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5 Ways to Save Your Plumbing From Pets | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

5 Ways to Save Your Plumbing From Pets | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

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Pets are an integral part of life for many homeowners in the United States. From dogs, fish, cats to even iguanas, around 68% of American households choose to own at least one or more pets. In fact, this rate is expected to grow further in the foreseeable future.

Owning a pet can, however, spell trouble for some households as pets can cause problems with the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. Pets have full access to indoor and outdoor spaces and can occasionally end up around plumbing setups that they have no business in.

From pets being stuck in drains to their hair lodging up in pipes, pet-owning homes often succumb to plumbing problems. Although these are issues which good plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, can fix with ease, taking precautionary measures can help reduce plumbing related costly repairs.

Here are some measures to take to limit the damage pets can cause to your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

1.  Hide Exposed Pipes

From kitchen cabinets to bathrooms, laundry rooms to outdoor areas, there is a plumbing setup spread throughout your home’s structure. Whether placed discreetly behind units or placed obviously in sight, some pipes are bound to be exposed.

Most pets that stay indoors could be bored or frustrated and chew on items in the house to relieve that boredom. Plumbing setup that is exposed can often become a victim of this mindless gnawing.

Holes, cracks, and dents caused by animal bites can require costly repair and replacement. It may further lead to leaks and problems like mold and high water bills.

It is ideal to protect these exposed pipes by covering them with either a rope or cloth. You may also place items around such pipes to block access to them.

If your pipes are damaged by your pets, contact a reliable service for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX to have them working like brand new in no time.

2.  Do Not Flush Kitty Litter Down the Drain

One of the worst nuisancesyour drains could be exposed to is sometimes not even your pets own fault. Most pet owners flush kitty litter down the toilet for convenience purposes. This practice, however, can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

According to the New York Times, kitty litter is not meant to be flushed. It is made up of nondissolvable materials meant to mask the odor or animal feces and instead should be thrown out with the trash.

It comprises of granules which are unnaturally absorbent and grow more than 60,000 times when exposed to moisture. Once it goes down the drain and gets exposed to water resting in the pipes, it acts as a sponge waiting to choke your drains.

To avoid bothersome blockages, build a habit of disposing of kitty litter in trash bins instead of down your drain. If you feel your drains have been choking due to kitty litter related issues, it is recommended to hire a service that provides professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, to resolve the issue with fantastic results.

3.  Put a Stopper on Your Drains

Pets generally have thicker hair compared to your human hair. They also tend to shed their coat more frequently than you would lose yours. Giving a shower or a bath in sinks or the tub may seem convenient; however, the hair can lodge inside the drains and cause blockages.

Installing drain guards and stoppers can be a preventive measure to keep your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, in pristine condition.These innovative accessories stop your pet’s hair from choking your pipes and can even collect debris before they make their way down the drain.

Wherever you bathe your pets; whether it is in sinks, tubs, or showers, use these blockers to protect your plumbing and wallet from costly repairs.

4.  Do Not Brush Your Pets in the Sink

Brushing pets such as cats and dogs can cause their hair to shed. If you do this routine over a sink without drain stoppers, thick animal hair can make its way down the drain.

The hair can settle as giant stringy hairballs, causing water to spill out of the drains. This water can become a smelly and septic pool of germs.

Even tireless efforts with a plunger and drain snake can be useless against it. Hence, brush your pet outdoors and away from sinks and drains. If your drains have clogs caused by animal hair, then call the best professionals for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, for effective results.

5.  Close Toilet Seats

Pets are smart, and usually find ways to quench their thirst and satiate their hunger if their owners are slow at providing for them. When the water bowl goes empty, their next best option is to make their way to the toilet for a sip.

Not only is this revolting and bad for your pet’s health, but it can also expose you to germs. Most pets figure out the function of the lever, too, and play with it till it works. This can cause untimely damage to the toilet seat as its components become unhinged and fall off.

Even though installations for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX can fix such issue, it is best to keep your toilet seats shut. Keeping the bathroom doors closed also keeps pets away from plumbing fixtures, breaking their habit of drinking from the toilet and toying with the flush lever.

Professional Plumbing Service: A Quick Recovery for Pet Damaged Plumbing

Animals can be comforting and fun to own but can cause houses to develop problems with plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. Your house can develop blocked drains, malfunctioning toilets or damage to pipes from animal bites.

A quick service from a reliable and trusted name in plumbing solutions can resolve all your pet related plumbing issues.

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are renowned for our excellence in plumbing services. From clearing hairballs to replacing damaged pipes, we can do it all.

Call us at 817-983-7876. We are available 24 hours at your convenience.