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Cross Connections, Back Flow and Their Implications in Residential Plumbing Systems | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Cross Connections, Back Flow and Their Implications in Residential Plumbing Systems | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Backflow is a regular physical occurrence where fluid, instead of flowing on the intended path, changes its current and sets off in the opposite direction. This physical phenomenon can turn into a major inconvenience and hazard if it starts on happening in residential plumbing systems, especially when piping of the system carries potable water.

Cross connections in plumbing systems are usually at the root of the problem of backflow which can be identified and resolved by an ace plumber in Fort Worth, TX. It is imperative to understand what cross connection actually means.

What are plumbing cross connections?

In simple words cross connections are established when two different piping systems intended to serve different purpose and contain different type of fluid get in contact and their fluids mix and diffuse in each other.

In a house plumbing system, there are various cross connections where potable water lines get crisscrossed with drainage lines or other plumbing fixtures and water utilizing equipment that contain material that are dangerous and toxic for human consumption.

Cross connections become problematic when two different piping settings have two different pressure gradients in the plumbing system which can actually lead to backflow resulting in stained and stinky drinking water. In any such instance, immediately call for the top-quality examiners of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

Instances where pressure drops and backflow happens in residential plumbing systems

Unexpected power outage

Unexpected power breakdowns are in no one’s control. They can usually stretch to several hours and we have seen quite a few in Fort Worth, TX.

Long hours without electricity in the area can result into a pressure drop in residential water supplies. This change in pressure values are immediately detected at cross connections and can cause backflow in your plumbing system. You can preemptively deal with this problem by installing a backflow preventer in your plumbing system from a reputed plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Plumbing repairs

Several plumbing repairs need to drain out all the water lines of the residence. Without water in the piping arrangement, it is only natural to have a pressure difference building up in the plumbing system that can result into a temporary backflow. Even a backflow for few seconds can result into contamination of water supply. However, if you are having good services of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX then this problem won’t happen in the first place.

Damaged main water distribution

Pressure drop in the water supply of your home can also occur if distribution water lines of your neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX are damaged or broken down. If you come to know about any such incident then it is better to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to inspect and resolve any backflow issue you may face.

Unusual/extra usage of water

There are instances where municipal water supply in your area may face extra load due to any emergency situation. For example, a big portion of municipal water supply can be consumed up in fire extinguishing. This extra consumption of water in emergency situations also leads up to pressure drop in local water supplies. With preventers installed in your system from an esteemed service provider of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, you won’t need to worry about backflow problem in your plumbing systems.

Localized pressure drop

If you are not getting your plumbing system installed and maintained by an experienced plumber in Fort Worth, TX then pressure drop and backflow can also occur in the plumbing lines inside the house.

What would happen if backflow is not prevented?

In any case if backflow is not prevented, it can result into dangerous conclusion. Here are some of the plumbing fixtures in the house where backflow can become hazardous for the household.

Garden pipes

If your garden hose is supplied with clean water and has multi-uses (cleaning of drains and downspout) or if hose setting also contains pesticide solutions in it then backflow in your plumbing system can contaminate your water supply to dangerous levels.

Flush valves

If your flushing system doesn’t contain anti-siphon system (a good services of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX always installs flush valves with siphon mechanism in place) then backflow in the system can result in stinking smells and insanitary vapors in your washroom. The situation ultimately leads to the contamination of potable water supply, if not addressed promptly.

Pools and fountains

A small fountain or pool in your house is usually supplied with potable water lines. In case of backflow, this unhealthy water can mix with clean water supply.

Prevention of backflow

We have comprehensively discussed the problem of backflow in residential plumbing systems. It is quite evident that prevention of backflow is important to ensure the safety of water supply in the house. Here are some of the options of backflow preventers used by a good professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Hose bibs

Hose bibs are one of the simplest backflow preventers used for residential applications. A single hose bib can protect a single water piping from backflow. It is comprised of an assembly of spring and valve that only allows unidirectional flow of water. If pressure drops in the water main, the spring shuts itself opening the valve and discharging the backflow stream of fluid.

Vacuum breakers

Vacuum breakers are also the instruments used to prevent backflow in plumbing systems. This equipment uses air or atmospheric pressure to offset the effects of pressure drop in the supply line of a residential unit. They are usually installed on gardening sprinkling systems and water mains for backflow prevention. These vacuum breakers come in different assemblies and only a certified plumber in Fort Worth, TX is able to choose the best option for your system.

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