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Your Skin Is Begging For Clean Water, So Get A Water Filtration System For Your Home! | Water Filtration System in Haslet, TX

Your Skin Is Begging For Clean Water, So Get A Water Filtration System For Your Home! | Water Filtration System in Haslet, TX

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Itchiness, rashes, acne and redness, can all be traced back to the unchecked use of unfiltered water throughout your home. Once you have identified the cause of this issue, it’s time to eliminate it by installing a reliable water filtration system in Haslet, TX for your home.

The unfiltered water supply for your town may contain a variety of chemicals and minerals that can irritate skin. Even if the neighborhood water treatment plant cleans the water thoroughly before sending it to your home, it may still gather impurities while travelling hundreds of miles of piping to reach your home.

The water plant may also mix disinfectants such as chlorine in the water. While this helps kill any harmful microorganisms from the water, it can also cause skin irritation. The right water filtration system in Haslet, TX can help clean the water as it enters your home. And that’s how a home water filter can be blessing for your skin.

Using a Home Water Filter to Improve Dry and Irritated Skin

Hard water is the culprit behind bad skin that often breaks out and is always dry no matter how many times you moisturize it. It happens because hard water has high levels of calcium and magnesium. These elements can clog the top layer of the skin, keeping it from breathing properly.

A home water filtration system in Haslet, TX removes the calcium and magnesium ions from hard water and turn it into soft water. But that’s not all. Here are several other reasons why a home water filter is good for your skin.

1.   Helps Enhance Skin Hydration

Have you ever seen a pipe that has been subjected to hard water for several months at end? It has white deposits and build up stuck to the sides.

Well, that is exactly what happens to skin that’s being washed with hard water. It’s never really clean. The minerals in hard water can form a very thin layer on top of the skin, which stays no matter how many times you shower or bath. It will go away on its own eventually when the ions lose the positive charge that’s keeping them stuck to the naturally negatively charged atoms on the skin.

These positively charged ions don’t mx well with the natural oils on your skin. These natural secretions keep your skin moisturized, but the positive charges change their chemistry and make them less effective at keeping the skin hydrated.

2.   Stops Skin Irritation

Calcium and magnesium ions are attracted to soap. Hard water and soap creates nasty soap scum, and our skin doesn’t get along with it.

This soap scum is often responsible for difficult stains on tiles and bathroom fixtures. So can you imagine how horrible it must be to your skin?

That’s why it is important to install a good quality water filtration system in Haslet, TX to turn that hard water into soft water that’s actually good for the skin because it doesn’t leave any residue behind. It also cleans any contaminants or microorganisms from the water.

3.   Minimizing Acne

When the skin dries up because of hard water, it tries to compensate by increasing the production of natural oil. Well this oil can clog the pores that develop into acne. Installing a water filtration system in Haslet, TX, normalizes the pH in water, helping you keep acne at bay for longer. Yes, you will have to wait a few days for it to come in to effect. But soon it will start reducing the after effects and starring for acne.

4.  Slows Down the Progression of Aging

Imbalance in the skin chemistry cause the formation of free radicals, which attack the collagen in your skin. This collagen is responsible for keeping your skin supple and youthful. If it breaks down and isn’t allowed to regenerate, that that will speed up the process considerably.

Water that has been treated with water filtration system in Haslet, TX elements all the reasons for the formation of these free radicals, ensuring that you look youthful for longer. Continuous use of filtered water will bring significant improvement to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other related issues. As the skin’s collagen levels return to normal, you will also see your skin improving considerably.

Home Water Filtration Setups

Install whole home water filtration system in Haslet, TX for skin that’s easily moisturizing and less likely to be irritating for the skin.

You can get a whole-house water filtration system in Haslet, TX.

This setup will keep hard water from entering your home. It allows you to benefit from improved plumbing lifecycle, better soap and detergent effectiveness (lets you use less soap when washing clothes, among other things), and alleviated skin conditions. Another type of water filtration system in Haslet, softens water from the tap, making it less tempting for drinking. It also reduces the water’s content of minerals.

Bathing with soft water doesn’t leave the same slick feeling that using a water softener does. It leaves you much cleaner, making it great for people with sensitive skin.

Like a water softener, a water filtration system in Haslet is the perfect choice for removing minerals. However, reintroducing minerals to the water isn’t as big a deal since you only can make so with adding a remineralization filter wherever you want hard water.

No More Dry and Irritated Skin – Get a Water Filter NOW!

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth are available to help you decide which water filter is best for your needs. Our professionals can guide you through the details of water filtration system in Haslet, TX, to simply the decision making for you. By the time we are done installing your filtration system, your skin will have begun to save us anyway. If you want to install a water filter in your Haslet home, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t forget to give us a call to find out more about our products and other brands.