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Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

As a homeowner in Mansfield, TX, you understand that plumbing problems are a significant inconvenience when they occur. The occasional dripping tap is not only annoying but can also cause substantial damages to wood, flooring and paint. Another risk factor is mold growing due to the dampness in the room. If the multiple DIY videos are anything to go by, not every plumbing problem requires complicated repairs. Right? Wrong.

Here is an unfortunate fact; most of these DIY videos are edited to make the repairs seems easier than they genuinely are. We know the plumber in the video is trying to help you out. However, some information is bound to get lost along the way. This is the same when it comes to magazine articles and how-to books.

Performing plumbing service work on your own could be a huge mistake. Luckily, for residents of Mansfield, TX, there are many professional contractors like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing ready to assist you when you need. Our 24/7 emergency plumbing service especially will help fix any plumbing problems that occur when you least expect them.

Away from that, here are some of the reasons why you should never perform plumbing fixes on your own:

You Misdiagnose the Problem

That leak is caused by nothing more than a caulking problem with the tub and shower. This being the case you buy fresh caulk, remove the old blockade, and the job is done. The problem is, after some time, the leak is still there. A lot of time is wasted, and more water lost from the tub to your floor all the way to the drywall.

Wasting time and money is probably the best reason to avoid fixing the plumbing problem on your own. However, losing time and money is not the worst-case scenario when it comes to DIY jobs. An improper diagnosis could lead you to allow more severe problems to develop. For instance, letting water drip for a long time may lead to the subfloor collapsing. Any mold growing in the walls will continue to grow as more water drips.

The first step to properly fixing a problem is hiring a professional plumbing service contractor like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to make an accurate diagnosis.

You Make the Problem Worse

Imagine pouring massive amounts of drain cleaner down your pipes to fix an blockage that cannot be removed by the liquids. This can be frustrating. Also, by doing so, you might end up damaging the pipes. Now instead of passing a coil through the pipes to fix the clog, you have to take out the ruined pipes and get new ones. Guess what, the price of dealing with the clog just went up and became more involved.

Sometimes even the most straightforward job can lead to a disaster. As you know, in Mansfield, TX sometimes the water pressure might be a bit high. Imagine breaking a worn valve under massive water pressure while trying to replace it. The damaged valve could send water flying everywhere. Many things can go wrong and once something goes wrong expect to spend more cash.

Overall some things are best left to professional plumbing service contractors—both major and minor jobs.

You Injure Yourself

If making a mistake during your DIY only leads you to spend more money, you are lucky. Many cases of DIY fixes often worsen the existing situation. Incorrectly performing plumbing repair jobs might lead to an injury. In some cases, these injuries can be fatal, trust us, we know.

Imagine cutting yourself on a rusted, clogged drain pipe. Think of all the infections you can get from this. Think of all the medical bills you will have to settle when all you could have done is call a professional plumbing service company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

All our plumbers working in Mansfield, TX, process the necessary paraphernalia, gear, and customized clothes designed to perform the job safely. Their knowledge also contributes to the ability to avoiding hazards and mishaps.

You Do Not Know the Plumbing Codes

Your home’s plumbing system is mainly responsible for the overall health of your home. We count on it to bring clean water into the house and to take dirty water away. Since this system is so crucial, there are plumbing codes that need to be followed to the letter to ensure everything is working like clockwork.

When you DIY plumbing, it can be easy to overlook and violate these plumbing codes without even knowing it. This simple action can lead to city fines. Simple mistakes like the wrong removal of clogs can restrict your draining, cause backflow issues, or water contamination.

A professional plumber from a licensed plumbing service company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a deep understanding of plumbing coded and stays up to date with all the changes. Our installations and repairs will be up to code every time.

You Do Not Have the Right Tools

With no past plumbing experience, it is unlikely that you have most of the plumbing tools needed to do the job correctly. Carrying out plumbing repairs and diagnosis sometimes requires specialized tools that require specialized training to use.

A professional plumbing service contractor like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing equips all its plumbers with the right resources and tools to handle any plumbing problems. Our plumbers are also equipped with the proper techniques to use in certain situations. Professional plumbing service is not all about job completion but also doing it correctly.

Plumbing Service Contractor

No one enjoys plumbing malfunctions, but everyone is looking to save money. However, many DIY attempts often backfire, leading to further household damages that end up costing far more than professional maintenance.

Are you still looking for a plumber you can trust? Try Benjamin Franklin Plumbing the next time you have a plumbing problem. Generally, it is best to consult a professional plumber before attempting any installations, repairs, or adjustments to your plumbing systems.

If any plumbing problems occur in your house, do not take matters into your own hands. Contact the specialists at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule an appointment. You can always trust us to deliver.