keep an eye on the color, taste, and smell of your water
  • Keep your pipes clean and well-maintained
  • Add metal protection to your pipes
  • Keep your structures stable
  • Prevent metal-to-metal contact
  • Water line repair

What You Need to Know About Water Line Repair

The water line is the line that delivers water to your home. These lines can fail or malfunction resulting in the need for water line repair. Water lines fail for different reasons including:

  • Poor or improper initial installation
  • Shifting soil
  • Rodent and pest damage
  • Wear and tear
  • A change in hydraulic dynamics

Signs You Need Water Line Repair

Signs a water line repair is in the near future is:

  • Soggy lawn spots
  • Discolored water
  • Low water pressure
  • Increased water bills

Benefits of Water Line Repair

Water line repair can be beneficial for your home if you’re experiencing multiple plumbing issues, such as leaks, water discoloration, and insanely expensive water bills.

Water line repair is an efficient solution for correcting many of your plumbing problems, such as broken or damaged water lines. There are different methods that can be used that will not destroy your lawn. Instead of tearing your yard apart to dig up useless piping, different trenchless solutions can be used. Water line repair may sound like an expensive process, but it’s surprisingly affordable regardless of your current financial situation. Without the need to dig up an entire yard and perform somewhat strenuous labor for many hours, you can save hundreds of dollars on your water line repair and get favorable results.

Your water’s efficiency and overall flow can be improved with a simple water line repair process. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth takes pride in the safety measures we take. Our trenchless water line repair process is safer than the alternative of extensive and excessive digging, which can lead to unearthing harmful gases.

Trenchless water line repair lasts at least 50 years, which gives you peace of mind as a homeowner. The good news is, whether the pipes in your home have sustained mild, moderate, or severe damage, water line repair can correct the current damage and prevent future pipe damage.

How Can Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth Help?

Whether you need water line repair, help with leak detection, drain service, finding a reliable water heater, or any other plumbing associated service, we’re there to help. We offer our professional plumbing services to the Mansfield, TX location and surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is family-owned and operated and proud to serve you. Whether you need our plumbing expertise for large or small jobs, we are always ready to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need professional plumbing services or advice. Contact us today or schedule an appointment to have your plumbing needs handled by trusted professional plumbers. We look forward to working with you and performing our services with a smile.