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7 Valuable Tricks That Plumbers Must Know | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

7 Valuable Tricks That Plumbers Must Know | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Plumbing is a profession which can never lose its importance. Similarly, plumbers can never experience a decline in their demand. There are seasonal problems with the house plumbing for which plumbers are required. There is construction going on and new projects being built every day, which also requires the services of plumbers. All this keeps the plumbers on their toes almost the entire year.

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is no different. Plumbers usually have busy schedules to follow and have to keep up with the increasing demands of their profession. They encounter different problems at different places and that adds to their experience. However, at times employing some plumbing technique can give a plumber a hard time and ends up consuming more time than expected.

Here we discuss some useful and valuable tricks that the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX must keep on their fingertips so that whenever a plumbing task gets stuck, they know an alternative that would get the job done in no time. This will save a great deal of their time and efforts.

1- Reheating the Solder When Can’t Cut the Pipe

Plumbers usually cut the pipe in order to disconnect a soldered pipe. But as it turns out sometimes the pipe cannot be cut. This may happen because the plumber is unable to fit the cutting tool in the available space or maybe perhaps cutting the pipe would leave it too short to be connected to another one. According to experienced plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, in such a case heating the joint of the soldered pipe is the right thing to do and pull it off as its solder begins to melt.

2- Metal Drain Lines Can Be Replaced By Plastic Ones

Though it may seem that metal drain pipes are more suitable to be used as drain pipes under the sink, but it turns out that plastic pipes are better in almost every possible way. Plastic drain pipes are cheaper, easy to install, easier to adjust and relatively easy to get tightened in case of a leak. Also, plastic drain pipes do not corrode like metal pipes. So, when the plumbing job involves fixing a leak in a metal drain pipe, the smart move for the plumber is to replace it with a plastic one.

3- Pipes Can Be Loosened with Heat

When a threaded connection of metal pipes won’t move or budge then heat is what that’ll do the trick. Applying heat on the metal plumbing connections that are really old and are sealed with pipe dope that has hardened over time is the best solution to loosen them. However, getting the metal hot enough to loosen is going to take some time. Experienced plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest it is best that the surrounding areas of the pipe are protected with some flame resistant material. Plumbers need to keep in mind that this procedure is only for water and drain pipes, never apply this trick on gas and fuel lines.

4- Fixing the Shutoff Valves

Shutoff valves under the sink and toilets have a tendency to rot with time. That’s why they won’t close properly sometimes, and sometimes they won’t close at all. This creates a problem if these valves have to be replaced. Anyways, there’s an alternative procedure of replacing these valves. Some expert plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that what plumbers need to do is install a new valve by disconnecting the supply line. Also, if the existing shutoff valve closes most of its way then the plumbers won’t even have to turn off the valve of main water supply. A container under the valve will be enough to collect the trickling water while the plumber finishes the work.

5- Fixing a Clog in No Time

Usually plumbers fix a clogged drain by running some kind of a drain snake like a flexible shaft pickup tool or a Zip-It down the clogged pipe. Some plumbers in Fort Worth, TX even have to disassemble the pipe to unclog it. However, there are easier ways to unclog a drain in minimum time. A wet or dry vacuum can easily suck the clog out saving ample time.

6- Never Over Tighten the Supply Lines

Plumbers like to crank the supply lines by tightening them really hard just to be safe. As it turns out some of the most experienced plumbers in Fort Worth, TX have realized that over tightening of supply lines is actually more dangerous than letting them be a little loose. That’s because a slightly loose connection can be tightened at any time, but over tightened connections can crack the threaded nuts and ruin the rubber seals. So, what the plumbers need to do is that they should keep both the ends of a connection finger-tight. Then use pliers to tighten them for one-eighth to one-quarter turn and that’s it.

7- Using Thread Tape & Pipe Dope

The supply lines should never be reused when replacing a toilet or a faucet, even if they’re plastic. This is because plastic also degrades over time and causes water leaks. And whenever a supply line is being changed, plumbers must use thread tape and pipe dope. Thread sealant i.e. the pipe dope is very good for compression fittings and ground fittings because it allows the plumbing connections to slide together in the right way. Similarly, thread tape is also used for sealing the connections. However, the tape must only be used for pipe threads not for compression fittings. Professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest wrapping the tape around a connection joint at least thrice. These wraps must be made clockwise around the pipe threads otherwise the tape will wear off when the joint is being screwed together.

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