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Identifying Symptoms of Drain Clog before Calling the Plumber for Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX

Identifying Symptoms of Drain Clog before Calling the Plumber for Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX

Do you see water gathering in the sink every time you turn the knob and let the water run for more than five minutes? You might think that there’s something wrong with the sink but when the same thing happens in the bathroom and the laundry room, then you find out the reason behind it. To save you the trouble, here’s what’s happening – you have a sewer clog that can and will turn into a serious problem if you don’t take care of it immediately. Not only is this a huge plumbing emergency, it is also a health problem that can spread several diseases.

There’s even a possibility that if you accidentally leave the water running anywhere in the house, the next thing you will wake up to is your house filled with sewage water and smelling extremely bad. Due to the clog, the water does not have any outlet to reach the gutter and therefore, it will come back into the plumbing system. The excrement will start to buildup and the plumbing system will start clogging further and further. There will come a time where you won’t be able to even wash your hands without overflowing the sink.

When you are dealing with a sewer clog, you should stop using the plumbing in your house until you have called plumbers in Arlington, TX and they have cleared the drain. In the mean time, you can look for signs to determine the source of the clog. It can be either in the kitchen, bathroom or the laundry room.

Following are several symptoms of a clogged drain that you can identify easily if you look in the right place:

More Than One Fixtures Are Clogged

One of the most noticeable signs of a drain clog is when multiple plumbing fixtures have standing water at the same time. The most affected areas in the house are toilets and if you have a big house with one attached to every bedroom, prepare to be perpetually drowned in a dirty smell every time you go to the bathroom. However, don’t underestimate these clogs because the kitchen sink can be an equal culprit. Leftover food, which you thought your garbage disposal had grinded into small chunks, might be trapped inside the pipe. It can also be the laundry room where lint from clothes might have formed a ball and lodged inside the pipe.

Drain cleaning in Arlington, TX is common and most people regularly call plumbers in Arlington, TX. To save time, why not look for the clog yourself and leave the hard stuff to the experts. Here’s what you need to do:

Signs to Look For When Using Fixtures

Ready to get your hands a little dirty? Don’t worry because it won’t come to that. Following are the unusual reactions you should look for when using certain plumbing fixtures:


The house’s biggest drain line, toilets directly lead to the sewer. This is why regular drain cleaning in Arlington, TX should be done on a toilet’s plumbing fixtures. The first thing you will notice is that the toilet flushes slowly and with time, it stops flushing altogether.

Shower and Tub

Take a thin wire and move it down the drain. Back it up and see if it comes out with dirt such as hair or gunk attached to it. Other signs will be the tub taking hours to drain and the shower having water standing for a long time. Since the tub sits lower and its pipes run below the toilets, the moment you flush the toilet, the water will come back up into the tub. This is some nasty stuff you need to avoid and therefore, should immediately call plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Run the Sink

People usually try DIY tricks by pouring buckets of hot water down the drain in hopes of avoiding calling for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX. These DIY tricks will result in nothing but an over flooded house if the clog is severe.

So, to find out whether the clog is in the toilet or in the main line, do this:

  • Open the sink’s tap that is near to the toilet and let it run for two minutes.
  • If water in the toilet bowl bubbles up or starts rising, then the clog is in the main line.

Washing Machine

Finding signs of cloggage due to the washing machine can be difficult. There are several signs that you need to look for before calling professionals for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Pour water in the washing machine and let the water drain.
  • If this drain causes water to back up in the shower or tub, or the toilet starts over flowing, then the main line is clogged.
  • However, there’s also a possibility that this is not a clog and just the washing machine not working properly.
  • If the toilet is flushing properly and the water in the tub is draining in record time, then there’s a stoppage in the washing machine.

Checking the Clean-Out Pipe

Checking the main line clean-out pipe is just a precaution that you should take in order to determine whether to call plumbers in Arlington, TX or not. Locate the clean-out pipe and unscrew the cap. If the water is visible in the pipe up to the mouth or if its bubbling out, then it confirms that the main line is clogged. You should now call drain cleaning in Arlington, TX and just to make sure that your findings were right, let them check all the drains.

Instead of trying to snake the drain, which may cause the clog to embed deeper, it’s better to call plumbers in Arlington, TX. Benjamin Franklin is a family owned and operated business that provides services such as drain cleaning in Arlington, TX. Their plumbers in Arlington, TX are known for being punctual and doing their job in a professional manner.